Item Five: They Mislead, Draw In, Threaten, and Control People (Section Three)

No matter how many sermons antichrists listen to, they cannot understand the truth. What they understand and can articulate is all doctrine. They take those words they can comprehend and remember and process them in their thoughts to turn them into spiritual doctrines in line with human notions and imaginings, and then propagate them wantonly, explaining them to others. When those who lack spiritual understanding and do not understand the truth hear these, they feel that they make perfect sense and are willing to accept them. As a result, they become misled and start to worship the antichrists. That’s when trouble comes along. In reality, antichrists do not understand the truth at all. If you carefully listen and discern their so-called right words, you’ll find that they are hollow theories in line with human notions and imaginings. Of course, those who do not understand the truth think that these words are correct and easily fall for them. Have you experienced such situations? Can you provide examples? If you can provide examples and clearly see how those skilled at speaking words and doctrines mislead others, this proves that you understand and can apply them. If you can’t provide examples, it indicates that you haven’t understood them yet and can’t apply them. When you meet with those skilled at speaking words and doctrines, you definitely won’t be able to discern them. (I’ve been in such a state. When brothers and sisters face pruning, chastening, and discipline, and they don’t understand God’s intention, they come to seek with me. Actually, I don’t understand God’s intention or the essence of these issues either. But I tell them some hollow words, for example, “Pruning, chastening, and discipline are all God’s love and God’s salvation. These are how God acts on our corrupt dispositions.” Even while saying this, I can sense that I haven’t fully explained the essence of their problem to them, such as why they are facing this circumstance, what type of corrupt disposition their actions and revelations belong to or what the nature of them may be, and what God’s intention is—these things and more I haven’t been able to fellowship to them. I’ve only spoken a few correct doctrines and nice-sounding slogans, which indeed don’t help anyone.) This is because you yourself don’t have a clear understanding of the truth, so you can’t resolve the real problems of your brothers and sisters. So, is there a difference between antichrists misleading people and this? Antichrists don’t help people out of good will; their motive and purpose are to mislead and control them. When antichrists do things like this, and when they’re shouting slogans, look at their behavior and what kind of disposition they reveal—this is the key to discerning antichrists. Some people have a small stature, and they lack a clear understanding of the truth. The intensity of their work may not achieve the necessary results, but they do not have the motive or purpose to mislead or control people. They also want to lead people before God—it’s just that their ability falls short of their desire. Although they haven’t achieved clear results, people can see that they have the right intentions, that they want to lead people before God. However, what is the objective of antichrists? (To gain people’s approval, and have people listen to them and follow them.) So, what is the difference between what they say and the person whose ability falls short of their desire? The person with insufficient ability speaks from their heart, but they cannot see through to the essence and root of the problem; they cannot fellowship it clearly, and ultimately, they cannot resolve the issue or provide for others. Now, what are the words of an antichrist? Do they come from their heart? (No, they do not.) Clearly they do not: What they say is all lies. Why do they have to speak lies? They want to cheat and mislead you. Their meaning is, “I’ve already done the work I should do as a leader, I’ve fellowshipped what I ought to, and everything I’ve said is correct. If you don’t accept them and the problem remains unresolved, it’s your fault—don’t blame me.” They don’t genuinely want to resolve your problems, but are going through the motions, having no choice but to say these things in order to maintain their status. They say these things against their will, and even if they say them, they aren’t doing it of their own accord—it isn’t what they’re truly thinking in their heart. Therefore, certain antichrists can usually learn to say a few correct words, helping others overcome their negativity, but when they themselves face pruning or are replaced, they become extremely negative, they are unable to know themselves throughout, and they have to rely on the brothers and sisters to help them. Has this happened? (Yes.) This kind of thing happens too often. The words and doctrines that an antichrist constantly preaches to others cannot even help themselves. So, do these words come from deep within them? Are they the result of their actual experiences? (No.) Then what