692 You Should Imitate Peter

1 As soon as Peter is mentioned, everybody is full of praise. Peter was agile of wit, endowed with native intelligence, doted on from boyhood by his parents; after growing up, however, he became their enemy, for he always sought to know God, and this led him to turn his back on his parents. This was because, first of all, he believed that the heavens and earth and all things are in the hands of the Almighty, and that all positive things originate from God and come directly from Him, without passing through any processing by Satan. With the counterexample of his parents to serve as a foil, this enabled him all the more readily to recognize God’s love and mercy, thereby inflaming in him an even greater passion to seek after Him.

2 He paid close attention not only to eating and drinking God’s words, but even more to grasping His intentions, and was constantly prudent and cautious in his thoughts, so that he was always keenly astute in his spirit, and hence was able to please Him in everything he did. In ordinary life, he paid close attention to integrating the lessons of those who had failed in the past so as to spur himself on to greater endeavor, deeply afraid that he might fall into the nets of failure. He also paid close attention to assimilating the faith and love of all those who through the ages had loved God. In this way he not only in negative aspects, but much more importantly, in positive aspects sped up the progress of his growth, until he became in God’s presence the one human being who knew God best.

3 Peter placed all that he had in God’s hands, no longer being his own master even in eating, dressing, sleeping, or where he stayed, but made satisfying Him in all things the foundation on which he enjoyed His bounty. So many times did God put him under trial, which of course left him half dead, but even in the midst of these hundreds of trials, he never once lost faith in Him or became disillusioned with Him. Even when God said He had already thrown him aside, he did not grow faint of heart or fall into despair, but continued on as before carrying out his principles so as to love Him in a practical way.

Adapted from “Chapter 6” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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