"The Day of God's Punishment of Man Is at Hand" | Chinese Christian Song

April 23, 2020

The Day of God’s Punishment of Man Is at Hand

Many people feel restless and ill at ease

because they have committed atrocious wrongs,

and many feel ashamed of themselves

because they have never performed a single good deed.

Yet there are also many who,

far from feeling disgraced by their sins, go from bad to worse,

completely ripping off the mask concealing their hideous features

—which had yet to be fully exposed—

to test God’s disposition.

God does not care for, nor pay any heed to, the actions of any one person.

Rather, God does the work that He ought to do,

be it gathering information,

or traveling the land, or doing something within God’s interests.

At key times, God proceeds with His work

among man as originally planned,

not a second too late or too soon, and with both ease and dispatch.

However, with every step of God’s work,

some are cast aside,

for God despises their flattering ways

and their feigned subservience.

Those who are abhorrent to God will certainly be forsaken,

whether intentionally or unintentionally.

In short, God would that all whom He despises stay far away from Him.

Needless to say, God will not spare the wicked who remain in God’s house.

Because the day of man’s punishment is near,

God does not hurry to cast out all those despicable souls from God’s house,

for God has a plan of His own.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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