Addressing and Resolving a Problem that Exists in the Church—Whether Leaders and Workers Have Realities

The Several Aspects of Reality Leaders Must Possess

As a leader, you must first be someone who pursues the truth and has realities. Only if you are someone who pursues the truth and has realities can you lead others in pursuing the truth and entering into reality. If you are not someone who pursues the truth and lacks realities, can you lead others in pursuing the truth and entering into reality? Absolutely not. The people you lead become what you are, and if you lack realities, yet want to lead others in possessing realities, you won’t be able to do it. That’s a fantasy, a baseless, irrational desire. Some leaders in the church see that their brothers and sisters can’t fellowship truth and blame them for it, but why don’t they blame themselves for being unable to fellowship truth? Your brothers and sisters ask you, “Can you fellowship truth? If you can’t, how am I supposed to?” How will you answer them? If someone asks you that question, you’ll be mute, which means you lack that reality, and you shouldn’t demand it from others. So, what should you do in this case? Pursue the truth with everyone else, and enter into these realities together. That’s the reasonable answer.

If those acting as leaders have no truth or realities, yet still wish to hold themselves high, act superior, and make others look up to them, do they have any sense? If you wish to hold yourself high, act superior, and make others look up to you, gather to you, and support you, are you not the same as the great red dragon? You have the wrong disposition, and that wrong disposition produces mistaken ideas. But if you have these mistaken ideas and views, and actions, where do they come from? Do they not come from your satanic nature? So, you must have a pure understanding of what it is to be a leader before you can escape your satanic nature. What is it to be a leader? To be a leader is to lead other people, so you must begin with being a servant of the people. Only as a servant of the people can you become a qualified leader. If you believe being a leader is to hold yourself high, then you will never be a qualified leader. How should one be a servant? When you see your brothers and sisters lacking something, you must help them and fellowship with them. But before you help them or fellowship with them, you need to get their agreement and make them like you. Without fulfilling that condition, if you try to help them and fellowship with them, do you think they will accept? Absolutely not. So, what should you do? First, learn how to help people, how to make them gain benefit, and then become their confidant, be considerate of their difficulties, their requirements, and their heart. Then, when people look to you, they will think, “This person is good to me, he is my friend, he is considerate of my heart, he knows my heart, he knows my troubles, and helps me solve them.” Make others feel you are their friend, that you will benefit them, and then, when you can reach out, fellowship, and do work on them, they will like you. Isn’t this the precondition for helping others? A comparison is, if you are staying with a host family, first you must help with the chores. You must first feel, “I am also a member of this family. If I want to become a member of this family, I will do my best to fulfill my responsibilities in this family, so I also have a share in this family’s chores, and wherever I have responsibilities, I will take them up and fulfill them.” By first letting others feel you are a member of the family, you are treating this family as your own. That way, they won’t treat you as an outsider, you’ll be welcomed into the family and respected by them. This is common sense when trying to accomplish things, and it’s also a skill. If you learn the habit of helping others, have the ability to discover others’ difficulties, and are skilled at helping others solve problems, people will discover that you care about them, and that is a wonderful thing. When another thinks, “I’ve known him for a long time, and he cares about me, he knows about my difficulties, he knows my mood, and in every way, he helps me solve problems, makes me happy, and comforts me,” he will consider you his intimate friend. Once he does, it will be easy the next time you fellowship on the truth with him or help him solve his problems. It is justifiable. He will appreciate your doing so, and he will be willing to accept your help. If a church leader is not skilled at becoming the confidant of others or unable to do so, he won’t be a good leader. How do you feel about what I’ve just said? This is reality! If you don’t possess this reality, you won’t be a good leader. After being a leader for a time, it is crucially important to let others feel what kind of a person you are as a leader. What are the key things, the most important things to let others feel if you want to be a good leader? One is being able to become a confidant, another is being the most willing to help others, the most concerned, and answering all demands. You should make others feel, “No matter what we ask of him, he is always willing to fulfill our demands without conditions, and he does so without sentiment or treats some better than others according to who is beneficial to him.” If you can become this kind of person, you’ll make a good leader. Isn’t this a critical factor? So, how can you make this kind of breakthrough? Resolving the difficulties others have in life entry and lack of truth, and being the first to arrive and commune with your brothers and sisters, no matter what their difficulties, is critical. Some, when they hear a brother or sister is having difficulties, don’t care. They know another is having problems, but don’t help resolve it. Are such people suitable as leaders? It’s impossible to be a leader without a caring heart, because only with a caring heart can you help others, can you ease the anxieties of others and can you become another’s confidant. So leaders must have a caring heart. There are three manifestations of a caring heart: the ability to ease the anxieties of others, the ability to know who needs what help to resolve their problems, and the ability to treat others’ problems as your own. Anyone who possesses these three qualities is someone with a caring heart. Do you see why some people have no friends? There is never anyone else in their heart, so how could they have friends? Such people have no one but themselves, they are selfish and despicable, and sometimes they even try to take advantage of others. Such people do not have a caring heart and are incapable of helping others. Leaders make others feel, “This person has a kind heart, he is most willing to help others, so he’s the right person to ask if we have problems.” If you are such a person, you are a perfect fit. Others are willing to interact with you, you are suitable as a leader, and others will support you as a leader, because you truly have a caring heart. Whenever others have real difficulties, or difficulties with entry into life, someone who truly has a caring heart will proactively fellowship with them, because he has realities, love in his heart, and tries to sincerely help others. Such people receive God’s blessings, and also receive the work of the Holy Spirit. They are the first to understand truth, the first to have realities, which naturally leads to others gaining realities and receiving God’s blessings. Now you understand what kind of people leaders are required to be. They are willing to help others, don’t quibble over others’ past mistakes, are tolerant and forgiving of others, and help everyone in times of need regardless of the past. If you can be someone like this, you will make a good leader.

