Item Five: They Mislead, Draw In, Threaten, and Control People (Section Six)

IV. A Dissection of How Antichrists Control People

Controlling people is one of the tactics employed by antichrists. How do they control people? Antichrists have more than one set of methods for controlling people; they have several. Have you ever experienced this? Some individuals may have never served as leaders, but they harbor a desire to control others—this is the makings of an antichrist. Regardless of their age, location, or circumstances, they want to exert control over people. Even in matters of eating, working, or in various areas of expertise or professional matters, they want people to listen to them, and they won’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t. They can’t even control their desire to hold power within the church. They see this as fulfilling their responsibility and obligation, thinking that they’re just pulling their own weight, without realizing that this is their ambition and desire, that it’s their corrupt disposition. So, how does an antichrist control people? For example, when they are elected as leader, on the very first day, they start thinking, “These people have irregular eating habits and daily routines; there’s a lot of work to be done. Being a leader carries significant responsibilities—it’s a heavy burden!” The antichrist spends the whole day locked in their room, writing two or three pages of material. What is in this material? Firstly, it has to do with eating. Meals must be taken at specific times, at specific locations, with specific quantities of food. Breakfast at 6:30 a.m., lunch at 12:30 p.m., and dinner at 6:30 p.m.—meals will be taken at these three times, not a minute earlier or later. No matter the circumstances you must be punctual, even if it rains or starts to storm, and if you violate these rules, you won’t get a meal. Then there’s the matter of daily routines, which is very important. You must get out of bed at 6:00 a.m. every morning, no matter how late you went to sleep the previous night. You should take a rest after lunch at 1:00 p.m., and go to sleep promptly at 10:00 p.m. each night. When they finish making rules for eating and daily routines, there are still many other specific regulations. For instance, you must eat in designated places and not make any noise while eating. Each person is required to wear specific clothing, and so on. These rules are incredibly detailed, even more so than the administrative decrees in God’s house. These daily minutiae have nothing to do with the truth. As long as one’s daily life and eating habits are structured and suitable, doing no harm to one’s health, following this principle should suffice. There’s no need for such detailed regulations. So why does the antichrist create such detailed rules? They say, “It’s no good for people to be left unmanaged. These matters are never mentioned in God’s words, and without these specific details, our lives will be undisciplined, lacking structure, and without any human likeness. Now that I’m the leader, you can all be remedied. You are no longer wandering sheep; there is someone to take care of you.” Both the significant and insignificant matters of daily life, such as clothing, food, shelter, and transportation, have all been meticulously regulated. Then they share a “secret” with you, saying, “God’s words never mentioned these specific details of daily life. Just because God didn’t speak on it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know it. We humans have to take on the work of all these detailed matters God never talked about.” They create a set of rules and regulations outside of God’s words, seemingly detailed and clearly defined with explicit terms, to replace the truth and lead others. Once these specific and clearly defined regulations are issued, people are expected to abide by their so-called rules. If anyone fails to comply, disobeys, ignores, or violates these rules, the antichrist prunes them. After pruning them, they make sure that person receives these rules and accepts them from God. If they use these things to replace the truth and lead people, what kind of path will those people take? They will only observe regulations and rituals, merely following the form. Under such leadership, people may mistakenly believe through their own notions, “If I can maintain external regulations and formalities, if I can stick to the schedule for waking up, sleeping, and eating, doesn’t that mean I am practicing the truth? Won’t I then be saved?” Is salvation really that simple? Is the truth so easily obtained? Does the truth only pertain to human behavior? No, it doesn’t. How does the antichrist treat changes in people’s disposition, their understanding of the truth, and practice of the truth? They treat these as if they were equivalent to following public order or adhering to the laws of the country. They even make people mistakenly believe that these rules and regulations are higher and more concrete and practical than God’s words. In reality, they use these things to mislead and control people, tightly controlling their behavior. They don’t resolve problems with the truth, nor do they encourage people to live, act, and do their duties according to the truth principles. Instead, they artificially formulate a set of rules, regulations, and systems for people to follow. What’s their purpose? They want people to accede to them, to think they’re clever, and to obey their leadership by practicing and following these rules and regulations. In this way, they achieve their goals. They aim to achieve their goal of controlling everything about everyone by restraining and standardizing people’s behavior. And perhaps, with regard to their motives for acting, they might not have an obvious desire for status, but the ultimate consequence is that they control people, and people live and act wholly in accordance with the rules and regulations they have set. In such a situation, does the truth still hold a place in people’s hearts? It does not. Antichrists do not have spiritual understanding, and they don’t understand the truth. If you live your church life together with them, they’ll tell you to do this today and that tomorrow, fundamentally unable to fellowship about the truth principles. Instead, they’ll just give you a bunch of regulations to follow. You may be all worn out from following them, but refusing to follow them is not an option. They won’t let you act freely. This is one way antichrists control people.

