2020 Christian Devotional Song | "Only Those Who Know God Can Gain God"

May 16, 2020

Verse 1

If you use knowledge and the things you have learned

to study God,

you’ll never be able to know or understand,

understand God.

But if you use the way

of seeking the truth and seeking God,

look at God from the point of getting to know God,

and one day you’ll see:


Chorus 1

God’s actions and God’s wisdom are everywhere.

You’ll understand why God is called the Master,

the Master of all and the source of life,

the source of life for all things.


Verse 2

With more of such knowledge, the more you’ll understand,

yes, you will see why God’s called the Master,

the Master of all things.

Yes, you will see.

All things including you

are constantly given the flow of God’s supply.

You’ll sense that in this world and among this mankind,

there’s none but God,


Chorus 2

who can have such power and such essence

to rule over and to manage all things,

and to maintain the existence of all things.

There is no one apart from God.


Verse 3

Achieving this understanding,

you will get to admit God is your God.

And when you reach this point, truly accepting God,

you’ll be willing to let Him be your God,

and to be your Master.

You’ll be willing.

So when you understand, when you have reached that point,

then you will find:


Chorus 3

God will no longer test you and judge you,

He won’t have any requirements of you,

for you know God and His heart and have accepted,

truly accepted Him in your heart.


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