2022 Christian Testimony Video Based on a True Story | "Stay True to the Truth, Not Emotion"

May 9, 2022

Though her younger brother has been a believer for several years, he doesn't read God's words or attend gatherings, and he speaks and carries himself just like an unbeliever—he also doesn't accept the truth at all. Based on the principles, she can see that he's a nonbeliever and should be removed from the church, but when the church approaches her to learn more about him, she wants to protect him and cover up for him because of her affection. She's unwilling to accurately expose him. Then by reading God's words, she realizes the essence and consequences of acting out of emotion—she exposes her brother's behavior, putting the truth into practice. Several years later, her mother is going to be sent for isolation and self-reflection due to her tendency to disrupt church life and refuse to accept the truth, and she once again grapples with her affections, not wanting to reveal her mother's behavior. How does she end up putting the truth into practice and upholding the church's work, instead of acting out of emotion? Please watch this video.

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