• Seeking the truth, trust in God
    The Holy Spirit Works in a Principled Way

    There is a principle behind the Holy Spirit’s work on man. Man himself must have a yearning, seeking heart to be able to positively and actively work with God. Only then can the Holy Spirit work on man and enlighten and illuminate man’s understanding of God’s will, causing them to understand the truth in His words.

  • Resolve Deceitfulness, christian life, christian devotional,
    What Lies Behind Lies

    Facing such circumstances, I felt completely puzzled: Why was it that my heart was willing to speak the truth, to speak accurately, but when I opened my mouth I could never speak objectively or accurately? With this question, I went before God to pray and to seek guidance.

  • Believe in God, have faith, faith in jesus christ
    “Seeing Is Believing” Is Not to Be Believed

    I give thanks to God for using this matter to enlighten me, to make me understand that the phrase “seeing is believing” that people often say is inaccurate, and that to weigh up God’s words according to this view is entirely mistaken.

  • God is love, love of God, God's Righteous
    Reflections on Being Replaced

    Some time ago, owing to my not understanding the principle behind the church’s revision of personnel, when the church replaced a leader, a conception arose within me. From what I could see, the sister that was replaced was very good at both receiving and fellowshiping the truth, and could be open about her own expressions of corruption.

  • God help, Second Chance at Life, Jesus help me
    Almighty God Has Given Me a Second Chance at Life

    July 21, 2012 was a most unforgettable day for me, as well as the most important day of my life. That day, a heavy rain was falling in Fangshan District in Beijing—the heaviest we had seen there in sixty-one years. A little after 4:00 p.m., I walked out onto the street to have a look and saw that water was everywhere.

  • God's salvation, The Grace of God,
    Due to Performing My Duty, I Was Granted God’s Enormous Salvation

    On July 21, 2012, a very heavy rain began to fall. That day I just happened to have a duty to perform, so after our meeting was finished and I saw that the rain had lightened up a bit,

  • The Fire That Shocked the Nation in Ji County, Tianjin City

    Dearest brothers and sisters, the Ji County fire is past, but with God’s permission, and with God’s warning and reminder to us. At the same time, it is God’s loving salvation for us. I would that we contemplate it and by it know God’s good intention, putting more time and effort into seeking truth, walking the right path that God guides our lives along.

  • God is real, Knowing God, God is love, loveliness of God,
    God’s Love Is Most Real

    Since I saw and experienced God’s salvation and His most true and real love in the trial of disaster, how can I not bear witness for Him? Through this experience I will no longer shrink away; I am willing to spare no efforts to take my experience and bear witness.

  • in God's hands, God's mercy, the Protection of God,
    During an Experience I Saw the Protection of God

    If not for the protection of God, our entire house would have been burned down, and as for my life it is hard to say. We have what we have today, and we must thank God for His care and protection, and thank Him for His love for us.