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Christian Music Video | Long for the Love of God Forever | "My Beloved, Please Wait for Me" (Korean) 5:00
Christian Music Video | Feel the Love of God | "When You Open Your Heart to God" 3:40
Christian Music Video | Face to Face With God | "Come Before God Often" 4:46
Christian Music Video 2018 | The Return of the Lord “Two Thousand Years of Longing" (Worship Song) 3:41
2018 Christian Music Video | "The True Love of God" (Korean Song English Subtitles) 3:05
Christian Music Video "Where Is My Home" | The Church of Almighty God 6:40
Worship God in Spirit and in Truth "It's Such a Joy to Be an Honest Person" (Christian Music Video) 4:53
Praise God With a Heart of Love for Him | "Offering a Sincere Heart Up to God" Christian Music Video 3:11
Receiving Grace of God | "If I Were Not Saved by God" (Short Film/Music Video) 5:33
God Gave Me a New Life | "If I Were Not Saved by God" (Short Film/Music Video) 5:33
Worship God in Spirit and in Truth | A Cappella "The Result Achieved by Knowing God" | Gospel Music 10:08
Christians Worship and Praise the Lord | "Almighty God, You Are So Glorious" (Christian Music Video) 4:21
Bless the Lord | Christian Music Video "Offer Love to God" | The Most Beautiful Blessings 6:03
Love God Without Regrets | Praise Song | "Follow God Along the Rough Path" (Christian Music Video) 4:48
"Our Church Life Is So Lovely" (Official Music Video) 3:40
Endless Praise | A Cappella | Best Christian Music Video "Praise the Accomplishment of God's Work" 4:22
Sing and Dance Happily to Praise God | "All Nations and All Peoples Praise Almighty God" (MV) 4:38
Love God With All My Heart | Christian Music "I Will Love God to Eternity" | Walk in the Love of God 3:11