What Is Entry Into Life and the Path for Entry Into Life?

Which Aspects Are Mainly Included in Entry Into Life?

Entry into life refers to entry into the truth. Entry into the truth is based on people experiencing the word of God and reaching an understanding of the truth. Entry into life mainly includes several aspects. The first aspect is entering into true obedience to God. In our life experiences we see that we disobey God too much, resist God too much and reveal our corruption too much, and we discover that we don’t have true obedience to God. This knowledge is achieved through experience. When we have true understanding of our traitorous nature, we’ll be able to truthfully self-reflect. In why people can betray and resist God we find a problem. We find that people are commanded from within by Satan and by Satan’s nature; in substance they are commanded by Satan. Therefore, people are able to betray God, resist God, and judge God. This understanding of our own corrupt substance is achieved through experiencing God’s work. Therefore, when we pray to God, we are able to say, “God, I hate Satan, I am willing to rebel against Satan and truly obey You. I wish You could save me, make me understand the truth, make me able to practice the truth, until I can satisfy Your will.” After pursuing like this for a period of time we are able to practice some truths and have a bit of obedience to God. At that time, we’ll discover that we have true entry into life because we have a bit of obedience to God in life experience and can practice some truths. This kind of experience is called entry into life. Experiences that involve knowing one’s own corrupt substance or attaining true obedience to God are part of entry into life. The second aspect of entry into life is entering into loyalty to God. In experiencing God’s work, what we most commonly see is that in performing our duties we go through the motions too much, deceive God too much, do things based on our own preferences too much, and we discover that not only are we not people who are obedient to God, but we don’t even have a bit of loyalty to God. If we don’t have a bit of loyalty to God, then our belief in God is merely acknowledging God. To God, we are first, disobedient; second, disloyal; third, lacking true love; and fourth, we don’t have true worship. So isn’t our faith absolutely empty? This is what life experience allows us to know. We have a newer understanding of our own corruption—we understand that we don’t have loyalty to God. Then who are we loyal to? It is to ourselves. We are loyal to our own flesh, loyal to our own interests, but we don’t possess any loyalty to God. The kind of experience that can achieve this effect is the experience of entry into life. This is because such experience causes us to know our own corrupt substance, and to know the root of our corruption, that is, to know why we cannot be obedient or loyal to God. This kind of life experience is a true experience. Having had such experience, we then have a new goal to pursue. When we pray to God, we will say, “God, I have discovered that I am not a person who is loyal to You. In performing my duty I am not loyal to You, but to myself. Now I have seen that I am too corrupt. I believe in You, yet cannot be loyal to You; I am still loyal to myself. So it is meaningless when I say that I believe in You. I hope that You will save me, and make me able to turn my back on my flesh, my family, and this world, so that I can be loyal to You.” When we pray like this, God will listen to our prayers, and then the Holy Spirit will begin to move us and guide us to know how we can be devoted to God in all things, and how we can truly forsake the flesh and be loyal to God. When we have such true entry in our life experience, we will have some loyalty to God when performing our duties. Then is this kind of life experience entry into life? Yes, it completely is. This is having true entry into life. So, all things that relate to entry into the truth—that relate to knowing our own corrupt substance and cause us to be able to hate ourselves, hate Satan, turn our backs on Satan, obey God, and be loyal to God—these kinds of life experiences belong to true experiences of entry into life, and they are all a part of entry into reality. The third aspect is entering into true worship of God. After we have experienced God’s work for a while, we discover that although we often pray to God we are not people who truly worship God. This discovery is extremely valuable. This is from the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and the revelation of God’s words. What are our prayers full of? We are always praying for ourselves, we are always using God, we are always demanding things of God, and we are always asking God to satisfy us but don’t find the determination to satisfy God. So what is the nature of these prayers? Do they show a normal relationship to God? Is this worshiping God? No, this is using God, this is asking God to satisfy us—it is having God work to serve us and satisfy our demands. As creatures of God, dealing with God like this is a sign that we are very unreasonable and totally lacking a conscience. If a creature asks for its Creator to satisfy its wishes and does not have the resolution to fulfill its own duty as a creature in order to satisfy God, then is this creature worshiping God? Should a creature treat the Creator like this? While experiencing God’s work, we see that as creatures of God our relationship with the Creator is abnormal. So what should we creatures possess before our Creator? We ought to possess conscience and reason. What does reason include? It includes knowing the place a creature of God ought to occupy in front of God, the responsibilities that a creature ought to carry out, and how it should worship the Creator. Now we see that God has become flesh to save corrupt humanity. If, as creatures of God, we have a conscience, we ought to repay God’s love. Seeing how much pain and humiliation God suffers in saving mankind, how ought we to repay God’s love? This is a matter that relates to conscience and reason. The fourth aspect is the entry into true love of God. In experiencing God’s work we discover that the relationship between us corrupt humans and God is highly abnormal. What we ask in our prayers is for God to satisfy us. We pray for whatever we lack to God, but nobody truly cares for God’s heart. Nobody prays, “God, how should we creatures act to satisfy You? How should we creatures act to console Your heart? How should we creatures perform our duties to satisfy Your heart? How should we creatures coordinate with Your work in order to attain salvation and live in the likeness of real human beings for Your satisfaction?” So, God says that nobody among humankind truly cares for His will, and nobody truly loves Him. Are