Christian Testimony Video | "Agony Eternal" | Based on a True Story

July 18, 2020

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The main character is a church leader who has given up everything to expend himself for God since becoming a believer. He's been able to suffer and pay a price in his duty, and he has not retreated in the face of trials, so he thinks of himself as devoted to God. One day, he's arrested by the CCP police during a gathering, and when the police try to force him to divulge information on the whereabouts of the church's leaders and finances, subjecting him to absolutely brutal torture, in his extreme suffering and weakness, he gives in to Satan and sells out two of the church's hosts. He lives in constant pain and regret of his actions after that, and it leaves him with a permanent emotional scar. This failure gives him a taste of God's righteous, unoffendable disposition, and he comes to realize that if someone doesn't pursue the truth or have a foundation in God's words in their faith, and without true faith in God, they are more prone to stumble and fall when faced with hardships and trials …

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