Staying True to My Duty Through Adversity

December 20, 2023

By Wang Ju, China

In 2016, my church duty was as a watering deacon. At the time, church leader who was being oppressed by an antichrist was living in negativity. She lost the Holy Spirit’s work and was dismissed. My superior gave me instructions, saying the antichrist in the church hadn’t been fully exposed and the others still lacked discernment, so she was hoping I could work with Sister Yang Yue and take on a range of church work. Later on, since my health wasn’t that great and I didn’t have the strength or energy, the church was going to change my duty. But before the transfer was carried out, something happened. Back then, the upper leader scheduled me for a meeting with a few other sisters. As always, I arrived at the host’s house at the right time, but to my surprise, I waited for ages and no one came. So I went to Yang Yue’s house to look for her. I kept knocking but there was no response. I felt a little uneasy, afraid she’d been arrested. Unexpectedly, two days later, Chen Hui told me that Yang Yue and two upper leaders had been arrested by the police that day, and the police had turned her entire house upside down. Hearing this terrible news, though I knew I was facing a trial and refinement from God, I still felt really nervous. I thought of how I’d gone to Yang Yue’s home that day and knocked on her door, luckily, I had God’s protection and didn’t run into the police, or I’d not have escaped their clutches. What a close call!

Later, I heard people talking about that arrest around town, which is how I found out it was a nationwide operation. In our city, lots of entire armed police officers were mobilized and they were doing citywide sweeps, madly arresting God’s chosen people. There were banners in every street and alley, and all sorts of negative propaganda up on walls. There was a feeling of panic throughout the whole city. I thought of how lots of brothers and sisters with duties had been arrested, and that all implicated households could be raided and church belongings could be seized by the great red dragon at any time, so I had to hurry and move the church belongings and the concerned brothers and sisters to somewhere safe, but the police were still searching and surveilling. What could be done? I was feeling frantic. When I got home, my daughter pointed at her phone and said, “Mom, be careful and don’t go out for a couple days. One of my public security clients sent me a video saying they’ve already arrested over 70 believers, and they’re still searching.” Hearing this made me even more afraid, and it really put me on edge, too. I was thinking about how Yang Yue and I had always worked together. I went to her house a lot, too, and now that she was arrested, I wondered if the police would find me through surveillance. If they’d already found out about me, wouldn’t I be walking into the barrel of a gun if I went back out to do my duty? I already had an occupational disease from my work, and was really frail. If I really were arrested, I didn’t know how many beatings I could take. If the police tried to torture a confession out of me and beat me to death, would I lose my chance at salvation? My mind kept going back to the videos of brothers and sisters being tortured, and I got more uneasy as I thought about it. I went into a cold sweat, paralyzed and devoid of strength all over, unable to calm down. I thought I should run from the danger right away, hide out, and go from there. But then I thought of the church’s situation, with all the cleanup work to be done, and that since Yang Yue was arrested, I had to take on the church’s work. I needed to tell those in danger to hide, and I had to move books of God’s words right away. It was a huge responsibility. If I didn’t do this work well, it would harm the work of God’s house even more. I could get by if my own property were lost, but if books of God’s words were taken, that would cause losses to God’s chosen people’s lives in a way money can’t measure. If I hid out at such a critical time, could I still be called a believer? I would be really lacking humanity. Where would my sense of responsibility be? But I couldn’t do these jobs well on my own. It was possible the police already had me under surveillance. If I really were arrested, wouldn’t there be even fewer people to take on duties? Then it suddenly occurred to me that two sisters, Chen Hui and Zhang Min, were ardent in their pursuit and could handle responsibility, and that I should have them handle the aftermath, and I could work behind the scenes. They knew I wasn’t in good health, so they would probably be understanding. This way the church’s work wouldn’t be held up, and I’d stay out of danger. Then, something the upper leader told me kept popping into my mind. She’d told me to take on the church’s work with Yang Yue. I knew she’d been arrested, so I should shoulder that responsibility, but I was afraid of the danger. I wanted to flee and hide in this time of crisis to protect myself. I even wanted to push that danger and hardship onto other sisters. I was being so selfish. I was abandoning my duty, which is doing evil! I suddenly thought of God’s words: “How you regard God’s commissions is extremely important, and this is a very serious matter. If you cannot complete what God has entrusted to people, then you are not fit to live in His presence and you should be punished(The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. How to Know Man’s Nature). God’s words were an immediate wake-up call. I felt guilty and regretful for thinking that way. How could I offload my commission for the church on others? I’d gotten so much sustenance from God’s truths, so I should have been reflecting on how to do my duty well to repay God. While the church was in danger, I should protect brothers and sisters and safeguard the interests of God’s house. I was the person in charge, but I wanted to cower and hide at this critical time and foist the risk onto others. If the