English Christian Song With Lyrics | "Christ Expresses What the Spirit Is"

June 28, 2020

God incarnate knows man’s essence, reveals all things all people do,

most of all, man’s corrupt disposition and rebellious conduct too.

He does not live with worldly ones, but knows their nature, corruption.

This is what He is.

Though He does not deal with the world,

yet He knows every rule to engage with it.

For He understands mankind, fully understands their nature.


He knows about the Spirit’s working of today and the past as well,

that human eyes just cannot see, that human ears just cannot hear.

This shows wonders man can’t comprehend,

wisdom that is not philosophy.

This is what He is, both revealed and hidden from man.

His expression is not that of an extraordinary man,

but the inherent being and attributes of the Spirit.


He does not travel round the world, yet knows all things about it.

He meets with those with no knowledge or insight,

yet His words are above great men.

He lives among the dumb and numb people,

who don’t know human ways, how to live.

But He can ask them to live out true human life,

while revealing how low, how base they are!

This is what He is, higher than those of flesh and blood.

Exposing, judging man is not from His experience.

Knowing, hating man’s disobedience,

He reveals their unrighteousness.

The work that He does serves to reveal

His disposition and being to man.

No flesh can do such work, but Christ, oh.


from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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