they say is mere words and doctrines, not a reflection of their true stature. The work they do to help others consists purely of using false impressions, actions, and good behavior to go through the motions, to make people acknowledge, accept, and approve of them as a leader. Once people acknowledge them as their leader, don’t they concede to them? If they concede to them, doesn’t the antichrist obtain a status? Isn’t their status then secure? This is precisely their objective. Some leaders and workers lack an understanding of the truth, and their abilities fall short of their desire while handling their work. This is at most a sign of their small stature and that they are not a qualified leader. But when an antichrist works, they don’t consider whether or not they can help or support the brothers and sisters. They only think about their own status and interests. This is the distinction between the two: Their dispositions are different. Therefore, even if the antichrist speaks many pleasant-sounding words, they don’t reflect their reality. They say them against their will; they’re just using certain externally correct doctrines and slogans, or words that conform to human sentiment, to advise people and go through the motions. Why do they have to go through the motions? It’s because if they see someone who is negative or weak and neglect to help them, others will say they aren’t doing actual work and aren’t fulfilling their responsibilities as a leader. Afraid of such accusations, they have no choice but to act. Therefore, their objective isn’t purely to do their duties; they’re afraid that if they don’t appear immediately when the brothers and sisters face hardship and help and provide for them, fulfilling their responsibilities, then they won’t support them anymore. In the next election, they might not choose them, and they won’t be a genuine leader, but will merely have an empty title. Is merely having an empty title what they desire in their heart? (No.) So, what do they want? They want real power and status, they want the brothers and sisters to worship, support, and follow them. Therefore, they strive to be elected as leader in every election—that is their objective.

Some so-called leaders and workers grow particularly enthusiastic as the elections approach, putting themselves on display everywhere and behaving abnormally. People like this may be of the ilk of antichrists. If they really can act like this, that’s despicable! Someone who truly possesses conscience and reason will naturally feel guilty in their heart when acting with motives and purposes. Restrained by their conscience and reason, they’ll realize that they weren’t that enthusiastic before, and people will clearly notice their sudden enthusiasm. Even they feel disgusted at themselves, and they would rather not run for election than act like that. Because they’ve believed in God for so many years and developed a bit of stature and some sense of shame, in the end, they are able to restrain themselves. But antichrists don’t restrain themselves; they do as they please and act how they wish. They have ambitions and various motives, purposes, and schemes. They know it all in their hearts, but they still insist on doing things this way, always thinking of their own reputation and status. They feel that doing things for the church and for their brothers and sisters is too much of a loss and not worthwhile. Therefore, they put themselves first in everything they do, and always look out for number one. When the elections come around, they do their best to lobby everywhere, misleading and drawing people in to choose them, and even secretly add a couple of votes for themselves during the voting. Isn’t it disgusting for antichrists to act this way? If they didn’t have ambitions, why would they go to such lengths? Isn’t this clearly ambition at work? As soon as someone mentions that someone is ambitious, it isn’t anything positive; everything such people do is undoubtedly disgusting and unspeakable. Everything antichrists do is false and deceptive; they always use false appearances to mislead people. Those who don’t know the truth of the matter see this and think, “The leader’s put in so much effort over these few days, sacrificing sleep and food, working day and night, taking the lead in everything. They’ve suffered quite a bit, and have been so exhausted that they’ve lost a lot of weight—they even have more gray hair.” Some brothers and sisters see this and feel sorry for the antichrist, and finally, during the election, they vote for them. Hasn’t the antichrist achieved their goal? (Yes.) This is what it means to scheme and use tactics, this is what it means to be wicked. Therefore, antichrists mislead people not only with words but also many times with actions and behaviors that silently tell people how enthusiastic, how submissive, and how considerate of the brothers and sisters they are. They use these seemingly good and right expressions and outwardly false appearances to repeatedly tell people, repeatedly emphasize, and let people know that they are qualified leaders, good leaders that people