What does an antichrist primarily control in people? (Their thoughts.) That’s correct; they mainly control people’s thoughts. It’s not just about controlling what people say and do. Under the pretext of fellowshipping about the truth, they use empty theories and clever sophistry to mislead you, with the aim of controlling your thoughts, making you obey them and follow their lead. This is what it means to mislead and control people. If you don’t follow their instructions, you might feel as though you’re going against the truth, and you may even feel indebted to them or like you cannot face them. This is a sign that you’re already under their control. However, if you don’t practice the truth or submit to God, do you feel indebted to God in your heart? If you don’t, then you lack a conscience and humanity. If you can obey the antichrist instead of practicing the truth, without any sense of unease in your heart or a guilty conscience, this means you’re under their control. The most common phenomenon of the antichrist’s control is that within their sphere of authority, they alone have the final say. If they are not present, nobody dares to make decisions or settle a matter. Without them, others become like lost children, ignorant of how to pray, seek, or confer with each other, behaving like puppets or dead people. Concerning what antichrists often say to mislead and control people, we won’t go into detail here. Surely there are many statements and tactics they employ, and the resulting consequences can be seen played out on those who are misled. Let Me provide an example. There are a few individuals with average caliber, not too bad, who perform their duty loyally and are rarely negative. However, after working with an antichrist to perform their duty for a period of time, they become dependent on the antichrist. They prefer to follow the antichrist’s lead in everything, and the antichrist becomes their main support. As soon as they are separated from this antichrist, they become ineffective in everything they do. Without the antichrist present, they stop making progress in the performance of their duty, and even when faced with a problem, they are unable to fellowship in order to obtain results. They can only wait on the antichrist to return and resolve it for them. In reality, these individuals originally had the ability to handle such things due to their caliber, intellect, experience, and background before the antichrist’s control, but after being controlled by them, nobody now dares to make decisions or offer clear solutions to handle matters without the antichrist there. Their thoughts seem to have been imprisoned, resembling the characteristics of people in a semi-vegetative state. What things has the antichrist who controls these people done to make them exhibit such behaviors? Surely, there must have been some explicit sayings or statements to make them submit in heart and mind. There must also have been certain statements, viewpoints, or actions that these people agreed with. However, antichrists absolutely lack the truth reality. Their statements and viewpoints, even if correct, are meant to mislead people and do not represent any truth reality in them. Some people admire antichrists because they indeed possess gifts and talents. However, these qualities do not signify they possess the truth reality. Those who worship antichrists do so because they lack the truth and cannot discern people, which is why they can worship antichrists and even some famous and great spiritual figures. Some people may be misled by the antichrists, but this is only temporary, and once they realize that the antichrists can only talk about spiritual theories and not practice the truth, that they haven’t done anything to safeguard the church’s work and are truly hypocritical Pharisees, they will reject and hate them. There are so many instances of antichrists using their gifts and eloquence to mislead those who don’t understand the truth. For example, if you propose a reasonable suggestion, everyone should surround this correct proposal and keep on fellowshipping about it, and this is the right path and demonstrates loyalty and responsibility to their duty, but in their heart an antichrist thinks, “How come I didn’t think of that proposal first?” They admit deep down that the proposal is right, but can they accept it? Due to their nature, they absolutely will not accept your correct suggestion. They will do everything possible to reject your proposal, then come up with an alternative plan to make you feel that your proposal is utterly unworkable, and their plan is better. They want you to feel that you can’t do without them and that only with them working can everyone be effective. Without them, no work can be done right, and everyone becomes worthless and can’t get anything done. The antichrist’s strategy is to always appear novel and unique and make grandiose claims. No matter how correct someone else’s statements are, they will reject them. Even though other people’s suggestions