English Christian Song | "Satan Can Change Nothing Under God’s Authority"

April 18, 2022

Satan has corrupted man for many years, committing endless evil and heinous crimes, deceiving and abusing man for ages, seducing them to oppose God.

Satan’s evil acts impair God’s management plan, but creatures still follow God’s rules.

Its evil and ways are disgusting, small and ugly, compared to God’s authority.

Though Satan walks among God’s creation, it cannot change even the slightest things in people or any object commanded by God.

Though man’s corrupted by Satan, they can’t forgo water or air from God, or all things that God has made; man still lives their lives in this space.

Man’s instincts have not changed. They rely on eyes to see and ears to hear, a brain to think, a heart to understand, their feet to walk, and hands to work.

These ways man cooperates with God don’t change, nor man’s path to do duties or their heart’s needs,

nor man’s wish to find their origins, nor their yearning to be saved by God.

This is the state of affairs of man, who lives under God’s authority, and has endured the bloody destruction that Satan has caused.

Man is under Satan’s oppression, hostile to God in their thoughts and ways, no longer Adam and Eve of creation, but full of Satan’s dispositions.

But still, in the eyes of God, He sees the same man He created. They live in the course set out by Him, and God still rules over them.

Corrupt man is merely hungry, covered in grime in God’s eyes, slow, forgetful and aging, but man’s functions and instincts remain. This is the mankind that God intends to save.

As long as man hears the Creator’s call and sees the figure of God, they will forsake all for Him, even laying down their lives.

When mankind understands God’s heartfelt words, they will reject Satan and join God’s side, wash the dirt from their bodies, and receive God’s nourishments.

Then mankind’s memory will be restored, and man will have truly returned

into the dominion of the Creator.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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