ought to accept. This is just like elections in democratic countries, where candidates go around giving speeches, lobbying, and campaigning everywhere. They even cheat during the voting process. But these people don’t feel ashamed; they follow the belief that “A real man is not without venom.” They use any means necessary to win the election—this is the thought and viewpoint of nonbelievers. Do these antichrists do this also? Absolutely! For the sake of power and status, these individuals operate ardently and fervently in everything, and rack their brains to get them done. They are absolutely not content with their lot. So, if those who have a high degree of enthusiasm for power and status, that is, who are unable to control their ambitions, eventually get elected as leaders, they are not just following the path of antichrists; they might even become antichrists themselves. Do you have ambitions? Can you control your ambitions within the bounds of humanity and reason? If you can control them, then you can avoid the danger of following the path of antichrists, and you won’t become an antichrist and be eliminated. If you feel that your ambitions are too great, that you frequently resort to any means for the sake of status, and even forgo eating and drinking, that you are willing to endure any suffering, and are even ready to employ any despicable methods, if you’ve already reached a point where you are shameless and your ambitions are difficult to keep in check, then there’s trouble—you are without a doubt an antichrist. If you only exhibit the manifestations of an antichrist, there’s still hope for salvation. But are you out of danger? Not yet. If you display these manifestations of an antichrist, it means you are still opposed to God, ready to resist and reject Him at any time. Or perhaps, because something God has done doesn’t align with your notions, you might study God, misunderstand Him, pass judgment on Him, and even spread notions about Him. Then you reject God and go your own way, and are ultimately eliminated by God. The things that you reveal at any time and in any place can represent your disposition. Therefore, things that you reveal at all times and in every place are the revelation of your disposition. Why are we always discussing changes in disposition? Because a person whose disposition does not change is an enemy of God. Antichrists are all fiercely unrepentant, pledging their lives to oppose God and stand against Him to the end. Even if they inwardly acknowledge the existence of God, that God created humanity, and that God can save humanity, because of their nature, they cannot change the path they walk, nor can they change the essence of resisting God and being hostile to Him.

The essence of the behavior of antichrists is to constantly use various means and methods to satisfy their ambitions and desires, to mislead and ensnare people, and to gain high status so that people will follow and worship them. It is possible that in the depths of their hearts they are not deliberately vying over humanity with God, but one thing is certain: Even when they do not vie with God for humans, they still wish to have status and power among them. Even if the day comes when they realize that they are vying with God for status, and they rein themselves in a bit, they still employ different methods to pursue status and reputation; it is clear to them in their hearts that they will secure legitimate status, by winning the approval and admiration of some people. In short, though everything antichrists do appears to comprise a performance of their duties, its consequence is to mislead people, to make them worship and follow them—in which case, performing their duty in this way is exalting and testifying to themselves. Their ambition to control people and to gain status and power in the church will never change. They are out-and-out antichrists. No matter what God says or does, and no matter what He asks of people, antichrists do not do what they should do or perform their duties in a way that befits His words and requirements, nor do they give up their pursuit of power and status as a result of understanding any of the truth. At all times, their ambitions and desires still remain, they still occupy their hearts and control their whole being, directing their behavior and thoughts, and determining the path they walk. They are bona fide antichrists. What is seen most of all in antichrists? Some people say, “Antichrists vie with God to gain people, they do not acknowledge God.” It is not that they do not acknowledge God; in their hearts they do genuinely acknowledge and believe in His existence. They are willing to follow Him and want to pursue the truth, but they can’t help themselves, and so they can do evil. Though they may say many things that sound good, one thing will never change: Their ambition and desire for power and status will never change, nor will they give up their pursuit of power and status because of failure or setback, or because God has set them aside or abandoned them. Such is the nature of antichrists. So what do you say, has there ever been an