are consistent with their own ideas, if they weren’t proposed by them first, they will never acknowledge or adopt them. Instead, they will do everything they can to belittle them, then negate and condemn them, persistently criticizing them until the person offering the suggestions feels that their ideas were wrong and admits their own mistake. Only then will the antichrist finally let it go. Antichrists enjoy establishing themselves while belittling others, aiming to make others worship them and put them at the center. They allow only themselves to shine, while others can only stand in the background. Whatever they say or do is right, and whatever others say or do is wrong. They often put forward novel viewpoints to negate others’ viewpoints and actions, finding fault with others’ suggestions and disrupting and rejecting others’ proposals. This way, other people must listen to them and act according to their plans. They use these methods and strategies to persistently deny you, attack you, and make you feel like you’re incompetent, thereby making you increasingly more submissive to them, admiring them more and holding them in higher esteem. That way, you become thoroughly controlled by them. This is the process through which antichrists subdue and control people.

An antichrist employs various methods to mislead and control people; it’s not a wink or a few words that make people follow them—it’s not that simple at all. Whether it’s about controlling people or controlling one aspect of authority, such as personnel decisions, financial matters, or the final say, they will use different tactics, and they absolutely won’t only do them on occasion, but will make a continuous effort to show themselves off and bear witness to themselves until people admire and elect them, and then the authority is theirs. It took them a period of time to achieve this goal. Another method an antichrist uses to mislead and control people is to constantly show themselves off and let everyone know more about them and about their contributions to God’s house. For example, they might say, “I previously came up with some methods for spreading the gospel, and it has improved the effectiveness of spreading the gospel. Nowadays, some other churches are also adopting these methods.” In reality, various churches have accumulated quite a bit of experience spreading the gospel, but the antichrist continuously brags about their right decisions and accomplishments, informing people about them, emphasizing them, and repeating them wherever they go until everybody knows. What’s their goal? To build up their own image and prestige, to garner praise, support, and admiration from more people, and to make people turn to them for everything. Does this not achieve the antichrist’s goal of misleading and controlling people? Most antichrists act in this way, taking on the roles of misleading, ensnaring, and controlling people. Regardless of the church, social group, or work setting, whenever an antichrist appears, most people unconsciously begin to worship and look up to them. Whenever they encounter difficulties where they feel confused and need someone to provide guidance, especially in critical situations when a decision has to be made, they will think of the gifted antichrist. They believe in their hearts, “If only they were here, it would be okay. Only they can provide the advice and suggestions to help us surmount this difficulty; they have the most ideas and solutions, their experiences are the richest, and their mind is the most agile.” Isn’t the fact that these people can worship the antichrist to such a degree directly related to their usual way of showing off, performing, and parading themselves around? If they manifested soundness in their words and actions, if they were someone who put their head down and worked hard, if they spoke sparingly and worked diligently, never publicizing or showing off, much less boasting, then they wouldn’t be able to mislead people and make them value and admire them. So why do certain people who are relatively honest and can practice the truth and work diligently rarely get elected as leaders and workers? It’s because most people lack truth reality and are not skilled at discernment. People tend to favor those who possess gifts, eloquence, and a penchant for showing off. They are particularly envious and approving of such people, and they love interacting with them. Consequently, antichrists naturally become objects of worship and admiration for most people. Regardless, antichrists have a set of methods for controlling people, and they don’t hesitate to invest time and energy into managing their status and their image in people’s hearts, all with the ultimate goal of gaining control over them. What does an antichrist do before achieving this goal? What is their attitude toward status? It’s not just a casual fondness or envy; it’s a long-term plan, a deliberate intent to obtain it. They attach particular importance to power and status and see status as a prerequisite