books of God’s word and the property of God’s house were looted by the great red dragon because of my selfishness, that would be an irreparable transgression! Even if I were safe for a while, in God’s eyes, I would be a coward leading a shameful existence, a traitor who runs from battle. Would I then be worthy of living before God? If I abandoned my duty, wouldn’t that be betraying God? Then what meaning would I have in life? I felt uncomfortable and guilty at this thought. I felt so indebted to God, and I hated myself for being so despicable and shameless. I’d always been living for myself, but for once, I needed to practice the truth and live for God. I knew that no matter what I encountered, praying and relying on God was wisest. So I prayed to God: “Oh God! I don’t know if the police already have their eyes on me. I’m feeling weak and afraid, but whether I’m arrested or not is in Your hands. I don’t want to live an ignoble existence or betray my conscience and rebel against You. There’s a lot of cleanup work to be handled for the church right away. I must carry out my responsibilities. God, please watch over my heart and give me the will to suffer hardship. If I really am arrested and beaten to death, it will be what You allowed. I’m ready to submit to Your arrangements, and I’ll never sell out the interests of Your house.” After praying, I read some of God’s words. God says, “You should not be afraid of this and that; no matter how many difficulties and dangers you might face, you are capable of remaining steady before Me, unobstructed by any hindrance, so that My will may be carried out unimpeded. This is your duty…. You must endure all; for Me, you must be ready to relinquish everything you possess and do everything you can to follow Me, and be ready to expend your all. Now is the time that I shall test you: Will you offer your loyalty to Me? Can you loyally follow Me to the end of the road? Be not afraid; with My support, who could ever block this road? Remember this! Do not forget! All that occurs is by My good intention, and everything is under My observation. Can you follow My word in all that you say and do? When the trials of fire come upon you, will you kneel down and call out? Or will you cower, incapable of moving forward?(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 10). When I read that God says “Remember this! Do not forget!” I was really moved. It was just like parents telling their child, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” I suddenly had faith and strength, and felt I had support. I could feel that God didn’t want me to always live in constant anxiety and fear. I shouldn’t fear not doing my duty well, or fear being arrested by the great red dragon, and I particularly shouldn’t forget that God is always with us. No matter how cunning and evil the great red dragon is, they can’t stop what God wants to accomplish. Even if the police had their eyes on believers every single day, they couldn’t ruin the church’s work, because everything is ruled and orchestrated by God. I should have faith, give myself over to God, and finish the cleanup work as soon as possible. This awful situation was God testing my faith and inspecting my true stature to see if I could risk my life to be true to my duty, protect the brothers and sisters, and safeguard the church’s work. At that thought, there was only one thing on my mind: No matter what, I had to think of a way to overcome the difficulties in front of me, minimize our losses, and do my duty well, otherwise I wouldn’t find peace. When I was ready to submit and go through that situation, to my surprise, Chen Hui and Zhang Min showed up unexpectedly at my host’s home to discuss handling the aftermath. Seeing them, I truly felt both happy and ashamed. Considering how I’d wanted to saddle them with danger, I knew how despicable and selfish I’d been. My thinking was vile and shameful. Even though I hadn’t contacted them, at the critical time, they rushed over without any hesitation to prevent any harm to God’s house. I was so moved and was thanking God nonstop. I could see that God was ruling and orchestrating everything, and He hadn’t saddled me with a burden too hard to bear. We then had a quick discussion, divided up the responsibilities, and set out right away. First, I went to a nearby house on my own where Yang Yue had attended gatherings, to let the host know she had to be alert. I was praying the whole way over, holding my umbrella really low. I got there pretty fast and informed the host sister. At the second home, Chen Hui and I had to move some books of God’s words together. It was far away, and there was surveillance all along the route. I could see police cars driving around in the distance. I felt a bit afraid again. I thought, “The police are tightening up their searches. If I pass through surveillance and get recognized, I’ll be in trouble. Then the books of God’s words will be taken and Chen Hui will be implicated.” I was sitting in the back of Chen Hui’s electric scooter, clutching her clothing, my palms sweating. Before we got to the house my heart was pounding, and I worried there were police lying in wait. I kept calling out to God in my heart, and then I thought of something God said: “Faith is like a single log bridge: Those who cling abjectly to life will have difficulty in crossing it, but those who are ready to sacrifice themselves can pass over, sure of foot and worry-free(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 6). God’s words gave me the courage to face this hostile environment. I told myself, “Even if I have to put my life on the line, I must protect the books of God’s words. I must have faith and believe God rules everything. No matter how crazy the great red dragon is, without God’s permission, they can’t do anything to us.” Then I didn’t feel so timid and afraid. With one heart, Chen Hui and I prayed to God, and in the end, we moved the books to a safe location without problems. A great weight finally lifted from my heart.

