Praise Song | "The Countenance of the Kingdom's King Is Glorious Beyond Compare"

September 5, 2020

God has a new beginning on earth and is glorified on earth.

Because of the final, beautiful scene,

God can’t help but express the passion in His heart:

“My heart beats and,

following the rhythms of My heartbeat, the mountains leap for joy,

the waters dance with joy, and the waves beat upon the rocky reefs.

It is difficult to express what is in My heart.”

What God planned, He has already accomplished;

it was predetermined by God,

and it is precisely what God makes people experience and behold.

The prospect of the kingdom is beautiful;

the King of the kingdom is the victor,

without ever having had, from His head to His feet, a trace of flesh or blood,

composed entirely of divine elements.

His whole body glows with sacred glory, utterly untainted by human ideas;

His entire body, from top to bottom,

brims with righteousness and the aura of heaven,

and exudes a captivating fragrance.

Like the beloved in Song of Songs,

He is yet more beautiful than all the saints,

higher than the ancient saints;

He is the exemplar among all people, and incomparable to man;

people are not fit to look upon Him directly.

No one can attain God’s glorious countenance,

God’s appearance, or God’s image.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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