"All Under the Creator's Authority Is Utterly Perfect" | Praise Hymn With Lyrics

May 2, 2020

Verse 1

All the things that God has made,

everything that can move and everything that can’t,

like birds and fish, flowers and trees,

livestock, insects and wild animals,

they were all good with God,

and in the eyes of God, in accordance with His plan,

were at the height of perfection,

achieving all the things God wished they would achieve.

Verse 2

Step by step He did the work,

all the work that He meant to do toward His plan.

And one after another,

the things He intended to create appeared.

Each of them is a reflection and result of His authority.

And because of these, all creatures couldn’t help but be

so thankful for the grace of the Creator,

so thankful for the provision of the Creator.

Verse 3

As the amazing deeds of God

began to manifest themselves,

this world, it swelled piece by piece

with all of the many things created by God.

And it changed from chaos,

and it changed from darkness

to clarity and brightness,

from stillness to liveliness,

deathly stillness to endless vitality.

Verse 4

Among all things of creation,

from amongst the greatest to the very small,

from the small to the microscopic,

there was none not created

by the Creator’s authority, by the Creator’s power.

There was unique, inherent necessity and value

to the existence of each and every creature.

No matter what shape and structure they have,

they all exist under His authority.

Verse 5

Under the Creator’s authority,

all creatures shall play a new symphony for His reign,

commence a prelude for His work of the new day.

And it is at that moment,

the Creator also shall open up a new page

in the work of His management.

Yes, the Creator shall open up a new page.

Verse 6

Yes, according to the law

of the shoots of spring, the ripening of summer,

autumn’s harvest, winter’s storage,

all of which assigned by the Creator,

all things shall echo with God’s own management plan,

shall welcome their own new day,

new beginning, new life course.

They shall soon reproduce in endless succession,

so they may welcome in each new day,

under the reign of His authority.

All is utterly perfect.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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