Christian Movie Trailer | "Honor and Dishonor"

March 7, 2016

Jiang Ming is a preacher from The Church of Almighty God. In her thirteen years of preaching the gospel, the people of the religious world shunned, abused, and assaulted her countless times for bearing witness to the Lord's return. They even handed her over to the Chinese Communist government, who sentenced her to imprisonment. But Almighty God's word gave her constant encouragement, giving her strength in her weakness and anguish. She understood that suffering torment and humiliation for bearing witness for God and spreading God's gospel of the kingdom was the grace and exaltation of God, the most glorious thing of all. Because of this, she defied all kinds of challenges to continue spreading the name of God. Under the guidance of the words of Almighty God, she and her brothers and sisters united to rely upon God, and began one intense debate after another with people of the religious world. In the end, the truth prevailed over falsehood, and more and more people who thirsted for God's appearance were conquered by the words of Almighty God and firmly believed that Almighty God was the second coming of the Lord Jesus, they all broke free of the constraints and bondage of their pastors and elders, the antichrists of the religious world. They all accepted God's work in the last days, returned before the throne of God, and attended the wedding feast of the Lamb.

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