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A Government Official’s Choice

By Xin Zheng, China My dad broke the law and he was arrested before I was born. That kind of thing was really shameful in the Chinese countryside in t…

What Should We Pursue in Life?

By Song Zihan, China My health wasn’t great as a child and much of our family’s money generally went to my healthcare, so my dad didn’t really like me…

My Choice for My Remaining Years

By Xiao Yong, China As a child, my family was quite poor and we would often be bullied by other villagers. I would always feel awful when I saw my mo…

How I Let Go of a Secure Job

By Lizhi, Japan I was born in a poor and backward rural family. Even as a child, my father demanded that I study hard, so that in the future, I could…

I’m So Worn Out by Life—What Can I Do?

When we rush around for the sake of fame and gain, and we feel pained and helpless and exhausted in body and mind, remember this: God is our eternal support, and only by coming before God and understanding the truth can we have joy and happiness!

The Awakening of a Money Slave

By Xingwu, China When I was young, my family was poor, and my parents couldn’t afford my tuition, so I made and sold fences to pay for school. One tim…

Fame and Fortune Have Brought Me Suffering

By Tian Tian, China One spring, some senior doctors and I went out for an outdoor cookout. On the way, some local villagers recognized Dr. Wang. They …

Gaining Blessing Through Misfortune

If it was not for my sickness which stopped me from seeking fame and gain, I would still be a money-making machine in the world. I would be blind to this until Satan’s devastation kills me. …Contrarily, Almighty God used my sickness to bring me before Him. … was finally in a position to throw off the shackles of fame and gain and establish a proper life perspective. My spirit was liberated. God is so almighty and wise! I’m thankful that God has loved me and saved me.

What Does “No One Knows the Day or Hour” Mean?

Disasters are now a frequent occurrence the world over. And some people testify that the Lord has returned. However, some people believe that if the Lord had returned, no one would know. Is that really the truth? Read on to learn the real meaning of “no one knows the day or the hour,” which will help you welcome the Lord’s return.

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