for achieving the goal of misleading and controlling people. Once they attain status, enjoying all of its benefits is a matter of course. Therefore, an antichrist’s ability to mislead and control people is a result of diligent management. It’s absolutely not that they take the path by chance; everything they do is purposeful, premeditated, and carefully calculated. For antichrists, obtaining power and achieving their goal of controlling people is the prize—it is the outcome they most desire. Their pursuit of power and status is motivated, purposeful, intentional, and laboriously managed; that is, when they speak or act, they have a strong sense of purpose and intention, and their goal is especially defined. For example, they boast about having been a certain level of leader or worker, gained a certain number of people through spreading the gospel, or developed various classic methods for spreading the gospel; they show off their experiences and qualifications. What are their thoughts while they boast? What is their underlying motive? Don’t they deliberate about what words they should use and how they should mix truth with falsehood? Their words are not haphazard; everything they say has a purpose, and it absolutely isn’t merely a matter of self-praise. Their words might come across as particularly measured and targeted, demonstrating a keen sense of propriety. For instance, if they encounter individuals who understand the truth, their hearts are on the alert, they won’t casually say or do things in their presence, fearing that they will be discerned. They’ll be more disciplined. However, if they are dealing with new believers or ordinary believers, they’ll carefully consider what to say to these individuals. If they are dealing with leaders and workers, they’ll contemplate what to say to this group. If they are dealing with those who understand professional knowledge, they’ll consider what to say to these people. They are particularly astute in external matters, knowing whom to address with what words and how to convey their message effectively—they are especially clear about all this. In other words, antichrists always carry certain intentions when they act. Their words, actions, and conduct, even the specific wording they choose while speaking, are intentional; they are not merely acting out of momentary revelation of corruption, small stature, foolishness or ignorance, spouting nonsense wherever they go—this is not the way it is at all. By examining their methods, their way of doing things, and their choice of words, antichrists appear quite enigmatic and wicked. For the sake of their own status and to achieve their goal of controlling people, they seize every opportunity to show off, to make use of every little bit, and they won’t miss a single chance. Tell Me, would such people reveal these traits in front of Me? (Yes.) Why do you say they would? (Because their nature essence is to show off.) Is showing off the end goal for an antichrist? What is their goal in showing off? They want to win status, and this is what they mean: “Don’t You know who I am? Look at the things I’ve done, it was me who did these good things; I made quite a few contributions to God’s house. Now that You know, shouldn’t You give me more significant work? Shouldn’t You hold me in high regard? Shouldn’t You rely on me in everything You do?” Is this not deliberate? Antichrists want to control anyone, regardless of who they are. What’s another term for control? Manipulate, toy with—they just want to govern you. For example, when brothers and sisters praise something as well done, an antichrist immediately says that they did it, making it so that everyone thanks them. Would a truly reasonable person act like this? Absolutely not. When antichrists do a little good they want everybody to know about it, to hold them in high esteem and praise them—this satisfies them. No matter what they do, they wish to obtain people’s compliments and worship, and they are willing to endure anything to get it. For the sake of status and power, antichrists won’t let any opportunity to show off pass them by, even if their showing off seems foolish, or their methods are crude and earn others’ contempt—they still won’t pass on such chances. Similarly, they employ any means necessary to achieve their goal of controlling people, and spare no effort to accomplish this. They make a painstaking effort and rack their brains to formulate their schemes. When they do something good, they continuously flaunt and showcase it everywhere. If someone else has done something good, they envy it and try everything they can to attribute it to themselves or say they had a part in it to claim credit for themselves. In short, antichrists have tactics for controlling people. It’s not just a momentary deceitfulness, nor is it a couple of occasional actions. Instead, they do and say many things. Their words are misleading, their actions are misleading, and their ultimate goal in doing and saying these things is to control people.

