1012 Without Knowing God, You Will Easily Offend God

1 Those who serve as leaders always want to have greater ingenuity and to be head and shoulders above the rest; they wish to find new tricks to convince God of just how capable they are. However, they fail to focus on understanding the truth and entering into the reality of God’s word. They always want to show off. Is this not precisely what reveals an arrogant nature? Do not just rashly do whatever comes to mind. How can it be okay if you do not consider the consequences of your actions? When you offend God’s disposition, offend His administrative decrees, and are then eliminated, there will be nothing left for you to say. If you do not understand God’s disposition or do not understand God’s will, you will easily offend God and will easily offend His administrative decrees; this is something everyone should be on their guard against.

2 Once you offend God’s administrative decrees or offend God’s disposition in an especially serious manner, God will not care whether you did it intentionally or unintentionally. This is something you must clearly understand; if you cannot get this through your head, then you are bound to have a problem. In serving God, people want to make great strides, do great things, speak great words, perform great work, print great books, hold great meetings, and be great leaders. If you always have grand ambitions, then you will offend God’s great administrative decrees. If you are not upright, godly, or prudent in your service to God, then sooner or later you will offend His administrative decrees. If you take on a casual attitude, care about nothing, and do not fear God, offending His administrative decrees even when you are clearly aware of them, then you should be punished!

Adapted from “Without the Truth It Is Easy to Offend God” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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