the revelations of God’s words accurate? God’s revelations are extremely accurate, but after reading these words of God, people have conceptions. In their hearts they say, “Could it be that I am someone who doesn’t truly love God? Could it be that I don’t care for God’s will?” People don’t know their own corruption or how bad their own actions are. Since we began to experience God’s work, the Holy Spirit has enlightened us bit by bit. Today, we finally understand why God speaks like this. Our own actions are too corrupt, in too much conflict with God’s will, too hurtful to God, and this is why God says such things. This is the truth of the matter. Today, we have finally understood the basis for what God says. This understanding is achieved through true experiences. Isn’t this kind of experience entry into life? This is true entry into life, because these experiences are enormously beneficial and crucial to our change in life disposition. Now we can accept all that God says and we can see that everything God says is totally true and realistic. It is not at all exaggerated but is all undeniable truths and facts. So we no longer have any conceptions or judgments about God’s words, and we are completely convinced of God’s words in heart and speech. This is all because of the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. The more we experience God’s work, the more we see God’s words are absolutely true and that they are all truths and facts; the more we experience God’s work, the more we see that we humans are too rebellious and defiant to God, and that we have truly been thoroughly corrupted by Satan and have lost all likeness of humans. This kind of life experience is true entry into life, without a doubt. All that is related to entry into the truth and entry into God’s words belongs to entry into life and is true experiences of entry into life. Experiences that have the effect of entering into the truth of God’s words are all true experiences and life experiences. If your experiences don’t involve these aspects—that is, you haven’t achieved true understanding of your own corrupt substance or true obedience to God, or being able to truly satisfy God, or being able to truly worship God, or being truly loyal to God—then these kinds of experiences don’t count as life experiences. … What is true entry into life? What is true testimony of life? True entry into life and true testimony of life are created on the basis of people understanding the truth and knowing God’s words. If people don’t understand the truth and don’t have true understanding of God’s words, then they won’t have entry into life. Without entry into life, where would testimony come from? Testimony would be impossible! When people live by religious rules and notions, is that bearing witness? Is that related to changes in disposition? Not even a little bit, right? If it’s really related to changes in disposition, then religious people who have borne witness for so many years ought to have changed, and they ought to have some understanding of God. Yet why then do they accuse and defy God when He comes? How do you explain this? It’s like the Jews who believed in Jehovah for several thousand years. Then, when Jesus came they nonetheless nailed Him to the cross. This proves that all of the Jewish people don’t recognize God and none of them truly know God. It is not wrong to speak like this. Regardless of whether or not people can accept it, this is fact. What we are saying is based on facts. We ought to be clear now about what is true entry into life. True entry into life is related to knowing God’s words, it is related to knowing your own corrupt substance and it is related to entry into, and practice of, the truth. If people’s life experiences are not related to the truth, if they are not related to the substance of the truth, if they’re not related to knowing their own corruption, then these types of experiences don’t count as life experiences, nor do they count as entry into life. If some brother or sister’s fellowship allows us to know our own corruption or know God’s words, then we say, “Ah, the fellowship today has contributed a lot to my entry into life. It has been extremely helpful to my understanding of God’s words. I have benefited a lot today.” We used to often say that. What we are saying is objective and accurate. What others fellowship helps you to have true understanding of your own life and your own corrupt substance; it helps you to have true understanding of your true statue and true condition before God. This is helpful for you to practice the truth and obey God. So this kind of fellowship is indeed very beneficial. Saying this is objective and accurate. We people who pursue the truth, after experiencing God’s work, are much more accurate in our observations and actions, and we speak much more objectively than before. We are not like before, when we only used to boast or speak empty words, never getting to the point and always saying things not connected to reality. Now, the way we look at anything is close to God’s words and close to the truth. Looking at it from this angle, we have entry into life and we possess true life experiences in God’s work. All experiences related to entry into life and into the truth are life experiences and are part of entry into life. This is absolutely correct. Now, you all ought to self-reflect on this: Have you had true entry into God’s words and the truth? Have your practices and experiences reached the point where you know your own corrupt substance? Have you reached true obedience and reverence to God through them? Do you have true testimony in your practices, and have they satisfied God’s demands? If there are these effects then your practices can be called life experiences and entry into life; if you don’t achieve any of these effects then it could be said your experiences are not life experiences, because you don’t have true entry into life. Now, you are all willing to pursue the truth and obtain the truth, right? So from now on, in all things you must train in practicing God’s words and practicing the truth. What is the goal of practicing God’s words and practicing the truth? It is in order to understand the truth and know God’s words. Without practicing and experiencing it, how could you come to know God’s words? When you understand a little bit, you may reach a deeper understanding through practice and experience. After understanding a little, you should experience and enter a little, then do so again and again; when you enter a bit your experiences go deeper and your understanding also goes deeper. The more you experience the more you understand. In the end, you will reach the point of understanding the substance of the truth and will truly obtain the truth; without practical experiences, you will not completely understand the truth.

