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30. Why doesn’t God save those who are worked on by evil spirits and those who are possessed by demons?

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30. Why doesn’t God save those who are worked on by evil spirits and those who are possessed by demons?

Relevant Words of God:

Those whom evil spirits previously possessed for a time (since birth) will all be revealed now. I will kick you out! Do you still remember what I have said? I—the holy and unblemished God—do not reside in a foul and filthy temple. Those who are possessed by evil spirits know for themselves, and I need not clarify. I have not predestined you! You are old Satan, yet you want to infiltrate My kingdom! Absolutely not!

from “The Eighty-first Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

I have long seen clearly the various deeds of evil spirits. Even people used by evil spirits (those with wrong intentions, those who lust after flesh or wealth, those who exalt themselves, those who disrupt the church, etc.) have also each been seen through by Me. Do not assume that everything will be alright once the evil spirits have been cast out. Let Me tell you! From now on, I shall dispose of these people one by one, never to use them! That is to say, any person corrupted by evil spirits shall not be used by Me, and will be kicked out! Do not think I do not have feelings! Know this! I am the holy God, and I will not reside in a filthy temple! I only use honest and wise people who are completely loyal to Me and can be considerate of My burden. This is because such people were predestined by Me. Absolutely no evil spirits are working on them at all. Let Me make one thing clear: From now on, all those without the work of the Holy Spirit have the work of evil spirits. Let Me reiterate: I do not want a single person whom evil spirits work on. They shall all be cast down into Hades along with their flesh!

from “The Seventy-sixth Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

People often mention hell and Hades. But what do these two words refer to, and what is the difference between them? Do they really refer to some cold, dark corner? The human mind is always interrupting My management, thinking that their own random ponderings are pretty accurate, when actually they are all their own imaginings. Hades and hell both refer to a temple of filth that has previously been lived in by Satan or by evil spirits. That is to say, whosoever has been occupied before by Satan or by evil spirits, it is them who are Hades and them who are hell—there is no mistake! This is why I have stressed repeatedly in the past that I do not live in a temple of filth. Can I (God Himself) live in Hades, or in hell? Wouldn’t that be unreasonable nonsense? I have said this several times but you still don’t understand what I mean. Compared to hell, Hades is corrupted more severely by Satan. Those who are for Hades are the most serious cases, and I have simply not predestined these people; those who are for hell are those whom I have predestined, but have then been eliminated. Said simply, I have not chosen even one of these people.

from “The Ninetieth Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship:

The fourth aspect, you must have knowledge of God’s holiness; any filthy things corrupted by Satan and belonging to Satan must not be allowed to remain extant, because God is holy. Thus, any unclean and evil spirit will not survive long, all must be destroyed; God does not like this kind of person.

from “Only When the Word Is Converted to Faith Can One Stand Firm in Great Tribulation” in Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life (VII)

Those possessed by devils live out their devilish nature, this devilish nature comes from the evil spirits that reside within them. The nature of the evil spirits becomes the inner nature of the person possessed by devils. The particular nature of a person depends on the particular spirit within the person, and the nature of the person determines their corrupt dispositions, that’s absolutely true. Those predestined and selected by God are all people with human spirits. Those without human spirits are those who have been entered by all kinds of evil spirits. Therefore, these people are those who belong to foul devils and evil spirits, and are not the object of God’s salvation. The objects of God’s salvation are those who have human spirits. Although these people with human spirits have gone through Satan’s corruption, and have engendered a God-resisting nature, they are entirely able to be purified and saved. Because they have within them the human spirit, humanity’s natural qualities, with a good side to their essence, therefore, they can reach God’s salvation. Only those without a human spirit are truly beasts or devils, monsters in human dress, so God does not save them; they do not belong to humanity. The humanity God speaks of does not include them.

from “Results That Can Be Achieved by a Genuine Understanding of the Truth” in Collection of Sermons—Supply for Life

Notice how many people in the religious world there are who are possessed by evil spirits. They have been deceived by the work of evil spirits. They have believed in God for ten to twenty years; there are some people who have even believed for an entire lifetime. They have believed all the way until they are seventy or eighty years old. They still treat the work of evil spirits as if it were the work of the Holy Spirit. Look at the dispositions of these people. They lie a lot. They are very phony and they are very crafty. They deceive people a lot. They do not have a bit of normal human nature. What can we notice from these matters? They have experienced so much of the work of evil spirits. This is the result. What does this indicate? This indicates that evil spirits do not have the truth. Evil spirits are not the truth. Evil spirits cannot save man. That is why people can only be harmed if they obtain the work of evil spirits. They can only be corrupted even more deeply. In the end, they ruin themselves. Right now, we are clear about one thing. That is, all those who have been possessed by evil spirits are people that God does not save. All those who God has predestined and selected are people that God will protect. God will not let these people be possessed by evil spirits. We now have a basic understanding of this matter. This is why God’s family must expel all those who are possessed by evil spirits. During the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus healed people and drove demons away as a way of bearing witness to God’s almightiness. How is God almighty? Every demon and evil spirit is afraid of God. God is fully in control of them. If God wants them to leave someone, they will leave. If God commands them to flee, they will obediently flee. This is why we see God as the universal Ruler and the Almighty. Satan is just an evil spirit that does service for God. In the end, Satan will be bound by God and exterminated. During the Age of Grace, God did just one step of witnessing. This witnessing involved God’s almightiness. In the Age of Kingdom, God will completely save all those He has predestined and selected. That is why all those who are truly possessed by evil spirits will not be saved by God. They are targets for God’s elimination.

from “Knowing the Work of the Holy Spirit Is of the Utmost Importance to Man’s Salvation” in Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life (II)

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