antichrist who changed their ways and began to pursue the truth because they suffered hardship, or came to understand a little of the truth, and acquired a little knowledge of God—do such people exist? We’ve never seen that. The antichrists’ ambition for and pursuit of status and power will never change, and once they seize power, they will never let it go; this determines precisely their nature essence. There is not the slightest inaccuracy in God’s defining such people as antichrists; it has been determined by their very nature essence. Some people, perhaps, believe that antichrists try to vie over humanity with God. However, sometimes antichrists do not necessarily have to vie with Him; their knowledge, understanding, and need for status and power are unlike those of normal people. Normal people can be vainglorious; they can try to win credit with others, try to make a good impression on them, and try to vie for a good ranking. This is the ambition of normal people. If they are replaced as leaders, losing their status, it will be hard for them, but with a change in their environment, some growth in their stature, some attainment of entry into the truth, or the gaining of a deeper understanding of the truth, their ambition gradually cools. A change occurs in the path they take and the direction they proceed along, and their pursuit of status and power fades. Their desires, too, gradually lessen. Antichrists, however, are different: They could never give up their pursuit of status and power. At any given time, in any environment, and no matter what people they have around them and however old they might be, their ambition and desire will never change. What indicates that their ambition will never change? Say, for example, that they are a church leader. In their hearts, they’re always thinking about how they can control everyone in the church. If they are transferred to another church where they are not the leader, will they gladly be a normal follower? Absolutely not. They will still be thinking about how to gain status, and how to control everyone. No matter where they go, they wish to rule like a king. Even if they were put in a place with no people, in a flock of sheep, they would still want to lead the flock. If they were put with cats and dogs, they would want to be king of the cats and dogs, and rule over the animals. They are consumed with ambition, are they not? Are such people’s dispositions not demonic? Are these not the dispositions of Satan? Satan is just such a thing. In heaven, Satan wanted to stand equal to God, and after being cast to earth, it always tried to control man, to make man worship it and treat it as God. Antichrists always want to control people because they have a satanic nature; they live according to their satanic disposition, which has already gone beyond the bounds of normal people’s reason. Isn’t this a little abnormal? What does this abnormality refer to? It means that their behavior should not be found in normal humanity. So, what is this behavior? What governs it? It is governed by their nature. They have the essence of an evil spirit, and are unlike normal corrupt mankind. This is the difference. That antichrists will stop at nothing in their pursuit of power and status not only exposes their nature essence, but also shows people that their hideous countenance is exactly the face of Satan and demons. Not only do they vie with people for status, they also dare to vie with God for status and take God’s chosen ones for themselves. They will only be satisfied when His chosen ones are completely under their control. No matter which church or group of people antichrists are in, they want to gain status, hold power, and make people listen to them. Regardless of whether people are willing or whether they agree, antichrists want to have the final say and have people obey and accept them. Is this not the nature of an antichrist? Are people willing to listen to them? Do they elect them and recommend them? No. But antichrists still want to have the final say. No matter whether people agree or not, antichrists want to speak and act on their behalf, they want to be noticed. They even try to force their ideas on other people, and if people don’t accept it, antichrists will rack their brains trying to make them accept it. What problem is this? This is shamelessness and brazenness. People such as this are bona fide antichrists, and regardless of whether they are leaders or not, they are antichrists all the same. They have the nature essence of an antichrist.