What Is Included in the Scope of Experience for Entry Into Life?

We also need to understand what comprises the scope of experience for entry into life. The first item is experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement, that is, achieving true knowledge of God’s words of judgment and chastisement. What does true knowledge refer to? It refers to people having true understanding of God’s words, applying God’s words to their own states so that they achieve true understanding of their states and show sincere conviction in heart and in speech, and fully understanding God’s will and seeing that God’s judgment and chastisement is fair and truthful. This is the best entry into life. This is the first item in the scope of experience for entry into life. The second item is experiencing all kinds of trials and refinements, as well as all kinds of revelation of the facts, to achieve true knowledge of your own corrupt substance and corrupt reality. This is closely connected with experiencing God’s judgment, chastisement, pruning and dealing. God asks people to experience judgment and chastisement of His words, but sometimes by only reading God’s words and fellowshiping about God’s words it is impossible for people to understand them very deeply. Only through experiencing many kinds of trials and refinements and revelation of the facts can they achieve true understanding of God’s words. These kinds of experiences are all indispensable and are part of the scope of experience for entry into life. The third item is to know God’s almightiness and God’s wisdom in His work and actions. The main aspect of God’s work is speaking. There is also the work of the Holy Spirit and the work of God in the spiritual realm. Some of them appear on the outside to be natural phenomena, but they are actually God’s work and actions. Knowing God’s almightiness and wisdom in His work and actions is also an aspect of entry into life. The fourth item is to, based on God’s words, distinguish Satan’s poisons and negative things, distinguish between the true Christ and false Christs and discern the falseness of people’s doctrines and notions. Doing so allows us to see the essence of all kinds of negative things, thus achieving a deeper understanding of the truth and knowing the meaning of the truth. This is also part of the scope of experience for entry into life. These are various aspects of entry into life. Each of our fellowships about the truth, each time we eat and drink God’s word, each time we do spiritual exercise and practice the truth, these are part of the scope of experience for entry into life. In conclusion, whether it’s eating and drinking God’s words or encountering all the kinds of things, if you are able to achieve understanding of the truth, know the truth, go deeper into the truth, understand your own corrupt substance and dissect it, have true understanding and discernment of true and false, positive and negative, they are all part of the scope for entry into life. If it doesn’t relate to these things, it doesn’t relate to understanding the truth, or it doesn’t relate to God’s words, then it is not related to entry into life. The scope of experience for entry into the truth of life is only limited to entry into God’s words, God’s work, and the truth. Apart from God’s words and the truth, any other aspects are not related to entry into life.

What Is Entry Into Life?

