To Perform One's Duty Well, One Must at Least Be Possessed of a Conscience and Reason (Part One)

Many people are eliminated after performing duties for just a year or two, or for just three to five years. What is the main reason for this? It can be said that it is primarily because those people do not possess consciences or reason, and lack humanity. Not only do they not accept the truth, they also cause disruptions and disturbances, and are always perfunctory while performing their duties. They never listen no matter how the truth is fellowshipped on with them, and they are uncompliant and defiant when pruned. Eventually, there is no other option but to clear them out and eliminate them. What problem does this illustrate? To perform duties, people must at least be possessed of consciences and reason; without these, it will be hard for them to stand firm. All who lack consciences and reason have no humanity, and cannot accept the truth, so God cannot save them, and even if they labor, they will not do so adequately. This is an issue that you must see clearly. When you encounter people with no consciences or reason in the future—that is, people who are without humanity—you must clear them out as soon as possible.

Some people don’t take any responsibility when they perform their duty, they are always perfunctory. Although they can see the problem, they are unwilling to seek a resolution and are scared of offending people, and so they just rush through things, with the result that the work has to be redone. Since you are performing this duty, you should take responsibility for it. Why do you not take it seriously? Why are you perfunctory? And are you remiss in your responsibilities when you perform your duty in this way? No matter who takes primary responsibility, everyone else is responsible for keeping an eye on things, everyone must have this burden and this sense of responsibility—but none of you pay any attention, you really are perfunctory, you have no loyalty, you are remiss in your duties! It’s not that you can’t see the problem, but that you are not willing to take responsibility—nor, when you do see the problem, do you wish to pay any heed to this matter, you settle for “good enough.” Is being perfunctory in this way not an attempt to deceive God? If, when I worked and fellowshipped about the truth to you, I felt that “good enough” was acceptable, then as befits each of your calibers and pursuits, what could you gain from that? If I had the same attitude as you, you could gain nothing. Why do I say this? Part of it is that you do nothing earnestly, and part is that you are of quite poor caliber, quite numb. It is because I see all of you numb and without love for the truth, and not pursuing the truth, along with your poor calibers, that I must speak in detail. I must spell everything out, and break things down and fragment them in My speech, and speak of things from every angle, in every which way. Only then do you understand a bit. If I were perfunctory with you, and spoke a bit on whatever topic, whenever I felt like it, neither putting thought into it nor taking pains, without My heart in it, not speaking when I did not feel like it, what could you gain? With calibers like yours, you would not understand the truth. You would gain nothing, much less attain salvation. But I cannot do that, instead I must speak in detail. I must go into detail and give examples regarding the states of each sort of person, the attitudes people have toward the truth, and each sort of corrupt disposition; only then will you comprehend what I’m saying, and understand what you hear. No matter what aspect of the truth is fellowshipped, I speak through various means, with styles of fellowship for adults and for children, and also in the form of rationales and stories, using theory and practice, and talking of experiences, in order that people may understand the truth and enter the reality. In this way, those who have caliber and possess hearts will have a chance to understand and accept the truth and be saved. But your attitude toward your duty has always been one of perfunctoriness, of dragging your feet, and you are unconcerned with how long a delay you cause. You do not reflect on how to seek the truth in order to solve problems, you give no thought to how to perform your duty properly in order to be able to testify to God. This is neglecting your duty. So your life grows very slowly, but you are not upset by how much time you have wasted. In fact, if you performed your duty conscientiously and responsibly, it wouldn’t even take five or six years before you were able to talk of your experiences and bear testimony to God, and the various work would be carried out to great effect—but you are not willing to be mindful of God’s will, nor do you strive toward the truth. There are some things you do not know how to do, so I give you exact instructions. You do not have to think, you just have to listen and get on with it. That is the only bit of responsibility you must take on—but even that is beyond you. Where is your loyalty? It is nowhere to be seen! All you do is say pleasant-sounding things. In your hearts, you know what you should do, but you simply do not practice the truth. This is rebellion against God, and at root, it is a lack of love for the truth. You know full well in your hearts how to act in accordance with the truth—you just don’t put it into practice. This is a serious problem; you are staring at the truth without putting it into practice. You are not someone who submits to God at all. To perform a duty in God’s house, the least you must do is seek and practice the truth and act according to the principles. If you cannot practice the truth in your performance of your duty, then where can you practice it? And if you do not practice any of the truth, then you are a nonbeliever. What is your purpose, really, if you do not accept the truth—much less practice the truth—and simply muddle along in the house of God? Do you wish to make God’s house your retirement home, or an almshouse? If so, you are mistaken—God’s house does not take care of freeloaders, of wastrels. Anyone of poor humanity, who does not perform their duty gladly, who is unfit to perform a duty, must all be cleared out; all nonbelievers who do not accept the truth at all must be eliminated. Some people understand the truth but cannot put it into practice in performing their duties. When they see a problem, they do not solve it, and even though they know it is their responsibility, they do not give it their all. If you do not even carry out responsibilities that you are capable of, then what value or effect could performing your duty possibly have? Is it meaningful to believe in God in this way? Someone who understands the truth but cannot practice it, who cannot bear the hardships they ought to—such a person is unfit to perform a duty. Some people who perform a duty really do so just to be fed. They are beggars. They think that if they do a few tasks in God’s house, their room and board will be taken care of, that they will be provided for without needing to get a job. Is there such a thing as a bargain like that? God’s house does not provide for loafers. If anyone who does not practice the truth in the least, and who is consistently perfunctory in performing their duty, says they believe in God, will God acknowledge them? All such people are nonbelievers and, as God sees them, evildoers.