What is an antichrist’s purpose in controlling people? It’s to gain status and authority in people’s hearts. Once they have authority and status, they can enjoy the benefits of status and the various interests that it brings. For instance, in times of hot weather, while others stay in non-air-conditioned rooms, they get to stay in an air-conditioned one. At mealtime, while others have a single helping of veggies and rice, they get to add a little meat and soup. When entering a room with no available seating, others have to sit on the floor, leaving only one chair which is reserved for them. This special treatment is the result of their status, and they enjoy indulging in the benefits that come with it. Of course, these interests and enjoyments are far from enough to satisfy their ambitions. They not only need these material benefits their status affords them, but also the vanity, satisfaction, and sense of security it brings to their inner world. What are the behaviors of those who have been misled, drawn in, and controlled by antichrists? They compare each other’s status, power, gifts, and abilities, as well as family and class backgrounds, and they compete over who comes up with more wicked ideas and whose mind is more agile. Antichrists of religion also compete over who prays the longest. If one person prays for ten minutes, another will pray for twenty, and during a gathering they may not do anything else but pray incessantly, resembling people who recite scriptures in a Buddhist temple, murmuring nonstop. Does God listen to such prayer? Judging by how they pray, the Holy Spirit will not work on them. They see who can pray the longest, who can pray in the loudest voice that can overpower the others. Is this not utter madness? Their actions are unbelievable and unreasonable. These are the manifestations primarily seen in those who have been misled and controlled by antichrists; when antichrists lead people, this is the result it yields. Therefore, if you are misled and controlled by an antichrist, you will look up to them, follow them, and obey them in everything. You won’t listen to anyone else, even if it is God who is speaking. These will be the behaviors you exhibit. When antichrists control people, it’s as if Satan is ruling over them. If you’re under the control of Satan, and if there’s a place in your heart for man and a place for Satan, then the Holy Spirit won’t work on you—He will forsake you. Don’t you like to follow antichrists? Don’t you like to look up to them? Don’t you like accepting their control and manipulation? Then you will be handed over to them. If you believe that whatever antichrists say is the truth, then you can listen to them and follow them, and you’ll be handed over to them. However, you must hold yourself accountable for the consequences. If one day you don’t attain salvation, don’t hold God responsible or complain about Him; this has nothing to do with God. It’s your own choice, and you must pay the price for your choice.