We should be clear on what entry into life is. The most fundamental thing in entry into life is accepting the judgment and chastisement of God’s words to achieve understanding of our own corrupt substance. Only in this way can we see the truth of our own corruption, whether or not we have any humanity, and what kind of state our lives are currently in. After we have seen our own corrupt reality, we will know that we have been deeply corrupted by Satan, to the point that we don’t have a bit of human likeness left. If we don’t accept the truth then we are no different from vile demons. We are wholly the descendants of Satan, and so we ought to go to hell and suffer perdition. Therefore, the most vital matter is to pursue the truth, to seek to obtain life, and to live in the likeness of a true human being so we can receive God’s approval. The most important part of entry into life is accepting the judgment and chastisement of God’s words. It will cause us to spare no efforts to pursue the truth and change ourselves. This is the effect achieved through accepting the judgment and chastisement of God’s words. If people don’t pursue the truth, how can they know their own corruption? If they cannot know their own corruption, then they won’t yearn to start a new life. They won’t know what it means to start a new life, they won’t know what they lack in themselves and what they should equip themselves with, and they don’t know how to live in the likeness of a true human being. Look at religious people—do they know that they are living as Satan? Do they know that they don’t have likeness of man? Do they know that they are extremely corrupt? They don’t. They still think that they’re pretty good, and some even think that they are the best, and that if God comes then they should be the first to be raptured. Isn’t this the way of thinking of religious people? In the beginning, we thought like this too. But after we accepted God’s judgment and chastisement our perspective changed. We see that we are deeply corrupted by Satan; we see that we have no truth; we see that we do not have human likeness; we see that we lack so much. So, we start to long for the truth, we start to focus on equipping ourselves with the truth, we start to focus on entering the truth and accepting all of the truth, and through this achieve changing ourselves and leading a new life. Only people who truly hate themselves, are truly repentant, and focus on mending their ways have entry into life. Those people who don’t know themselves, do they have entry into life? No. They don’t know what they lack, they still think they’re living pretty well, and they still think that they are good people and that if God comes to save people then they would be the first to be saved. So, if people don’t pursue the truth, they cannot see their own corrupt substance, and they cannot see the reality of their pitifulness. Thus, they do not have true repentance, and they cannot mend their ways. Now do we know how we are living? Do we know our true condition? Do we really live in the likeness of a true human being? Some people would say no. This means that they have a bit of understanding of themselves. Whether or not we have the likeness of man is a point we need to see clearly. What foundation is true human likeness and human image based on? It is based on possessing normal humanity. After people have been corrupted by Satan, they do not have normal humanity. They do not have conscience, rationality, integrity or dignity. So what is left? Arrogance, conceit, and vanity, right? Having no human likeness but still wanting vanity, wouldn’t you say such a person is pitiful? Not having a bit of true human likeness but having a nature that is evil and selfish to the utmost, how could they still want vanity? How could they still expect respect? People have been corrupted to such a pitiful state by Satan! When we come to know ourselves to this degree, we’ll have a type of longing in our heart, and we’ll say, “Ah, we corrupt mankind do indeed need the truth. We must accept the truth. If we don’t, how can we live out the likeness of a human? How can we satisfy God? We have indeed been too deeply corrupted by Satan, and we need God’s salvation very much.” When people live with a sense of danger, when they see that God’s work is so real, when people have this understanding of their own corruption, then they take an upturn and begin to long for the truth and feel the need to start a new life. So, in order to truly gain the truth and have entry into life, we must accept the judgment and chastisement of God’s words. When people accept God’s judgment and chastisement and achieve true understanding of their own corrupt reality, they start to formally pursue the truth and the attainment of salvation, and this is the beginning to enter onto the right track of belief in God; when people enter onto the right track of belief in God is precisely when people start to enter into life. Now, it could be said that all those people who have true understanding of their own corruption feel that pursuing the truth is of paramount importance and so they start to pursue the truth and focus on entry into life. The final goal of focusing on entry into life is to achieve a change in disposition, to strip away the corrupt satanic disposition, to be cleansed of all toxins within ourselves that come from Satan, and to accept all truth that comes from God as our new life. Only in this way can people live in the likeness of true human beings and live out a true life. This is God’s salvation; this is the final result to be achieved by people pursuing the truth. … Our entry into life begins from accepting God’s judgment and chastisement. The first effect achieved by accepting God’s judgment and chastisement is to help us know our own corrupt substance. When we see our own corrupt reality with complete clarity, we will feel that God’s judgment and chastisement is tremendously meaningful, and that God’s judgment and chastisement can truly save, change and perfect people. God saving people in this way is so very meaningful. If people are able to understand that God’s work is saving people and that judgment and chastisement are the best ways for God to save corrupt humanity, then they have an understanding of God’s work. Now, most people have a bit of understanding of God’s work. They see that God judging people and chastising people is the best way for Him to save people. Apart from this, there is no other path that can save people. So, if we do not accept God’s judgment and chastisement, we will never have a chance to enter God’s kingdom. Now when we receive God’s judgment and chastisement we are perhaps not so negative anymore. We used to always be negative, and we did not understand why we need to accept judgment and chastisement. Now we do, and we’ve tasted the benefits. Now to what extent do we know ourselves? What knowledge do we have of our own corrupt substance? This is very crucial, because this is the most practical lesson for entry into life.