People who truly believe in God perform their duties willingly, without calculating their own gains and losses. No matter whether you are someone who pursues the truth, you must rely on your conscience and reason and really make an effort when you perform your duty. What does it mean to really make an effort? If you are merely satisfied with making some token effort, and suffering a little physical hardship, but you do not take your duty seriously at all or seek the truth principles, then this is nothing more than being perfunctory—it is not really making an effort. The key to making an effort is putting your heart into it, fearing God in your heart, being mindful of God’s will, being terrified of rebelling against God and hurting God, and suffering any hardship in order to perform your duty well and satisfy God: If you have a God-loving heart in this way, you will be able to perform your duty properly. If there is no fear of God in your heart, you will have no burden when you perform your duty, will have no interest in it, and will inevitably be perfunctory, and go through the motions, without producing any real effect—which is not performing a duty. If you truly have a sense of burden, and feel like performing your duty is your personal responsibility, and that if you don’t, you are not fit to live, and are a beast, that only if you perform your duty properly are you worthy of being called a human being, and can face your own conscience—if you have this sense of burden when you perform your duty—then you will be able to do everything conscientiously, and will be able to seek the truth and do things according to the principles, and so will be able to do your duty properly and satisfy God. If you are worthy of the mission that God has given you, and of all that God has sacrificed for you and His expectations of you, then this is really making an effort. Now do you understand? If you merely go through the motions in performing your duty and do not seek to achieve results at all, you are a hypocrite, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You may trick people, but you cannot fool God. If there is no real price and no loyalty when you perform your duty, then it is not up to standard. If you do not really make an effort in your faith in God and performance of your duty; if you always want to go through the motions and are perfunctory in your actions, like an unbeliever working for their boss; if you just make a token effort, you don’t use your mind, you muddle through each day as it comes, not reporting problems when you see them, seeing a spill and not cleaning it up, and indiscriminately dismissing everything that is not to your own benefit—then is this not trouble? How could someone like this be a member of God’s house? Such people are unbelievers; they are not of the house of God. Not one of them is acknowledged by God. Whether you are being true and whether you made an effort when you perform your duty, God keeps account, and you also know full well. So, have you ever really made an effort in performing your duty? Have you ever taken it seriously? Have you treated it as your responsibility, your obligation? Have you taken ownership of it? You must properly reflect on and know these matters, which will make it easy to address the problems that exist in performing your duty, and will be beneficial to your life entry. If you are always irresponsible when performing your duty, and do not report problems to the leaders and workers when you discover them, nor seek the truth to solve them on your own, always thinking “the less trouble the better,” always living by philosophies for worldly dealings, always being perfunctory when you perform your duty, never having any loyalty, and not accepting the truth at all when pruned—if you perform your duty in this way, you are in danger; you are one of the laborers. Laborers are not members of God’s house, but employees, hired workers. When the work ends, they shall be eliminated, and shall naturally be plunged into catastrophe. The people of God’s house are different; when they perform their duty, it is not for money, or to exert effort or gain blessings. They think, “I am a member of God’s house. Matters which concern God’s house concern me. The affairs of God’s house are my affairs. I should put my heart into God’s house.” Because of this, they put their heart into every matter that concerns God’s house, and take responsibility for it. They take responsibility for everything they can think of and see. They keep an eye out for things that need handling, and they take matters to heart. These are the people of God’s house. Are you the same way? (No.) If you just lust after the comforts of the flesh, pay no heed when you see there are things that need handling in the house of God, do not pick up a bottle of oil which has fallen over, and your heart knows there is a problem but you do not want to resolve it, then you are not treating the house of God as your own. Is this how you are? If it is, then you have fallen so far that there is no difference between you and the unbelievers. If you do not repent, then you must be counted as being outside of the house of God; you must be shelved and eliminated. The fact is that God wishes in His heart to treat you as members of His family, yet you do not accept the truth, and are always perfunctory and irresponsible in performing your duties. You do not repent, no matter how the truth is fellowshipped about to you. It is you who have placed yourselves outside of God’s house. God wishes to save you and turn you into members of His family, yet you do not accept it. You, then, are outside of His house; you are unbelievers. Whoever does not accept the least bit of the truth can only be handled as an unbeliever would. It is you who have established your own outcome and position. You have established it outside God’s house. Who beside you is to blame for that? I’ve noticed that many people are like spiritless animals: Day in and day out they only know how to eat and work, never eating or drinking the word of God, and never fellowshipping on the truth. They understand nothing about spiritual matters in life, and live as unbelievers all the time; they are beasts disguised as humans. Such people are completely useless and cannot even be used to labor. They are wastrels, they should be eliminated and swiftly sent away, and none of them should be allowed to stay. People who truly believe in God are those who are able to accept the truth, who, regardless of how the truth is fellowshipped to them, or how they are pruned, are able to submit; they are people who possess this reason, and who are also able to listen and submit when they perform their duty. No matter what duty they are performing, they are able to take responsibility, carry out the task properly, and take up this work. Only such individuals are fit to be called human, and only these are members of God’s house. People who labor are just freeloaders, they are spurned by God, they are not brothers and sisters, and they are the nonbelievers. If you treat them like brothers and sisters, you are blind and foolish. It is now the time for everyone to be grouped with their kind. It is the time when God reveals and eliminates people. If you are true believers in God, you must pursue the truth well and perform your duty well. If you can share some experiential testimony, it proves that you are a person who loves the truth, and that you possess some truth realities. But if you cannot share any experiential testimony, then you are a laborer and are in danger of being eliminated. If you perform your duty well and are responsible and loyal, then you are a loyal laborer and you can remain. Anyone who is not a loyal laborer must be eliminated. Therefore, only by performing your duty well can you stand firm in the house of God, and be spared from calamity. Performing your duty well is crucial. At the very least, the people of God’s house are honest people. They are people who are trustworthy in their duty, who can accept God’s commission, and perform their duty loyally. If people do not have true faith, consciences, and reason, and if they do not have a heart of fear of and submission to God, then they are not suitable to perform duties. Even though they perform their duty, they are sloppy while doing so. They are laborers—people who have not truly repented. Laborers such as this will be eliminated sooner or later. Only loyal laborers will be spared. Although loyal laborers do not have the truth realities, they possess consciences and reason, they are able to perform their duties with sincerity, and God permits them to be spared. Those who possess the truth realities, and who can make resounding testimony of God are His people, and will also be spared and brought into His kingdom.