Some people always attach great importance to finding out who the leaders of the church are, who is involved in spreading the gospel, where they all live, who they have close relationships with, and so on. Like Satan’s scouts, they are always prying and finding out these things. Why are they always concerned about these matters? Many people cannot comprehend their motives; they just feel that these individuals are a bit unusual. Most people are not interested in these things; they are busy enough with their own duties and have no time to meddle. They concentrate on doing their own duties and focus on practicing the truth, and without realizing it, their dispositions change—this is God’s grace. However, there is a type of person who is particularly enthusiastic about prying and finding out all kinds of matters regarding the church. When they come across a leader, they ask, “How did you handle that evil person So-and-so in the church?” The leader responds, “Is it any of your business how we handled it? What are you doing prying into this? Do you know that person?” The person says, “I just care, you know? This is a matter of God’s house. As members of God’s house, we should be zealous and pay close attention to the matters of His house. How can we be indifferent about them?” The leader tells them, “You shouldn’t pry into this matter. Focus on listening to sermons and attending gatherings. Eating and drinking God’s words is your proper business. It is enough for you to properly believe in God.” The person insists, “That’s no good, I have to be concerned.” Since no one tells them, they think of where to go and pry. When upper leaders host a co-worker meeting at their house, they feel that entering and joining would look a bit unjustified, so they pretend to bring in water, and inquire about whether that evil person was expelled or allowed to stay. When no one tells them, they go outside and crack the door open a bit, standing there eavesdropping. Isn’t this person mentally ill? Yes, they are mentally ill; in colloquial terms, we call it being a “busybody.” Such a person definitely has ambitions. They want to become a leader, but they can’t, so they meddle in others’ affairs to console themselves, and at the same time, make sure that people see that they know a lot and have extraordinary insight. This way, they might be chosen as leader in the future. To become a leader, they want to participate in everything, inquire about everything, and know everything. They believe that by being involved in these matters day after day, even if they don’t become a leader, they’ll still be in charge of things, and they can make it so people look up to them. They have not the least interest in the truth; they only care about meddling in others’ affairs—they specialize in prying into things they want to know. Wherever there’s an issue, they’ll be there, hovering like an annoying fly. Aren’t people like this disgusting? They are muddled to this degree, yet they are quite full of life—they just don’t think about doing any proper work. They do the duty of hosting people at their home, yet they’re unwilling to mop the kitchen floor even though it’s dirty. They believe themselves to be handling important matters, and mopping the floor is something ordinary folks do. They can’t do such menial tasks with their kind of caliber. They don’t do any real work at all, can’t handle the work that is a part of their own duty, can’t perform any duty well, and don’t do things sincerely or in a grounded manner; instead, they’re eager to pry into the church’s work, as well as significant matters involving the church’s leaders, workers, and brothers and sisters. They want to offer their two cents on everything, and if people aren’t willing to listen to them, they say, “If you don’t heed my words, it’s your loss!” Isn’t this unreasonable? (It is.) Therefore, some antichrists are hidden; they don’t necessarily have to have status. Even without it, they’re still bouncing off the walls. If they were to obtain status, how much worse would it get? How much higher would they leap? Even if they fell to their deaths they wouldn’t mind. Tell Me, if such people were chosen as leaders, could God’s chosen people have a happy life? Some antichrists are hidden—what does this mean? It means antichrists don’t become antichrists when they gain status; they were antichrists from the beginning. It’s just that because people’s statures were small and they couldn’t discern them, or perhaps some churches couldn’t find those pursuing the truth, they chose these enthusiastic people who could plan things and run errands as their leaders. For now, let’s not discuss whether choosing them as leaders was right or wrong; let’s focus on what should be done once they are discovered to be antichrists. They should be exposed and rejected. If someone has been identified as an antichrist and removed from their position, should such people be selected as leaders again in the future? (No, they shouldn’t.) Why? (Their nature won’t change.) Anyone identified as an antichrist should not be chosen as a leader again because their nature essence cannot change. Antichrists only work for Satan; they are merely the slaves of Satan. They will never do anything or say anything for the sake of the truth. The essence of an antichrist is to be hostile toward God, to be averse to the truth, and to reject it and treat it with contempt. Their nature will not change. If people like this haven’t been leaders before, they should not be chosen, and if they were leaders previously but were removed, will they change if they become leaders again in the future? (No, they won’t.) They are still antichrists. Their nature essence determines this.