Later, I got a letter from an upper leader, saying things were dicey, and that the church projects were at a standstill. She wanted me, Chen Hui, and Zhang Min to stay in charge of things. It occurred to me that the antichrist and evildoers hadn’t been cleared out, and were still disrupting things, and that I should take on that responsibility and get rid of those people so the brothers and sisters could resume a normal church life soon. But there was no improvement at all in the situation. Every few days there was terrible news of brothers and sisters being arrested and their homes raided. I was later informed that the great red dragon was using all sorts of vile tactics to deceive the arrested and bait them so they would sell each other out, using torture to squeeze them if they didn’t do that. Later there was news that Zhu Feng, a false leader who had been dismissed from our church, couldn’t bear the great red dragon’s enticement and interrogation, the combined soft and hard approaches after her arrest, and within a few days she became a Judas and betrayed God. Hearing this news put me on edge once again. I kept thinking about it and couldn’t sleep that night. I felt like I could see the agonized faces of brothers and sisters in torture chairs. I also thought of how Zhu Feng knew everything about the church’s work and where I lived. If she could even betray God, who knew when she might sell me out. If I were arrested, could I withstand the cruel torture? Wouldn’t it be awful if I died in jail? While thinking these thoughts, I found myself plunged into darkness. I didn’t feel a burden for the duty I should do and I was totally sapped of strength. On my way to small gatherings, I was really nervous when a police car went by. When passing the area where some brothers and sisters were arrested, I was on edge and afraid of being arrested. I was thinking, I could hide out for a little while, wait until things were better and then meet with the others. But I felt unsettled at that thought. I thought of the antichrist and evildoers loose in the church. They would keep disrupting things, and if I kept living in a state of cowardice and fearing death, not doing my duty well, I wouldn’t do good or give testimony, and so I’d become Satan’s laughingstock. I figured, everyone is born, gets old, gets sick and dies, so why was I so afraid of death? Mainly, I was too self-protective. I was afraid I wouldn’t have a good ending in spite of my faith, and instead, I’d be tortured and beaten to death by the great red dragon, enduring horrible pain. I’d only been a believer for a few years and didn’t understand the truth yet. If I died like that, I’d lose my chance to eat and drink God’s words, experience His work, and be saved. Then wouldn’t my faith be in vain? The more I thought about it, the harder it was to accept, so I prayed to God right away, asking Him to enlighten and guide me so I could understand the truth, and gain a proper understanding of this sort of thing. Later, I came across this passage of God’s words: “God has a plan for every one of His followers. Each one of them has an environment, furnished for man by God, in which to perform their duty, and they have the grace and favor of God that is man’s to enjoy. They also have special circumstances, which God lays out for man, and there is much suffering they must undergo—it is nothing like the smooth sailing that man imagines. … How did those disciples of the Lord Jesus die? Among the disciples, there were those who were stoned, dragged behind a horse, crucified upside down, dismembered by five horses—every sort of death befell them. What was the reason for their deaths? Were they lawfully executed for their crimes? No. They were condemned, beaten, scolded, and put to death because they spread the Lord’s gospel and were rejected by the people of the world—that is how they were martyred. Let us not speak of the final end of those martyrs, or of God’s definition of their conduct, but ask this: When they arrived at the end, did the ways that they met the end of their lives accord with human notions? (No, it did not.) From the perspective of human notions, they paid such a great price to spread the work of God, but were ultimately killed by Satan. This does not accord with human notions, but this is precisely what happened to them. It is what God allowed. What truth can be sought in this? Was God allowing them to die this way His curse and condemnation, or was it His plan and blessing? It was neither. What was it? People now reflect on their deaths with much heartache, but that was how things were. Those who believed in God died that way, how is this to be explained? When we mention this topic, you put yourselves in their position, so are your hearts sad, and do you feel a hidden pain? You think, ‘These people did their duty to spread God’s gospel and should be considered good people, so how could they come to such an end and such an outcome?’ Actually, this was how their bodies died and passed away; this was their means of departure from the human world, yet that did not mean their outcome was the same. No matter what the means of their death and departure was nor how it happened, it was not how God defined the final outcomes of those lives, of those created beings. This is something you must see clearly. On the contrary, they used precisely those means to condemn this world and to testify to God’s deeds. These created beings used their most precious lives—they used the last moment of their lives to testify to God’s deeds, to testify to God’s great power, and to declare to Satan and the world that God’s deeds are right, that the Lord Jesus is God, that He is the Lord, and God’s incarnate flesh. Even down to the final moment of their lives, they never denied the name of the Lord Jesus. Was this not a form of judgment upon this world? They used their lives to proclaim to the world, to confirm to human beings that the Lord Jesus is the Lord, that the Lord Jesus is Christ, that He is God’s incarnate flesh, that the work of redemption He did for all humanity allows humanity to live on—this fact is forever unchanging. Those who were martyred for spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus, to what extent did they perform their duty? Was it to the ultimate extent? How was the ultimate extent manifested? (They offered their lives.) That’s right, they paid the price with their lives. Family, wealth, and the material things of this life are all external things; the only thing that is related to the self is life. To every living person, life is the thing most worthy of being treasured, the most precious thing and, as it happens, these people were able to offer their most precious possession—life—as confirmation of and testimony to God’s love for mankind. Until the day they died, they did not deny God’s name, nor did they deny God’s work, and they used their last moments of life to testify to the existence of this fact—is this not the highest form of testimony? This is the best way of doing one’s duty; this is what it is to fulfill one’s responsibility. When Satan threatened and terrorized them, and, in the end, even when it made them pay the price of their lives, they did not abandon their responsibility. This is what it is to fulfill one’s duty to the utmost extent. What do I mean by this? Do I mean to have you use the same method to testify of God and to spread His gospel? You do not necessarily need to do so, but you must understand that this is your responsibility, that if God needs you to, you should accept it as something you are honor-bound to do(The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Spreading the Gospel Is the Duty to Which All Believers Are Honor-Bound). God’s words helped me see the issue of death more clearly. I learned what mindset to have in life-or-death situations, and that I’d always been constrained by my fear of death mainly because I didn’t entirely understand the truth that God rules our fates. Even though I’d read lots of God’s words as a believer and in theory I understood that God rules and arranges our lives and deaths, I didn’t have any real personal experience or understanding. I also saw my fatal flaw. I was mainly afraid of death because I was afraid of being tortured and physically suffering before dying, and I was afraid I wouldn’t have a good ending and destination if I died. I felt like letting the great red dragon torture me to death would be a tragic death. Especially when I thought of so many brothers and sisters being arrested and tortured, and heard about how Zhu Feng betrayed God, I was afraid of being sold out by her. I was worried that I too might suffer that sort of devastating torture, or even die from it. I was really unhappy. But actually, physical suffering isn’t the worst pain. If we can’t handle torture and we betray God, our souls will be punished. That’s the greatest suffering and unbearable pain. I thought of those who were Judases and betrayed God, and who were then forsaken by the Holy Spirit. They said it was as bad as if their hearts were being ripped out, and they didn’t know how they’d go on living, as though they were soulless corpses, nothing more than zombies. Living that way would be much more painful than being tortured to death. Then I thought of Peter. After he escaped from prison, the Lord Jesus appeared to him and said, “Would you have Me crucified for you once more?(The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. People Make Too Many Demands of God). Peter understood what God meant, and he knew that God’s day for him to give testimony had come. He submitted, ready to obey till his death, to give all of himself and be crucified for God. Peter knew that being crucified meant bearing excruciating pain, but he still chose to submit to God, to bear beautiful, resounding testimony for God and to shame Satan. Within light of Peter’s submission to God, I felt so ashamed. The thought of death filled me with fear and I had demands of God, hoping I wouldn’t die in pain and I’d have a beautiful destination. How was that reasonable or obedient? But then I realized, when harmed by Satan and facing death, only being able to sacrifice our own life is truly meaningful, and the best testimony. If I chose to protect myself and live without dignity, even though my body may live on and not