Chapter 48. You Should Use the Truth to Resolve Your Negative States

Most people have these situations which we discussed previously, even though they are not as clear as before. This is because people did not have any knowledge of the truth during that time, and they understood nothing. Nowadays, you listen more, and at minimum, you all understand some doctrines. However, you have some deeply rooted situations inside that have not been uncovered. You are able to clearly see corruption that is frequently revealed and become aware once it is revealed; you know the nature of your revealed intentions, words, and actions. But right now, you don’t understand the things that are deep within yourself, the things that are more hidden and the things that represent human nature. Sometimes, even though you are somewhat aware, you don’t feel that those things are wrong; sometimes you are only aware if doing something this way is right or wrong, but you still can’t distinguish it clearly. This is because you are not clear about the truth. There is a process involved to reach a true understanding. Regardless of whether people are old or new, they do not truly understand the truth right now, and they have not reached the level of clear understanding. They only grasp a few phrases of doctrine, or follow a few rules and then stop there. This is because people have situations inside that block them from entering in, they are all controlled by their natures within, and they do not have the substance of God’s word as their lives. People themselves are not able to discover the things produced from their natures, and by not being able to discover this, it causes them to think that they have somewhat transformed and have some stature by merely following the rules, talking about some doctrines and showing a few good behaviors, and they think that should be enough to satisfy God. These thoughts prove that they are too shallow and do not have true stature.

Even though some situations people have inside are not notions against God, are not negative, and people think that they are quite proper and suitable, they are actually products of human nature. At a certain stage, even though people have some stature, those things are still inside of them. This is unavoidable, and perhaps at some point, they will burst out. They can’t help themselves. People have some awareness, but they don’t distinguish them clearly, and they don’t know if these situations are right or wrong; they even wonder in their hearts why they didn’t realize them. It seems like such an impossible thing. This is what makes people most difficult to deal with. External injuries to the skin are easily curable, but diseases in the blood which people can’t see are not easy to cure. They must draw blood and test it in order to know. Things that are deeply rooted inside people and things that are produced from human nature are the things that people rely on to live. Therefore, people feel that the things that are produced from human nature are proper. It is as if people should be like this and have this or that kind of intention, requirement and desire. Not a single person understands that truth is truth, everything that is produced from human nature is corrupt, and it is all in violation of truth. People can’t sense this and are unaware of it. Especially people nowadays can speak somewhat clearly about some simple doctrines, have a little bit of stature and experience, and seem to be indifferent if they are a little impure, and they think that this is the foundation on which they should believe in God and follow God. Actually, this is a grave mistake. People must not mix up what they think is right with the truth or pursue truth on the foundation of error. Truth is not impure. Currently there are many people who encourage themselves, and seek the truth on the basis of looking forward to the day of God and God’s transfiguration. They feel like seeking this way is right and the course of action is correct, but their starting point is fundamentally wrong and everything that comes from an incorrect starting point will always be wrong. Regardless of which stage people are at, if they can’t understand this kind of situation within themselves and they can’t change it, then it is like a useless engineering project no matter how they seek. If one’s starting point is wrong and their foundation is wrong, then sooner or later their project will collapse and will not be able to stand. This kind of person will sooner or later be in danger. Do you understand these words? Why are there so many religious people who can’t accept the true way? Because their belief in God is fundamentally flawed; they don’t accept the truth and are eliminated by God. In God’s family, there are some leaders whose situations are so bad and have too many impurities that they haven’t resolved. Pruning and dealing with them is of no use, and finally, their old sicknesses reappear, they completely reveal their true natures and are eliminated. Some situations people have are like cancer: If it is not cured early on, then sooner or later it will flare up and the people will lose their lives.

At every stage, people’s states directly correlate with the degree to which they have entered the truth and how much of it they have obtained. When people’s states are relatively normal, they can understand and enter some truths; in turn, they can comprehend certain practical things based upon God’s words. They can also provide for and serve others. Some are not in the right state; even though they are seeking, and despite the fact that they read, listen, and communicate, they end up obtaining much less than people in normal states. If there will always exist human impurities, revelations of their corrupt natures, and adulterations of human notions and imaginations, then internally, people must be completely muddled. How can this not affect their entry into truth? Only people with sober minds can understand the truth, and only people with pure hearts can see God. Only by emptying themselves will they be capable of receiving the truth with ease. When people’s hearts are in turmoil, it is difficult for them to understand the truth. Only those who understand the truth can recognize their own states to a certain extent, and only by knowing the essence of their problems can they understand their own nature. If people’s states are correct and completely normal, then they will have true stature; as such, they are unlikely to slip or complain when faced with all kinds of issues. The way you seek at each stage and the state in which you seek are things that you cannot ignore. Carelessness will eventually bring trouble. When your state is normal, you will walk the correct path and do things correctly, and you will quickly enter into God’s words. Only by seeking this way can your life grow up.

There is another situation people have inside where they read God’s words for a few years and experience some dealing and pruning; they are able to let go a little from their intentions of receiving blessings; their hearts become more relaxed, and they don’t seek to obtain blessings; their hearts are accepting, and they simply obey God’s orchestration, their heads are a little drooped, and whatever God does is OK with them. This situation is also not correct. “Whatever God does is OK, in any case, I won’t ask for blessings.” People with this kind of situation seem to feel that obeying God’s orchestration is all they need to do. I ask you: “Do you really obey God’s orchestration? Do you really possess the truth of this aspect?” How will you truly submit without true stature? You still think that you are obeying God’s orchestration! Nowadays some people’s attitude is: I don’t care about obtaining blessings or receiving misfortunes. God can do it however He wants! This is totally a negative and uninvolved situation; they don’t pay attention to truth, saying, “In any case it is God’s orchestration, and in the end, God will decide our fate. We don’t decide anything, so any way that we seek is fine.” This is passively slacking off, and subjectively there is no effort put forth. Can people who have this kind of situation progress? Can they satisfy God’s requirements?