There are four commonsense ideas one must grasp to be a leader. The first is being a servant of the people. To be a good leader, you must first be a servant of the people. If you are not a true servant, you are absolutely not a good leader. This condition could also be described as part of the truth. Why do we stress being a servant of the people? Every ordinary person has corrupt dispositions. All desire to be superior, give orders, and have authority over others. This is a satanic disposition. But when God comes incarnate in the flesh, He takes the image of the most common person. Not the image of someone superior, but of a servant. He comes to act as a servant, not a master. What does this tell us? God is humble and hidden; He does not show off Himself. So, as leaders, what gives us the right to stand on high, be self-important and conceited, and make others look up to us and obey us? Is this the reason of a true man? Does Christ come to make demands of us? He does not try to act as our master! Christ comes among men as the most common person, so from that, we must also learn to be servants, and the more we pursue being a servant, the more we will realize that God is right to do it! God’s incarnation in the flesh is very meaningful! He comes in the image of a common person, this is very significant! God’s disposition is perfect! With this, God directly attacked the satanic disposition of man. As a leader, if you work tirelessly to support others and solve difficulties for others, are you not doing the work of a servant? At times others will act superior, put on airs, and look down on you, and at such times you must be even more tolerant and forgiving, you must do your utmost to handle your work and satisfy such people’s demands. While others rest and enjoy their flesh, you must run to and fro and labor like a mother working for her children to help others gain the truth. As you do so, your satanic disposition of desiring superiority, authority, position, and to be the boss will be resolved and slowly eliminated. The second commonsense idea is that you must be someone who pursues the truth and enters into reality. If you often pursue and practice the truth, what use does this serve? It lets others see you are pursuing the truth, that you can normally practice the truth that you understand, and that you are one of the correct people. This will make others approve of you and trust you. Once people trust you, they will think, “Our leader is someone who pursues truth, so I should pursue truth as well. This is the right person to be our leader, he is one of the correct people.” If you are not someone who pursues the truth, others will see you and their hearts will be chilled, like a child watching a negligent father. If the father spends his days eating, drinking, and carousing, will the son feel any inclination to work or be a good person? No, he will lack motivation. So, when you are someone who pursues the truth, God’s chosen people will look at you and think, “Our leader pursues the truth, he works hard, he understands the truth and practices it,” and they will trust in their leader. This second commonsense idea that leaders must grasp is key. The third is that you must fear God and stay far away from wickedness. No matter what temptations you encounter, you must not let Satan trick you, and you must stay far away from evil, and must not do wicked deeds before others or behind their backs. All you do must make others admire and praise you, and then you are someone who truly believes in God. The fourth commonsense idea that leaders must grasp is that you are a servant of Christ. Do not think you can sit equal with Christ. Your intent should be to become His servant. You should pray, bit by bit, to become His servant. In time, you will slowly become a servant of the truth, and when you accept the restraints of truth, you will have succeeded. You must begin by standing in a servant’s place, and admit, “Christ is my master and my God, I am His servant.” Then, gradually, you will become a servant of truth, you will be restrained by truth in all things, in all things truth will be foremost, and then Christ will have a place in your heart. If you gain true entry into these four ideas and possess the reality of these, then you are a qualified leader, and you are assured to gain the truth, receive the work of the Holy Spirit, and receive God’s blessings. These are the realities a leader must possess. As a leader, no matter whether or not you have truth, you must strive to practice and gain entry in these four aspects. When you gain the truth, you will also possess the reality of these four aspects, and you will be a qualified leader. Whenever you feel, “I am an authority figure, I oversee these people, I am above them, they are all my subordinates,” the moment you have this thought, it means your thinking has a problem. It serves as proof that you have not resolved your corrupt disposition, that there is still filth inside you, and that you have not been purified. When you do not feel you are an authority figure, you will think, “I am a servant of the people. I serve everyone else. I am