2022 English Christian Song | "All God's Work Is Most Practical"

October 14, 2022

In God’s work, He expresses what He is;

He does not rack His brains to formulate it.

The work He does is the most actual work.

It’s based on how things change, how each era develops.

For God, doing work is like treating an illness with medicine.

He observes and continues His work according to its outcomes.

God shows ample wisdom and power

according to the work of each stage,

letting all from that age brought back by Him

see His entire disposition.

God provides for man’s needs according to His work in each age,

based on how corrupted they are by Satan.

He has done new work since creation, with no work ever repeated.

Satan schemes and corrupts man,

while God performs His wise work again and again.

He has never failed or stopped working since creation.

After Satan corrupted man, God has kept working among them

to defeat His foe that corrupts man,

and this war will rage on until the world ends.

God brings great salvation to man in doing all this work,

letting them see His wisdom, authority and omnipotence.

In the end He’ll let them see His righteous disposition—

rewarding the good, punishing the wicked.

Based on Satan’s plots He uses His wisdom.

He’s never failed in His war with Satan.

So God makes everything in heaven bow to His authority;

He has all things upon earth rest below His footstool,

and He makes those fall within His chastisement

who wickedly invade and harass humans.

Fruits from all God’s work are due to His wisdom.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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