Right now, judging by the attitudes you harbor toward your duties, your efficiency in doing things, and the results you get in your duties, you are still not performing your duties adequately. This is because you are too perfunctory, and you approach too many things by just going through the motions; you are inattentive in too many matters, and display too many manifestations of following regulations. What is the cause of this? Is it related to your caliber and pursuits? This is how people with very poor caliber and muddled people perform duties, and it is also how all those who do not pursue the truth perform duties. So, what are you all pursuing, exactly? Are you people who pursue the truth? (No.) It’s quite obvious that you are not people who pursue the truth. For all of you, considering your current stature, no matter how deep or shallow your understanding of the truth is, you should practice however much of it you understand—is it easy for you to do that? Based on your external environment and subjective factors, you all probably have some difficulties doing that. However, you are not evil people, you are not antichrists, and your humanity is not that bad. Moreover, although most of you have average caliber, you should still be able to grasp the truth. This ensures that it would not be that difficult for you to pursue the truth. Some deeper truths may go over your head, but if I speak about them in more concrete and detailed terms, you’ll be able to understand and grasp them. As long as you can understand the truth, no matter how deep or shallow your understanding is, and as long as you have a path, you will know how to practice. This is a basic condition for achieving the pursuit and practice of the truth, and one that you all meet. Accordingly, you should all be able to pursue and practice the truth. So why have you not been able to practice the truth? Is there something in your way? There shouldn’t be anything, and you all should be able to practice the truth and do things according to the principles within the scope of your duties. You have this wonderful opportunity, and yet you cannot achieve this. What does this demonstrate? First, it demonstrates that you dislike the truth and lack interest in it. Second, it demonstrates that you lack a real understanding about how to pursue and practice the truth, and that you lack an understanding of what it means to practice the truth, the significance and value of practicing the truth, and what is precious about practicing the truth. Without any understanding of these things, you are just muddling through things, with no interest in the truth or its practice, and still thinking to yourselves, “What’s the advantage of doing things according to the principles and practicing the truth?” These thoughts prove that you do not understand the value of the truth, that you have not yet personally experienced the benefits of doing things according to the principles and practicing the truth, and that you have no sense of their significance, hence your lack of interest in practicing the truth. Though you are somewhat interested in listening to sermons and possess some curiosity, you show little interest when the topic of practicing the truth comes up. Some people are willing to listen to sermons and read the word of God, and they are willing to practice the truth while doing things, but they fall short when it comes time to actually practice the truth. Their preferences and philosophies for worldly dealings emerge, and their corrupt dispositions are revealed, like laziness, lusting for comfort, deceit, and vying for status. They are completely irresponsible in their duties and do not handle things according to the truth principles at all. They just toil and work, they are content as long as they can avoid suffering, and they are not conscientious about anything. Even when they know that they have not done their duties adequately, they do not self-reflect, but continue to perform their duties in a perfunctory way. In the long term, they become numb, dull-witted, and unresponsive. This is the state of a laborer.

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