performing my duties. I am an ordinary person, I am equal to everyone else, and we are all creatures of God.” If you require this of yourself, your life and attitude will gradually become more normal. Once your attitude is normal, you will become devout, and you will have the likeness of a normal man, a true man. You will receive the work of the Holy Spirit, and everyone else will welcome you, like you, and praise you. If you have an abnormal attitude and the wrong disposition, it proves that inside you are still under the domain of Satan, still in bondage to your satanic nature, still unable to escape Satan’s influence, and that you have not been saved. If you always reveal your corrupt satanic disposition in front of others, put on airs, and lord over others, will people feel good when they see you? What will they think? They will think, “You are not a servant of the people. Aren’t you just trying to be our master? You are just like the worldly authority figures. Aren’t you still ruled by Satan? Isn’t this the same satanic disposition?” If this is the impression God’s chosen people have of you, will your heart be at peace? Peace will be impossible for you. If you expose your satanic disposition in all things, everyone will think, “There’s something wrong with our leader’s state, he has no realities. When he gains reality, it will benefit us. His lack of reality impacts us! If he can’t change for the better, will we ever be able to?” They will easily be disappointed and lose confidence. Aren’t leaders like this having this kind of influence? Are there some people who lose confidence in their belief in God and eventually quit the church, because leaders possess no truth, no reality, and no human likeness as leaders? A leader without reality has a terrible impact on others! Leaders can easily have a negative influence on others’ confidence, so they must be people who pursue the truth. If you pursue the truth, when others see you and note the expression on your face, they will see your devoutness, that you are someone who truly believes in God, a good person. At the least, you need to leave an impression like this. If you stand before others and they look at you and see more of a mongrel than a man, if you don’t look upright, what will they think? They will think, “How could the church choose this person as a leader? If people like this can be leaders, it means most people in the church are like this. They are no different from unbelievers or religious people.” In an instant they will be disappointed. Is that not the result of such leadership? So, as leaders, we must be decent and upright. What must we do to become decent and upright? First, you must pursue the truth, pray to God often, eat and drink God’s word, and seek the truth. When you pray often before God and commune with God, your attitude becomes more and more normal. When your attitude is normal, the likeness you reveal is decent and upright. If people do not go before God and pray, fellowship, and seek the truth, will their external likeness be devout? It would be impossible to have a devout likeness, you could not even pretend to have it, because it is impossible to imitate. For this you must pray to God and be close to God, which will give you a normal attitude. The more you live before God, the more you fear God, and the more you fear God, the more people will naturally be able to see the likeness you live out and the more they will feel it to be appropriate. When you have God in your heart, pray to God, and fear God in your heart, that is sufficient, and your external likeness naturally will be good without any effort on your part. It is impossible to pretend to live out a devout likeness and the likeness of a true man, so to gain these, what must we rely on? Often living before God, because when your spirit often fellowships with God, when you come before God and fellowship with God, your mentality becomes calm, stable, joyous, at ease, your action is naturally normal, and you have the likeness of a man. The likeness of a normal man comes from deep in the spirit, and once your spirit is close to God, it’s different. When a person is far away from God, he becomes perverted.

If a leader only has good humanity, mature humanity, and is decent and upright, but does not have the truth, will he be able to do his job well? No, because he still has corrupt disposition within him, and also cannot perform his duties and cannot work. Relying on humanity and experience alone is not enough to do this work. People must have the truth. So, leaders must pursue the truth and often pray to God, but also must focus on how to practice truth and the things which normal humanity should possess, and only this way can they come to have the more of a human likeness. The more a person has the likeness of a man, the clearer he is toward the truth inside, which allows him to become someone with the truth and humanity. With truth and humanity, one can be a good leader, can lead God’s chosen people into the reality of God’s word, and can lead God’s chosen people onto the correct path of belief.

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