II. A Dissection of How Antichrists Draw People In

We just discussed the manifestations of antichrists misleading people. Misleading and drawing in mean roughly the same thing, but they differ in both nature and method. Misleading is using false appearances to misguide people, making them believe that they are true. Drawing in is consciously using some methods to make people listen to a particular person and follow their path—their intention is quite clear. Misleading and drawing in involve using seemingly right words to mislead people, saying things that align with human notions and are readily accepted by people in order to mislead them. People unwittingly start believing in and following them, standing alongside them and joining their gang. In this way, antichrists draw people away from a correct group of people and into their own camp. In short, if people accept such actions on the part of antichrists, then they might believe and worship them, and then accept and submit to everything the antichrists say, unconsciously beginning to follow them. Haven’t they been fooled and taken in? Some antichrists often use certain tactics to achieve their goal of misleading and drawing in people while interacting with them, which as a result leads to divisions, factions, and cliques within the church. For example, if an antichrist is from the South and encounters another southerner, the antichrist might say, “We’re both southerners: We grew up drinking water from the same river, and we speak the same language. Northerners don’t speak our language—it’s impossible to get close to them! Although we all believe in the same God, their life habits as northerners are different from ours, and our personalities are incompatible. There’s nothing for us to talk about. So, you and I are like family and we need to stick together.” This may sound reasonable, like they’re just expressing a certain viewpoint, but they say it with a motive and purpose, and people should be discerning. In reality, what the antichrist says isn’t what’s in their heart; they’re a chameleon, adjusting their words depending on the person they’re talking to. When the antichrist encounters northerners, they might say, “The North is great; the air is fresh there. Although I was born in the South, I grew up drinking northern water. That makes us close if nothing else!” When northerners hear this, they might feel the antichrist is a pretty good person and start associating with them. The antichrist is incredibly adept at misleading people and drawing them in, using various tactics to split the church, causing southerners and northerners to form distinct groups, all for the antichrist’s own gain, to achieve their goal of ganging up and forming a factional force of their own. Especially during church elections, if the antichrist sees that a northern brother or sister might get elected, they engage in covert operations, secretly substituting the votes, and ultimately, all the elected church leaders and deacons end up being from the South. Antichrists stop at nothing to mislead people and draw them in, causing divisions and factions and using these methods to split and control the church. What is their purpose in doing so? (To establish their own independent kingdom.) What is the nature of establishing an independent kingdom? It means being irreconcilable to Christ, claiming God’s chosen people for themselves, and standing against God as His equal. Isn’t this like staging a rival show against God? (Yes.) That’s exactly what it is. So, what are the consequences of antichrists acting like this? Their actions seriously disrupt and disturb the work of the church, and they are something that directly offends God’s disposition. God will respond to them in wrath, and all such antichrists must surely face punishment and destruction—this is without doubt. In the Age of Law, the 250 leaders who judged Moses received direct punishment. In the Age of Grace, those who crucified the Lord Jesus also faced direct punishment; they were cursed and came to a bad end. This is the outcome of antichrists opposing God and the necessary end for those who resist God.

How do antichrists use different methods to draw people in to divide the church? First, an antichrist will draw in people who have gifts and can speak eloquently, giving these people a good impression of them first, expanding the scope of their own force by making friends. They won’t pay attention to or may even exclude poor people or those with a lower caliber or who are relatively guileless. Whoever has status and wealth in society, they will think of a way to win these people over, while the brothers and sisters who sincerely expend themselves but have little money, or those who have a low social status, have no force to speak of, and are easily bullied by others, will be designated second-class citizens in the church. This way, a church with a few dozen members imperceptibly becomes divided into two classes of people. Who is responsible for this? (Antichrists.) Antichrists will do such things. If a good leader who truly understands the truth discovers a situation like this appearing within the church, they will use the truth to resolve it. They won’t allow people in the church to be separated by rank or classified based on their social status, nor will they split the church. They will ensure that all brothers and sisters, regardless of where they come from or whether they have any social status, are united in God’s words and before God. Antichrists, on the other hand, not only don’t resolve such problems but instead uses people’s corrupt dispositions to achieve their goals. They look for those with social status and wealth and draw them in. How do they draw them in? They might say, “Your social status is a blessing from God that was ordained by God. You should use your circumstance to fulfill your duty in God’s house. I’m a leader now, and quite well-known in the area for my belief. My family persecutes me quite a lot, and there are some risks