suffer pain, to God, this was betraying Him and failing to bear witness. In God’s eyes, my soul was already dead and I’d be punished by Him in the end. Only that is truly dying. If I could sacrifice my life, protect the church’s work, do my duty well, stand firm in my witness for God, and shame Satan, even if I were beaten to death, my soul would still be in God’s hands and continue to live. At that point I realized I was too rebellious, and I wasn’t willing to submit to God’s rule and orchestrations, and I wasn’t committed to sacrificing my life to bear witness to God. God allowed me to experience this hardship and oppression, hoping I’d learn and equip myself with the truth, and come to know that created beings should submit to God, and that if someday God needed me to give that kind of testimony, I needed to submit unconditionally, be like Peter and be resolved to satisfy God. Though I still didn’t have much understanding of God, I believed that everything God does is righteous. Whether He has someone live or die, it contains His good will and His rule. Once I understood these things, I wasn’t so constrained by the thought of death. No matter how crazy the great red dragon’s persecution was and whether I was arrested, I was ready to put myself in God’s hands and fulfill my duty.

I then went to the meeting places to fellowship on God’s words with brothers and sisters, so everyone understood God was using the great red dragon to serve His goals, to perfect us, using its arrests and persecution so we could clearly see its evil essence, have discernment over it, and reject it wholeheartedly, while also perfecting our faith and love through these trials. While it was in a frenzy of arresting us, the antichrist was also bringing mayhem and disruption to the church. But we all had to rely on God, still eat and drink of His words and discern the antichrist in that environment, to do our duty and bear witness for God. Once they understood God’s will, they were all ready to face this hardship, adhere to the life of the church, and do their duty to shame Satan.

I reflected on myself after that, too. Why had I been so lacking in faith in that situation, always thinking selfishly of myself? What was the real reason? In my seeking, I read this in God’s words: “Antichrists are extremely selfish and mean. They do not have true faith in God, much less devotion to God; when they encounter an issue, they only protect and safeguard themselves. For them, nothing is more important than their own safety. They don’t care how much harm is done to the work of the church—as long as they’re still alive and have not been arrested, that’s all that matters. These people are extremely selfish, they don’t think of the brothers and sisters at all, or of the work of the church, they only think of their own safety. They are antichrists. So when such things befall those who are devoted to God and have true faith in God, how do they handle them? How does what they do differ from what antichrists do? (When such things befall those who are loyal to God, they will think of any way to safeguard the interests of the house of God, to protect against losses to the offerings of God, and they will make the necessary arrangements for the leaders and workers, and the brothers and sisters, to minimize losses. Antichrists, meanwhile, make sure they are protected first, regardless of the danger to the work of the church and to God’s chosen people, and when the church is faced with arrest, it results in a loss to church work.) An antichrist will abandon the work of the church and God’s offerings, and they do not arrange for people to handle the aftermath. This is the same as permitting the great red dragon to seize God’s offerings and His chosen people. Is this not a covert betrayal of God’s offerings and His chosen people? When those who are loyal to God know clearly that an environment is dangerous, they still brave the risk of handling the work of cleaning up the aftermath, and they keep the losses to God’s house to a minimum before they themselves withdraw. They do not give priority to their own safety. Tell Me, in this evil country of the great red dragon, who could ensure that there is no danger at all in believing in God and performing a duty? Whatever duty one takes on, it entails some risk—yet the performance of duty is commissioned by God, and while following God, one must take on the risk of performing their duty. One should exercise wisdom, and one has need of taking measures to ensure their safety, but one should not put their personal safety first. They should consider God’s will, putting the work of His house first and putting the spread of the gospel first. Completing God’s commission of you is what matters most, and it comes first. Antichrists give top priority to their personal safety; they believe that nothing else has anything to do with them. They do not care when something happens to someone else, regardless of who it might be. As long as nothing bad happens to the antichrists themselves, they feel at ease. They are devoid of any loyalty, which is determined by the antichrist’s nature essence(The Word, Vol. 4. Exposing Antichrists. Item