Christian Testimony Video | "Can Hard Work Bring Entry to the Kingdom of Heaven?"

September 24, 2020

Sheila is a devout Catholic who has stayed strong in her faith for many years and looks forward to being raptured into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord returns. But as time goes on, she discovers that, despite her frequent confessions and good works, she cannot keep God's commandments and is always caught in a cycle of sinning and confessing. This leaves her distressed and feeling terrible. One day, she reads a passage of Almighty God's words posted on Facebook which explains the meaning of faith in God and exposes what people aim to get from their faith. She can't help but reflect that even though she's actively engaged in doing good works and denies herself, it's all just to get the blessings of the kingdom of heaven in return. It's not done out of any true love for God, so how could God commend such faith? Hoping to resolve her confusion, she decides to seek and investigate Almighty God's words and work. By reading Almighty God's words, everything finally becomes clear to her and she finds the path into the kingdom of heaven.

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