Having a mindset change is critical to pursuing entry; if your situation changes, and nothing stands in your way, then you can seek effectively. Whether or not people can enter into the truth by their seeking of it or how much strength they have in their seeking is completely based on how their situation is. If people’s situation is normal, then they will have strength in their seeking. If people never have strength, if they are neither hot nor cold in following, then their situation inside will certainly not be normal, there must be problems inside, and they are certainly restrained by something: They believe in God but don’t have vision and they don’t know how to seek; or they have lost the Holy Spirit working in them and do not have the light of truth; or they have a negative attitude and have lost the true faith. These are all possibilities. I know that there are some people who are always being disturbed; they always feel that there are problems with their spirits: “Why am I always doing wrong things? Why am I always making mistakes? Is it because I have an evil spirit inside? If there was an evil spirit working in me, then aren’t I done for?” People who have had the supernatural work of evil spirits in them are especially easy to be restrained in these matters. It is very dangerous for the heart to always be in doubt, and it is the easiest for Satan to exploit and make their fears come true. This is the most difficult situation to deal with. “If people’s spirits are not right, then they are finished. The spirit decides everything.” There are some among you who are prone to think like this. This matter becomes their stumbling block, and this situation can lead to a nervous breakdown and they won’t be able to continue on believing. This kind of situation is the most dangerous, and it must be resolved as quickly as possible. There are also some people who have absurd thoughts in their hearts; they always think: Since it is God who predestines and chooses people, and it is God who decides everything, then what are we seeking for? They will sink into this situation and won’t be able to come out of it, and they won’t listen to other people when they fellowship with them; they will say, “I understand all of this, I just can’t get out of it.” At that day when they truly understand, they will feel regretful, “How could I be so stupid then? I am such a fool!” Actually, everyone has abnormal situations inside; everyone’s nature produces something different based on their different environments and backgrounds. People’s natures are the same, but because their environments and backgrounds are different, or because the work that they take on is different and their positions are different, they produce different situations. However, the overall characteristics of people’s natures are the same. When an environment comes upon him, this type of situation is produced; when an environment comes upon you, then that type of situation is produced. Some people stumble over this matter, some people stumble over that matter, some people become negative in this matter, some people are weak in that matter. In the end, when they pray to God, it seems like the Holy Spirit is not working in them, and another situation arises inside: “If the Holy Spirit is not working and God has abandoned me, then am I not done for? Then I might as well not believe; I believe, but don’t receive anything. God is not working in me, so have I not been eliminated?” Another situation like this arises, and the old disease remains as a new one comes. When people are supposed to die, there is nothing to save them. People who are able to get back on the right path are really something, that is, whoever is not supposed to die will always be saved. When people are lost in their way, they can awaken and realize that their situations are not normal, they can sense that they are in dangerous circumstances; and they can do everything within their power to climb out and return to a normal situation. People with this kind of stature are far too few.

Why do I say that people don’t have stature? Because you don’t clearly see, you don’t know, or you even don’t realize what situation will lead to what outcome. Therefore, people always become weak and negative when some matters come upon them, and it becomes easy for them to fall. What does it mean to have stature? If you are unable to get a hold of yourself, if you can’t live in a normal situation often, and you can’t clearly see your abnormal situation, then you don’t have stature. Having stature means that you truly understand some truth and truth has become your life and your support and the foundation of your existence. Regardless of what comes upon you, you can live in accordance with the truth, you will be much less likely to become weak and fall, and much less likely to sink into all kinds of dangerous situations. This is having stature. Can people currently obtain this state? No, they can’t! Most people are usually negative and weak, they have all sunk into a situation that they cannot easily get out of. Even if they could get out of it later, they wouldn’t know what was going on, and they wouldn’t know which of their situations was not right. When that matter comes upon them again, they will slip again and be done for, and the old sickness returns. They are weak and stuck in every matter that comes upon them. If people communicate with them and they ponder, they can wake up, but they still can’t completely understand their situations or grasp the revelations of their natures. Ultimately, they won’t be able to change no matter what experiences they have; they fall when this matter comes upon them, and they become weak when that matter comes upon them. If they suffer any setbacks, then they want to give up on their work; they are negative more often than they are normal and they frequently lose the Holy Spirit working in them. This is the actual situation that everyone has. Whether or not people can get a hold of their situations, whether or not they can guarantee that they are living in a normal situation are completely dependent upon the degree of truth they have entered into. From this we are best able to see people’s true statures. Some people say: “I feel I have a little stature with regard to submitting to God.” You feel that you have a little bit of stature, but actually, your current environment is not that poor, or it does not pose a threat to you, or it isn’t too painful of a situation, and you are able to submit to God’s orchestration. What if it were painful to a certain degree? Would you still be able to completely submit? If the pain were unbearable like that of Job, then would you be able to submit to God’s orchestration? This is the issue with stature. Therefore, when the environment is good, you feel: I can submit to the orchestrations of God, I can submit to the arrangements of God, I have the will and resolution to follow to the end and satisfy God’s will and testify for God like Job. You feel that you have this will, but when something greater than this environment comes upon you, when greater trials come upon you, and when greater suffering comes upon you, will you be able to stand fast? Do you know? Can you predict this? Not many people truly know who they are, because no one has the truth, and they are unable to truly know themselves.

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