Christian Movie "My Story, Our Story" | God's Word Is the Power of Our Life

October 31, 2022

Yang Yi, a church leader, is arrested in one of the CCP's mass arrest campaigns and sentenced to ten years in prison. Under the strict monitoring and slave-like labor requirements of the prison guards, he feels miserable and tormented, and he yearns for the supply of God's words. One day, his brothers and sisters take the risk to visit him at the prison, and they secretly bring him a copy of God's words. As Yang Yi hungrily reads God's words, he is greatly inspired, and he emerges from his pain and negativity. As the CCP's suppression and persecution of Christians grows more intense, more and more of his brothers are imprisoned with him. Yang Yi sees that some of them are sick and negative due to the torment they suffer, while some are forced by the prison guards to write the “three letters” to deny God, and for this, they feel remorse and self-recrimination. After seeing this, Yang Yi finds opportunities to support and help his brothers, and he passes on God's words to them. When his brothers read God's words, they gain spiritual provision, and they all feel that God's words are very precious, so they spontaneously decide to write down the passages of God's words they remember and share them with each other, which allows more and more brothers to read God's words. However, due to the surveillance of the prison guards and reporting by spies, Yang Yi’s brothers are successively discovered to be in possession of God's words, after which they are put under extremely strict management by the guards, subjected to interrogation and torture. Then, a massive search is carried out in each area of the prison. In the midst of this critical situation, the brothers face a great test of faith….

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