Nine (Part Two)). God’s words went straight to my heart. God reveals that antichrists are incredibly evil, selfish, and despicable by nature and that they’re not loyal to God. Facing danger, they just choose to protect themselves, regardless of brothers’ and sisters’ safety. They only consider their fleshly interests and their own safety, allowing God’s chosen people and God’s offerings to be seized. In this, they are covertly selling out brothers, sisters, and the interests of God’s house. That’s how antichrists act. But at first I had selfish and despicable thoughts and ideas which actually revealed my antichrist disposition. When Yang Yue was arrested, lots of others needed to be informed and I needed to take responsibility for moving the books of God’s words quickly, but I was afraid of being taken by the great red dragon, and of being tortured and beaten to death, and then losing my chance at salvation, and so I wanted to abandon my duty. As a leader I was responsible for church work. It was my responsibility to protect others’ safety and to make sure the church’s interests weren’t compromised. But when there was danger, I didn’t think of others at all, only of my own life or death. Anything about the others and the church’s interests were just an afterthought at that moment, as if I had no empathy for them if they were arrested, beaten, or in pain. I felt that losses to the interests of God’s house had nothing to do with me and it was enough just to keep myself safe. How could I be so lacking in humanity, despicable, and malicious? Those loyal to God put the interests of God’s house first in all things. But when something happened, I just wanted to abandon my duty and hide behind the scenes. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do anything dangerous or face anything life-threatening. Time after time, I wanted to push the dangerous work off onto Chen Hui and Zhang Min. Even though I didn’t really do those things, my thoughts and ideas were coming to the fore really strongly. This disposition of mine was just as evil and despicable as the antichrists’. In fact, I was already on the verge of committing evil. Luckily, God’s words judged, exposed, and guided me in time, so I narrowly avoided doing evil. Otherwise, God would have despised me and rejected me. Realizing this, I finally fully understood how important it is to experience the judgment and chastisement of God’s words.

In the days that followed, the great red dragon was relentless in its arrests and persecution of church members. A sister who’d been transferred from somewhere else was arrested while doing her duty, and another church member who’d already been cleared out was arrested. Things were still very tense. I read this in God’s words later on: “Do you truly hate the great red dragon? Do you truly, sincerely hate it? Why have I asked you so many times? Why do I keep asking you this question, again and again? What image is there of the great red dragon in your hearts? Has it really been removed? Do you truly not consider it to be your father? All people should perceive My intention in My questions. It is not to provoke the anger of the people, nor to incite rebellion among man, nor that man may find his own way out, but is to allow all people to liberate themselves from the bondage of the great red dragon(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 28). God’s words are right. The great red dragon’s country is like hell on earth. Before I had personally experienced its pursuit and persecution, when I read God’s words, “Do you truly hate the great red dragon?” though I said I did, I didn’t really hate it in my heart. It wasn’t until I’d seen the CCP’s persecution of believers and its cruel methods with my own eyes, the arrests of good, regular believers without rhyme or reason, cruelly torturing them and even beating some of them to death, that I finally hated it from the very bottom of my heart. It was through the great red dragon’s oppression and cruelty that I truly saw Satan’s vicious, evil essence. I also personally experienced God’s rule and authority, and gained faith in God. No matter what kind of situations I faced afterward, I was willing to do my best to fulfill my duty, and not be a selfish and despicable, self-serving person anymore. Instead, I’d lean on God, heed His will, put the interests of God’s house first, and do my duty well.

After that I had fellowship with the sisters I worked with that no matter how terrible the situation, exposing the antichrist and evildoers can’t be delayed. We got everything done according to principles after our fellowship. Through the guidance of God’s words, I wasn’t as scared of being arrested, and I could do my duty normally. In the end, we expelled the antichrist from the church without a problem, and brothers and sisters gradually got back to a normal church life. Everyone was grateful to God and praised Him! This time, faced with the great red dragon’s arrest and persecution, I didn’t give in, and I didn’t abandon my duty. That was entirely a result of the guidance of God’s words. All glory be to Almighty God!

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