associated with my leadership role. I need people like you to help keep me safe. If you can do that for me, you’ll receive great blessings in the future, and you will make rapid progress in life!” This is how antichrists draw in and entice people to follow them. If an antichrist takes a liking to someone or sees them as useful, they arrange for them to have easy duties or duties where they can be in the spotlight, doing their utmost to promote them. They don’t care whether or not they meet the principles for using people in God’s house. As long as this person has social status and can be useful to them, they draw them in. In order to achieve their goals, antichrists get close to, flatter, and draw in those who have wealth and status in society, while siphoning off benefits for themselves. They also have a second method for drawing in people with money, power, and status, that is, indulging them. People like that often engage in wrongdoing within the church, dampening the enthusiasm of the brothers and sisters and disturbing church life. Antichrists look on happily and allow them to commit whatever offense they like. What is the purpose of an antichrist’s indulgence? It is still to draw them in and make a profit off them once they have. Antichrists even pretend to tell them, “Although you’ve chosen me as a leader, and I have the responsibility to lead you, this church doesn’t belong to me alone. I can’t make decisions on my own within the church. You also need to help out; if anything comes up you can also have a say—this is what it means to cooperate.” They say this to those who are wealthy, influential, and advantageous to them, doing their best to draw in these individuals, until they reach a point where they can control them. However, for those who genuinely believe in God but lack money, social status, or any apparent usefulness, they go to great lengths to exclude, attack, or simply ignore them. What is meant by their disregard? “If the few of us stick together and become a bastion of iron, I estimate that you common folks can’t make any significant impact. If you behave guilelessly and listen to my words, I’ll allow you to go on believing. But if you keep on nitpicking, voicing your opinions about me, or reporting me to the higher-ups, then I’ll punish you and expel you!” This is their plan. Some people lack discernment and become afraid, saying, “We mustn’t offend them. They’ve formed their own faction, and we can’t afford to. Our words carry little weight, and if we accidentally say something to upset them, and the leader actually expels us, we’ll lose our opportunity to believe in God.” These people are scared out of their wits. As antichrists draw people in, within this behavior there lies a wicked, vicious, and malicious disposition. What’s their purpose in drawing people in? It’s also to consolidate their position. What’s their purpose of forming cliques or gangs? It’s to expand the scope of their force, to have people support them, securing their power and status even more. Have any of you encountered such matters? When an antichrist controls a church, anyone who has money, status, or is domineering rallies around them, and they take control together, becoming a faction, a gang of four, five, or six people. No one is permitted to expose their issues. The antichrist draws these people in because it is challenging for them to control them. They must draw them in close, making them their assistants, thereby securing their position. Furthermore, these people have a value that the antichrist can take advantage of. Their method of drawing them in is, in a sense, a way to lock them down and keep them from posing a threat to their position.

Concerning this aspect of antichrists drawing people in, we just discussed two manifestations. Do such things happen in your church? Tell Me, does this kind of thing exist? (Yes.) It definitely does. So, among everything related to drawing people in, what are some other manifestations that possess the nature of antichrists drawing people in? What are the consequences of drawing them in? Why do the antichrists want to draw people in? If they don’t draw people in, can they achieve their goal of controlling people? (They cannot.) They must bring before them people who listen to them and align with their will, so that they may occupy a position and have objects to exercise authority over. If nobody listens to them, won’t they be unable to satisfy their ambition for status and power? Therefore, only when they draw in every kind of person who can be drawn in, do they win position and power. How do they deal with those who cannot be drawn in? (They exclude and attack them.) They start to attack and exclude them. Haven’t there been antichrists who turned those in the church who couldn’t be drawn in into so-called “auditors”? The sermons, hymns, and books of God’s words issued by the church are simply not given to these people, or they aren’t informed of gatherings for an extended period of time. Such things certainly do exist, and they are all things that antichrists do. Those who are attacked and excluded by antichrists haven’t had their names stricken off by the church, they haven’t left of their own volition, and they haven’t voluntarily stopped attending gatherings. They are all sincere believers in God, but because they have some discernment regarding antichrists, they are often excluded and cannot promptly access books of God’s words or sermons, hymns, and the various work arrangements issued by the church, nor can they eat and drink God’s words. On the other hand, those who are beneath the antichrists, that is, those who are able to listen to them, who have been drawn in by them and submitted to them, get priority access to various books and videos distributed by God’s house, enjoying this favorable treatment. The church is thus thrown into chaos and divided due to the behavior and actions of antichrists, and people’s hearts are in turmoil.

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