Words on Knowing Oneself (Excerpt 44)

If people are to understand themselves, they must understand their corrupt disposition, and have a grasp of their true states. The most important aspect of understanding one’s own state is to have a grasp on one’s own thoughts and ideas. In every time period, people’s thoughts and ideas have been controlled by one major thing. If you can grasp your thoughts and ideas, you can grasp the things that are behind them. People cannot control their thoughts and ideas. However, you do need to know where these thoughts and ideas come from, what the motives behind them are, how these thoughts and ideas are produced, what controls them, and what their nature is. After a person’s disposition changes, the thoughts, ideas, views and the goals the person strives toward which are created by the part which changed, will be very different than before—essentially, they will approach the truth and be in accordance with the truth. The things within people that have not changed, that is to say, their old thoughts, ideas, and views, including the things that people like and pursue, are all utterly dirty, filthy, and hideous things. After a person understands the truth, they are able to discern these things, and see them clearly; therefore, they are able to give up and rebel against these things. People like this have definitely changed in some way. They are able to accept the truth, practice the truth, and enter into some truth realities. The people who do not understand the truth cannot see these corrupted or negative things clearly, nor discern them; therefore, they are unable to give them up, not to mention rebel against these things. What causes this difference? Why is it that they are all believers, but some of them can discern negative and unclean things, and give them up, while others cannot see these things clearly, nor free themselves from them? It is directly connected to whether the person loves and pursues the truth. When those who pursue the truth eat and drink God’s words for a period of time, and listen to sermons for a period of time, then they can understand the truth, and see certain things clearly; they have made progress in their life. By contrast, although those who do not love the truth attend gatherings, read God’s words, and listen to sermons just the same, they are not able to understand the truth, and no matter how many years they have believed, they have no life entry. These people failed because they did not pursue the truth. No matter how many years they have believed in God, those who do not pursue the truth are not able to understand the truth. When they encounter a situation they cannot see it clearly, almost as though they are a religious person. They have gained nothing from their years of faith. How much truth do you understand now? Which things can you see clearly? Can you discern negative things and people? You are not clear on what believing in God is, nor who it is that you actually believe in. You cannot clearly discern ideas and intentions you have in daily life, you are not fully aware of which path you should follow as a believer of God, and you are not clear on how you should practice the truth when you do things or perform your duty. These are people who do not have any life entry. Only by truly understanding the truth, and knowing how to practice the truth, can you discern different types of people, see different situations clearly, do things in accordance with the truth, be able to meet God’s requirements, and be increasingly closer to God’s intentions. Only by pursuing in this way will you gain results.

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