Christian Song | "Changes in Disposition Are Mainly Changes in Nature"

November 2, 2020

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Transformation in disposition mainly refers to

the transformation of a person’s nature.

The things of a person’s nature cannot be seen from external behaviors;

they are directly related to the worth and significance of his existence.

That is, they directly involve a person’s outlook on life and his values,

the things in the depths of his soul, and his essence.

If a person cannot accept the truth,

he will undergo no transformation in these aspects.

Only by experiencing God’s work, fully entering the truth,

changing one’s values and one’s outlooks on existence and life,

aligning one’s views with God’s,

and becoming capable of completely submitting to and being devoted to God,

can one’s disposition be said to have transformed.

Regardless of how people, matters, or things around you may change

and regardless of how the world may be turned upside down,

if the truth is guiding you from within, if it has taken root within you

and God’s words guide your life, your preferences,

your experiences and your existence,

at that point you will have truly transformed.

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