How to Determine if Someone Has Entry Into Life?

What is entry into life? It is that you focus first on understanding the truth, no matter how much you understand of it, and then put it into practice and experience it. When you start to focus on experiencing and practicing the bit of truth that you understand, you deepen your understanding of the truth. When it deepens by a bit, your experience and entry also deepens by a bit. Each experience and each practice leads you to have a deeper understanding of the truth, and then enter into deeper experiences. This process is what is called entry into life. Then do you all have true experiences of the truth and God’s words? If you do, then you have entry into life. If you don’t, then you don’t have entry into life. Without entry into life, does a person have reality? They definitely do not have reality and definitely don’t understand the truth. What he or she understands and can speak about are definitely all just religious doctrines. It is useless to be able to talk about doctrines—doctrines cannot change people’s life disposition. So, no matter how many years you have spoken of doctrines, you still don’t have entry into life, nor do you have reality. We see that many people who act as leaders and workers often preach in gatherings, yet after a few years we don’t see any bit of change in their life disposition. Then, are their preachings all doctrines? Yes, they are. Do you know how to look at whether or not a person’s life disposition has changed? First, you need to look at whether their perspective on things has changed. If their perspective is about the same as non-believers or about the same as religious people, then this proves he or she has not obtained the truth. Second, look at whether or not they have true obedience to God, whether when facing trials and disasters and various situations he or she submits. If they are able to receive from God every trial and disaster they face, and are able to truly submit, such people have testimony and reality in their living. This is someone who has a change in his or her life disposition. Third, look at whether or not they live out the reality of God’s words. If he or she has the reality of God’s words, they have entry into life and they are somebody who understands the truth. Having the reality of God’s words is wide ranging in scope. First, we look at their behavior as a person. We see whether or not they are honest, whether they cheat people, and whether they like lying. If how they behave is really up to the standard of an honest person, then they have entered into God’s words. Also, they can truly submit to God’s work, have entry into God’s words, and truly submit to God’s judgment, chastisement, pruning and dealing or God’s revelations in any situation. People are able to see that they have reaped great rewards and that what they speak of shows reality. This kind of person is someone who has reality and truth. So, in order to see whether or not a person’s life disposition has changed, you can tell completely from these aspects. After people have been corrupted by Satan, if they do not attain God’s salvation or receive purification, is it easy to tell? Yes, it is easy to tell. First, look at their perspective on things. If their perspective is the same as non-believers and religious people, then they don’t have the truth. Regardless of how many years they have believed in God, they have not gained a bit of the truth. Second, look at whether or not they truly submit to God’s work. People who submit to God’s work in the church and in God’s family, and who have true testimonies when facing all kinds of trials and disasters, are people who have the truth. If someone cannot submit to God’s work, not even have a bit of submission, and they complain when encountering misfortunes, and they blame God and are even able to judge God, then this kind of person is a person without life. If people don’t have life, this proves that even though they have believed in God for a few years they are definitely not someone who pursues the truth, and therefore they have not gained life. This is very easy to tell. No matter what is being faced, look at the people whose speech, perspective, and behavior are the same as non-believers. These are people who don’t possess the truth or life. At the end of God’s work, those people who do not have the truth or entry into life are revealed through various situations, trials, and natural disasters. If it is someone who doesn’t pursue the truth and doesn’t focus on entry into life, when facing these situations they will definitely be somebody who blames, betrays and judges God. Some people publicly declare that they disbelieve. Some people don’t say they disbelieve out loud, but can’t help but blame God and judge God, and so unavoidably reveal themselves. As soon as this kind of person is revealed, everybody can see it. So, distinguishing whether or not a person has entry into life and has gained the truth is a very simple matter. What is the lifestyle of disbelievers? They are centered on themselves. Everything has a personal purpose. Everything is for the flesh. This kind of person definitely doesn’t have life. People who have truth do not do everything for themselves. In all things they are able to think about how to satisfy God. No matter what happens to them they can obey God; no matter what happens they can bear testimonies and live out reality. This kind of person is someone who possesses the truth and reality.

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