We’ve more or less completed our fellowship on the manifestations of antichrists controlling people. People must understand what it means to be controlled. On the outside, it may appear that some people are following God, listening to His sermons, eating and drinking His words, living the church life, and doing their duties, and that they have not left God’s house. So why are they controlled by antichrists? It’s primarily because they lack the truth. First, these people were misled by antichrists, and then came to particularly admire them, which led to being controlled by them. What does it mean to be controlled? It means being swayed and bound by them. Even though you’re doing your duties, while seeking the truth principles in the performance of duty you are misled by antichrists. The more their statements and viewpoints align with your own notions and imaginings, the more you consider them correct and in line with the truth, and you stop seeking the truth principles, are no longer willing to think independently, and no longer base your practice on God’s words. You believe that antichrists’ viewpoints aren’t mistaken at all, and you wholeheartedly confirm them. Once this is the case, if you truly practice in accordance with God’s words, you feel uneasy and unsettled. You feel that you have let down the antichrists and that you absolutely cannot act this way. Are you not being completely bound by the antichrists’ statements and viewpoints? When you do things, you do not know how to judge, seek, or abide based on God’s words. You do not know how to do so, nor do you dare to do it. Why don’t you know how and why don’t you dare? The antichrists haven’t spoken up yet; they haven’t given you a decision or reached a conclusion, and they haven’t told you the outcome or pointed you in any direction. That’s why you do not dare to act according to your comprehension, and you’re afraid of going the wrong way, of doing something wrong. Are you not being controlled? Why are you always so fearful? Were God’s words really not clear? Did God’s words fail to tell you the principles or tell you what to do? Why do you ignore God’s words and insist on listening to antichrists? You are being misled and controlled by antichrists. For example, I told someone to build a wall, specifying its height, length, and location. Then, an antichrist came and said: “This wall’s height is okay, but there’s a problem here. If you build it like this, will it collapse when the wind blows?” Upon hearing this, the person said, “That’s a good point, could it collapse? God didn’t say, so I won’t build it yet.” When I checked on them later, I asked: “Why haven’t you built the wall? Several days have passed, yet it still hasn’t been built—are you not delaying matters?” They replied that someone had raised concerns about the wall getting blown over by the wind. I told them to use a pillar for support if they were concerned about the wind, and they committed this to memory. However, the antichrist returned to disturb them, saying, “Is one pillar enough? Shouldn’t you use two?” The person contemplated this, thinking that God had only said to use one pillar rather than two, and again they did not know what to do. After being so misled and disturbed by the antichrist, all the words I previously spoke were in vain, and they were unable to carry on with this task. Doesn’t this equate to being controlled by the antichrist? Who should they listen to in this matter? (To God.) Then why didn’t they listen to God’s words? Did they not want to listen? They wanted to, but they were misled by one of the antichrist’s heresies and fallacies. Once they were misled, they obeyed the antichrist, which is equivalent to being hijacked by them. If their behavior and thoughts are bound and shackled by the antichrist, they are under the antichrist’s control. Ultimately, this person didn’t fulfill their duty, and they didn’t submit to God or listen to His words. Who brought about this outcome? It was brought about by their ignorance and is inseparable from the misleading, disturbance, and control of the antichrist. So, what does it mean that the antichrist intervened like this? They wanted to demonstrate their brilliance, and what they were really saying was, “Why did you blindly listen to God when He told you to build this wall here? Why is your thought process so simple? If you build the wall here, won’t it collapse as soon as the wind starts blowing? Listening to God is not as accurate as listening to me; you have to listen to me. If you listen to me, I’ll be pleased, but if you listen to God, that won’t sit well with me and I won’t be pleased. It won’t do for you to listen to God—where would that leave me?” They didn’t say this directly; they intervened and deliberately stirred things up. After their meddling, the task could not be completed, and they appeared wise, which made them happy. When God instructs someone to build a wall, the person should promptly build it, but now the result is that the wall wasn’t built. Who caused this result? It was caused by the antichrist—this person was misled, disturbed, and controlled by the antichrist. This is similar to how the serpent lured Adam and Eve. God told Adam and Eve, “Of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat thereof you shall surely die.” Are these words of God the truth? They are the truth, and you don’t need to understand their significance; you just need to listen and submit. Regardless of the situation, God’s word cannot change, and if God wants you to do something, then do it. Don’t analyze it. Even if you don’t understand it, you must know that God’s word is right; you must understand this definition in your heart. In other words, you must know this