Words on Seeking and Practicing the Truth (Excerpt 18)

Many people have mentioned the same problem: After listening to a fellowship given by the Above, they feel clear and energized and are no longer negative. However, this condition only lasts for ten or so days and it becomes abnormal again, and they lack energy. They do not know how to keep going and what to do. What is this problem? What is its root? Have you ever thought about it? Some say the root is that people do not focus on the truth. Then how come you have a normal state after listening to fellowship? Why is it that you feel especially happy and free after hearing the truth? Some say it is the work of the Holy Spirit. Then why does the Holy Spirit no longer work after ten or so days? Some say it is because they are no longer striving to be better and have become lazy. Then why does the Holy Spirit still not work on people who strive to be better? Are you not also striving to be better? Why doesn’t the Holy Spirit work? The reasons that people give are not in line with reality. The problem is that no matter whether the Holy Spirit works or not, man’s cooperation cannot be ignored. When a person who loves the truth becomes able to understand the truth clearly, they will always maintain a normal state, regardless of whether it is a period in which the Holy Spirit is working. On the other hand, when someone does not love the truth, even if they understand the truth particularly clearly and even if the Holy Spirit is working significantly, the truth they can practice will still be limited. They will only be able to practice a little of the truth in the short time they are happy. Most of the time, they will still act according to their personal preferences, and will often reveal their corrupt dispositions. So, whether a person’s condition is normal and whether they can practice the truth does not entirely depend on the work of the Holy Spirit. It also does not completely depend on whether the truth is clear to the person. It depends on whether the person loves the truth and is willing to practice the truth. Normally, a person hears sermons and fellowship and, for a time, their state is quite normal. This is the result of coming to understand the truth; the truth makes you aware of your own corrupt nature, your heart is happy and set free, and your conditions take a turn for the better. But after a time, you might suddenly be confronted by something that you don’t know how to experience, your heart becomes darker than before and you unwittingly put the truth to the back of your mind; you don’t try to seek God’s will in your actions, you act on everything of your own accord, and you do not intend to practice the truth at all. As time passes, you lose the truth you once understood. You constantly reveal your own corrupt disposition, you don’t seek God’s will when you encounter things, and even when you draw close to God, you are just going through the motions. The moment you realize that, your heart has grown distant from God, and you have already resisted God in many things and even uttered some blasphemies against God. This is very troubling. There is still redemption for those who have not traveled too far down this path, but for those who have gone so far as to blaspheme God and pit themselves against God, vying for position, and for food and clothes, there is no redemption. The aim of fellowshipping the truth clearly is to enable people to understand and practice the truth and achieve changes in their dispositions. It is not simply to bring light and a little happiness to their hearts once they understand the truth. If you understand the truth but do not practice the truth, then there is no point in fellowshipping and understanding the truth. What is the problem when people understand the truth but do not put it into practice? This is proof that they do not love the truth, that in their hearts, they do not accept the truth, in which case they will miss out on God’s blessings and the opportunity for salvation. In whether or not people are able to attain salvation, what’s crucial is whether they are able to accept and practice the truth. If you have put into practice all of the truths you understand, you will receive the enlightenment, illumination and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and will be able to enter the truth reality, and will achieve a deeper understanding of the truth, and will gain the truth, and will gain God’s salvation. Some people are incapable of practicing the truth, they are always complaining that the Holy Spirit does not enlighten or illuminate them, that God does not give them strength. This is wrong; this is misunderstanding God. The enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit is built on the foundation of people’s cooperation. People must be sincere, and willing to practice the truth, and whether their understanding is profound or superficial, they must be able to put the truth into practice. Only then will they be enlightened and illuminated by the Holy Spirit. If people understand the truth but do not put it into practice—if they just wait for the Holy Spirit to act and force them to put it into practice—are they not being extremely passive? God never forces people to do anything. If people understand the truth but are unwilling to put it into practice, this shows that they do not love the truth, or that their state is abnormal and there is some kind of blockage. But if people are able to pray to God, God will act, too; only if they are unwilling to practice the truth and also do not pray to God will the Holy Spirit have no means of working in them. In fact, no matter what kind of difficulty people have, it can always be solved; what’s key is whether or not they are able to practice according to the truth. Today, the problems of corruption in you are not a cancer, they are not some incurable disease. If you can resolve to practice the truth, you will receive the work of the Holy Spirit, and it will be possible for these corrupt dispositions to change. It all depends on if you can resolve to practice the truth, this is what’s key. If you practice the truth, if you walk the path of pursuing the truth, then you will be able to receive the work of the Holy Spirit, and can definitely be saved. If the path you walk is the wrong one, then you shall lose the work of the Holy Spirit, one wrong step will beget another, and it will all be over for you, and no matter how many years you continue believing for, you will not be able to attain salvation. For example, when they are working, some people never think about how to do the work in a way that benefits God’s house and is in line with God’s will—with the result that they do much that is selfish and vile, that is detestable and hateful to God; and in doing so, they have been revealed and eliminated. If, in all things, people are able to seek the truth and practice according to the truth, then they have already entered onto the right track of faith in God, and so have hope of becoming someone who is in line with God’s will. Some people understand the truth but do not put it into practice. Instead, they believe that the truth is nothing more than this, and is incapable of resolving their own inclinations and corrupt dispositions. Are such people not laughable? Are they not ridiculous? Are they not know-it-alls? If people are able to act according to the truth, then their corrupt dispositions can change. If their belief and service to God is according to their own natural personality, then not a single one of them will be able to achieve changes in their dispositions. There are some people who spend all day stewing in the grief of their own wrong choices. Given a ready-made truth, they do not give it any thought or try to put it into practice, but insist on choosing their own path. What an absurd way of behaving this is; truly, they can’t even enjoy blessings when they have them, and are destined to have a hard lot in life. Practicing the truth is that simple; whether you practice or not is all that matters. If you are someone who has resolved to practice the truth, then your negativity, weakness and corrupt disposition will gradually be resolved and changed; this depends on whether or not your heart loves the truth, whether or not you are able to accept the truth, whether or not you can suffer and pay a price in order to gain the truth. If you truly love the truth, you will be able to suffer all kinds of pain in order to gain the truth, whether this is being vilified, judged, or rejected by people. You should bear this all with patience and tolerance; and God will bless and protect you, He will not abandon or neglect you—this is absolute. If you pray to God with a God-fearing heart, depend on God and look up to God, there will be nothing you cannot get through. You may have a corrupt disposition, and you may transgress, but if you have a God-fearing heart, and if you scrupulously walk the path of pursuing the truth, then you will unquestionably be able to stand firm, and will unquestionably be led and protected by God.

