458 When the Holy Spirit Works on Man

Verse 1

The Holy Spirit’s work enlightens

and guides people positively.

It does not allow people to be passive.

It brings them solace,

grants them faith and resolve,

enabling them to seek

to be made perfect by God.

Chorus 1

When the Holy Spirit works,

people can actively enter;

they are not passive or forced,

but proactive and positive.

When the Holy Spirit works,

people are glad and willing;

they’re willing to obey,

they humble themselves gladly.

Verse 2

Though fragile inside,

they cooperate, suffering gladly.

Obedient, they’re untainted

by man’s thoughts and desires.

When people experience

the work of the Holy Spirit,

they are specially holy inside.

Chorus 2

Those with the Holy Spirit’s work

live out the love of God,

love their brothers and sisters,

and love and hate as God does.

When the Holy Spirit works,

He guides and enlightens,

and provides for people

according to their needs.


Based on what they lack and where they fall short,

He guides and enlightens positively.

His work is in line with the rules of man’s normal life.

Only in real life can people see the work of the Spirit.

People who are touched by the work of the Holy Spirit

have normal humanity, always pursuing truth.

Verse 3

His work is normal and real,

and according to man’s normal life.

He enlightens and guides man

in line with their pursuits.

If people are in a positive state,

with a normal spiritual life in their daily lives,

then they have the Holy Spirit’s work.

Chorus 3

When they eat and drink God’s words,

they come to have faith.

They’re inspired in prayer,

not passive when events transpire.

Able to see God’s required lessons,

they are not weak or passive.

Despite their hardships,

they obey the arrangements of God.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Work of the Holy Spirit and the Work of Satan

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