truth first and foremost. Whether God’s words align with your own notions or not, whether you understand them or not, and no matter how muddleheaded you may get, you must hold onto His words. This is your responsibility and duty. Once you’ve set your mind to this, what should you do when Satan comes again to seduce you? You should hold fast to God’s words and follow His way—this is the foremost principle, no matter what Satan says. What was the final result of Adam and Eve listening to the serpent’s words? They were misled and controlled by Satan. With just one phrase of specious, vague, and devilish words, Satan managed to sway and control the behavior of Adam and Eve. This was a result that God did not want to see. What was the serpent’s purpose in saying those words? Through these words, it wanted to jumble up people’s thoughts, sway their behavior, and make them stop listening to and forsake God’s words. Once this active thought was planted in people’s heads, they followed the indicated path. What was Satan’s purpose? It was to say, “Don’t listen to what God says. You have to listen to me; you have to eat this fruit.” God told them not to eat it, while Satan told them to eat it. In the end, did Adam and Eve eat the fruit? (They did.) This is how Satan began controlling people. When you listen to an antichrist’s devilish words, you can become disoriented and lose your bearings, and you are liable to not heed God’s words. Doesn’t this mean that your behavior and thoughts are swayed and controlled by this antichrist? This is the meaning of control. Have you ever encountered such situations? Some ill-intentioned people see that you are completing a task without a hitch and about to achieve results, about to make yourself seen, and they realize that they won’t have much involvement in this matter. If you are seen, they won’t be, so they put forward seemingly plausible viewpoints or questions to mislead, disturb, and control you. As a result, you become muddleheaded, thinking their words also make sense. You don’t know what to do anymore and cannot proceed with your duty, so you halt it. Isn’t this foolish? Initially, when you had not yet been misled, you were quite clear-headed and knew what to do, but as soon as the antichrist disturbed you, you got mixed up and did not know how to handle things appropriately. What’s the issue here? (Being misled.) People who are easily misled and controlled by antichrists or Satan are ignorant and muddled individuals. Regarding the manifestations of how antichrists mislead and control people, has our fellowship been specific enough? You should be able to understand, and when things befall you, you should compare them against various truths in order to reflect on your words, your actions, and your essence. Simultaneously, you should try to understand and discern the people, events, and things around you to gain a clearer understanding of the truth and a more accurate understanding of the nature essences of different people.

Nowadays, many of you have just come into contact with the specific states and manifestations of various truths. Why do I say that you’ve just come into contact with them? It is because you’ve just come to understand some details, but there’s still a distance to go before true entry. Understanding doesn’t equate to entry. When you understand, it only means that in your mind, your understanding of the concepts and definitions of these matters is relatively accurate and more consistent with the truth, but you are still far from personal entry. Understanding, recognition, and being able to link these matters to your state and to the people, events, and things around you don’t mean that you have entry. These are two separate things. For a person to be saved and achieve dispositional change, it begins with understanding all the various truths, and entering into the truth reality begins with practicing these truths. If you had a certain foundation in your understanding and entry into the various truths, then when I asked you for examples, you could immediately think of your own manifestations or some things you’d seen and experienced. This would make My fellowship much easier, and I wouldn’t have to speak in such detail because you would already have had experiences and could reach that level. However, when I ask you now, you have to think on the spot, and you also need to rifle through and search your memory. When I see that you don’t know these things and have not experienced them for yourselves, I have to explain them in detail, clarify the central and core aspects and essential issues of these matters, and give you a basic understanding of the details of the various truths so that you will not confuse conceptual aspects or definitional ones when you practice, and so that you won’t mix apples and oranges or think that these things are too complex—you will be able to clearly differentiate between different aspects. This way, the next time I fellowship about these things, it will be easy. At present, you are still falling short, so I always have to explain them in detail. How much of the content of the fellowships at our gatherings can you ponder and digest? If it’s only ten percent, then you barely have any stature to speak of, and if it’s thirty percent, then you’ve only understood some. If you reach fifty percent, you have a certain stature and entry, but if you can’t reach that, you don’t have any entry. You understand, don’t you? If you still can’t understand when I fellowship like this, it means your caliber is too low and you have no way of understanding the truth. Alright, that concludes our fellowship for today. See you next time!

April 17, 2019

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