There are some people who equip themselves with truths only in order to work and preach, to provide for others, not to resolve their own problems, never mind putting them into practice. Their fellowship may be of pure understanding and in line with the truth, but they do not measure themselves up to it, nor do they practice or experience it. What is the problem here? Have they truly accepted the truth as their life? No, they have not. The doctrine one preaches, however pure it may be, does not mean that one is possessed of the truth reality. To be equipped with the truth, one must first have entered it oneself, and put it into practice when they understand it. If one does not focus on their own entry, but is out to show off by preaching the truth to others, their intention is wrong. There are many false leaders who work like this, incessantly fellowshipping with others about the truths they understand, providing for new believers, teaching people to practice the truth, to perform their duties well, not to be negative. These words are all well and good—loving, even—but why do their speakers not practice the truth? Why do they have no life entry? What is going on here, really? Does a person like this actually love the truth? It is hard to say. This was how the Pharisees of Israel expounded the Bible to others, yet they could not keep God’s commandments themselves. When the Lord Jesus appeared and worked, they heard God’s voice but resisted the Lord. They crucified the Lord Jesus and were cursed by God. Therefore, all people who do not accept or practice the truth will be condemned by God. How wretched they are! If the words and doctrines they preach can help others, why can it not help them? We would do well to call such a person a hypocrite who has no reality. They provide others with the literal meaning of the truth, they have others practice it, but they do not practice the least bit of it themselves. Is such a person not shameless? They do not have the truth reality, yet in preaching the words and doctrines to others, they pretend to. Is this not deliberately misleading and harming people? If such a person were revealed and eliminated, they would have only themselves to blame. They would be unworthy of pity. Can someone who only preaches words and doctrines, but does not practice the truth, achieve true change? Are they not cheating others and harming themselves? The pursuit of the truth is all about practice. The purpose of practicing the truth is to resolve one’s corrupt dispositions and live out true human likeness, but they do not recognize their corrupt dispositions or use the truth to resolve their difficulties. No matter how they water, provide for, or support others, they will never achieve actual results because they have no path to life entry or change their disposition. If fellowshipping about the truth does not resolve people’s difficulties or problems, then aren’t they just speaking words and doctrines that are pleasing to the ear but useless? If you want to achieve a change in your disposition, you must first focus on practicing and experiencing the words of God. No matter which aspects of the truth you understand, you have to focus on putting them into practice. Only in your practicing of the truth will you discover problems, and in particular, you will be able to recognize when your corrupt dispositions are revealed. If you can seek the truth to resolve these problems, you will enter the truth reality, and your life disposition will change. You will then have a path when you discuss practicing the truth, and you will be able to resolve problems when you fellowship about the truth. This shows that if you are willing to practice the truth, you will possess the truth reality. If you are willing to practice the truth, you will be qualified to provide for others. In turn, God will praise you, and people will approve of you.

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