Testimonies of Returning to God

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A Spiritual Battle at Home

By Ruth, the United States In August 2018, a friend told me that the Lord Jesus had returned, and that He was expressing truths to do the work of jud…

A Pastor’s True Colors

By Yangmu, Malaysia I really used to look up to Pastor Li in my old church. He gave up his family and career and traveled all over to work for the Lo…

I Have Seen My Pastor’s True Colors

By Nora, the Philippines I remember when I first became a Christian, our church’s Pastor Chen and his wife thought very highly of me. They made me th…

Who Are the Pharisees of Today?

By Jingmo, Malaysia In my 22 years as a Christian, I was mainly in charge of church finances and the Sunday school. In May 2017, I met Sister Jane fr…

Hanging by a Thread

"Behind every step that God does in you is Satan’s wager with God—behind it all is a battle. … Everything you do requires you to pay a certain price in your efforts. Without actual hardship, you can’t satisfy God, it does not even come close to satisfying God, and you are just saying empty slogans!’" (The Word Appears in the Flesh).

The True Colors of My “Spiritual Parent”

We’ve always thought of pastors as our spiritual parents, as did Li Xianghe. But when she starts looking into the true way, will her pastor be a help or a hindrance?

I Witness God’s Love in the Midst of My Spiritual Battle

Secretly, within every spiritual battle, Satan fights God over mankind, and it also makes wagers with God. When in the midst of a spiritual battle, therefore, how are we supposed to rely on God and stand witness?

How to Rely on God and Stand Testimony When Tempted by Satan (Part 1)

After listening to the sister fellowship in this way, my heart suddenly filled with light. So, all along I’d been facing a battle that was raging in the spirit world! I thought of how my husband had begun to try to force me to give up my belief in God after he’d seen the CCP’s lies, and I knew that this had all been brought about by the deceptions of Satan. Satan truly is so despicable, so hateful!

With God by My Side I Overcame Satan’s Temptation (Part 1)

Cindy is a Christian, but her husband becomes taken in by the rumors spread by the Chinese Communist Party. He disrupts and hinders her faith time after time, and a spiritual battle ensues within their home. How can Cindy get through this when faced with these hindrances and suppression from her husband? Read on to see …

Spiritual Warfare: I Rely on God to Defeat Satan (Part 1)

Just after the Christian Wang Lin welcomes the return of the Lord Jesus, she becomes embroiled in a spiritual war. Religious leaders use all kinds of despicable means to coerce her into abandoning the true way, and this goes on for more than 40 days. In the midst of this spiritual war, how does Wang Lin pray to God and rely on God in order to overcome the temptations of Satan and stand firm in her testimony? And what does Wang Lin gain from it all? Let’s explore her experiences together …