Words on How to Approach the Truth and God (Excerpt 6)

In the last days, the Creator publicly uttered all these words and revealed all kinds of people. Now, all kinds of people face the truth, the true way and the Creator’s utterances, and all sorts of voices and views are revealed: Some thoughts and views lean toward the distorted, some are self-righteous and arrogant, some are conservative, adherent to traditional culture, and rotten, and many are stupid and ignorant. There are even some people who hate and are hostile toward the truth who lash out in a frenzy like crazed dogs, casually judging and recklessly condemning the truth and positive things. They wantonly judge and condemn any positive thing and expression of the truth, and make no effort to discern whether it is right or wrong, or whether it contains the truth. These people are animals and devils. When humans are confronted with the truth and the true way, they have many different views which reveal and expose the satanic ugliness of their narrow-mindedness, stubbornness, intransigence, and arrogance. You must learn to be discerning, to broaden your insight from this, while also seeking some of the truth. If these things are revealed in those who do not believe, and who have not accepted God’s work of the last days, then do you exhibit these things yourselves? Sometimes the way you exhibit them is different, and the way you say them is different, but you actually reveal the same dispositions as the nonbelievers do. It is similar to how when some people accept the Lord Jesus, they believe that everyone under the sun who does not accept the Lord Jesus is inferior. They believe that because they have accepted the salvation of the cross of the Lord Jesus, they are a superior person, and they look down on everyone. What kind of disposition is this? They lack insight; they are too narrow-minded, and they are extremely arrogant and self-righteous. They see that others are revealing corrupt dispositions, but they do not see that they are also revealing the same corrupt dispositions. So, do you exhibit these things? You certainly do, as all of man’s corrupt dispositions are exactly the same, and it is only because of God’s work and salvation, the needs of His work, or His predestination that there is a difference in the nature essences, pursuits, and yearnings of every type of person. Some people have no heart or spirit. They are dead people and beasts who do not understand faith. These people are the most lowly of all mankind and cannot be counted as humans. Those who accept God’s new work have more understanding of the truth, their insight and their understanding of God are greater, and their theories and views are a level higher. Just like how those who believe in Christianity have a greater understanding of God and a greater knowledge of the Creator’s creations and work than law-abiding believers in Jehovah, those who accept the third stage of work have a greater understanding of God than believers in Christianity. Because each stage of God’s work is higher than the last, it of course follows that people’s understanding will certainly also become greater and greater. But, if you look at it another way, the corrupt dispositions that you reveal after you accept this stage of work are the same in essence as the corrupt dispositions that those in religion reveal. The only difference is that you have already accepted this stage of work, listened to many sermons, understood many truths, gained a true understanding of your nature essence, and have truly changed in some ways by accepting and practicing the truth. So, when you look again at the behavior those in religion exhibit, you think that they are more corrupt than you. But in fact, if you were put side-by-side with them, you would see that people’s attitudes toward God and the truth are the same; you all act according to notions and imaginings and to your preferences, and your corrupt dispositions are the same. If they had accepted this stage of work, listened to these sermons, and understood these truths, then there would not be much difference between you and them. What can you see from this matter? You can see that the truth brings change to people, that these words God speaks and these sermons He preaches are salvation for all humankind, and are things that all humankind needs. They are not meant to only satisfy people of a particular group, ethnicity, category, or skin color. All of humankind has been corrupted by Satan and has satanic dispositions. There is not a big difference in terms of their corrupt essences; it is only that their skin color, ethnicity, and the environment and social system in which they grew up are not the same, or that there are slight differences in their traditional culture, background and the education they received. But these are just outward appearances—all of humankind has been corrupted by one Satan, and their corrupt nature essence is the same. Therefore, these words that God says and this work that He does are not targeted at people from any particular ethnic group or country, but rather at all of humankind. Even when there are differences in the culture and background of different ethnicities, or differences in the education they received, their corrupt dispositions are exactly the same in the eyes of God. So, even though a stage of His work is done in one place, it affects change everywhere and is applicable to all humankind; it can save and provide for all humankind. Some people say, “Europeans and people from other countries are not descendants of the great red dragon, so isn’t it unsuitable for God to say that all humankind is deeply corrupted?” Are these words correct? (No, they are not. All humankind has the same nature essence which has been corrupted by Satan.) That’s right—“descendants of the great red dragon” is only a name for people of one ethnicity; it does not mean that people who have this name and people who don’t have this name have different essences. In fact, their essences are still the same. All of humankind lies under the hand of the evil one; they have all been corrupted by Satan, and their corrupt nature essences are exactly the same. Now, when Chinese people hear these words that God speaks, they rebel and resist; they have notions and imaginings; these are the things they exhibit. When these words are repeated to people of another ethnicity, they also exhibit imaginings, notions, rebelliousness, arrogance, self-righteousness and even resistance—it is exactly the same. All of humankind, regardless of ethnicity and cultural background, exhibits none other than the behavior of corrupted humans that God exposes.

Corrupt dispositions are common to all humankind; they are all the same, with more similarities than differences, and no obvious distinctions. These words that God speaks and truths He expresses do not only save one ethnicity, one country, or one group of people—God saves all humankind. What does this show you? Is there anyone in the human race who has not undergone Satan’s corruption, and belongs to a different category or class of people? Is there anyone who is not the object of God’s sovereignty? (No, there is not.) What is the meaning of these words I speak? God holds sovereignty over all humankind, and all humankind was created by one God. No matter which ethnic group, which type of human, or how competent they are, they were all created by God. In the eyes of man, some people are different than others and are superior, but in the eyes of God, they are all the same; every human is the same in the eyes of God. Where do you see this? Differences in skin color and language are mere appearances, but people’s corrupt dispositions and their nature essences are the same; this is the truth of the matter. When confronted with any humans who have a satanic corrupt disposition, God’s words can achieve results. They are targeted at people’s corrupt dispositions and can resolve all of humankind’s corrupt dispositions. This shows that all of God’s words are the truth, that they can provide for, cleanse and save humankind; this is undeniable. Now, the words that God expresses in the last days have already spread throughout all the countries and ethnicities of the world—this is a fact! And what has man’s reaction been? (There have been all sorts of reactions.) And what do all these sorts of reactions indicate or reflect about man’s essence? They show that man’s nature essence is the same, their reactions are the same as the Pharisees and the Jews when the Lord Jesus came to do work: They have an aversion to the truth, are full of imaginings and notions about God, and their belief in Him exists within illusory imaginings and notions. Humankind as a whole does not know God and resists Him. Upon hearing God’s words, their first reaction, or the things in their nature essence that they naturally reveal, are resistance and hostility toward God; this is something they all have in common. All of their negative voices and views when faced with the truths God expresses are born out of the nature essence of corrupt humankind, and are representative of this human race. Their notions and imaginings are the same as the notions and imaginings the chief priests, scribes and Pharisees had about God when the Lord Jesus arrived; they have not changed. Those in religion have carried the cross for 2,000 years, but they remain the same, unchanged in the slightest. When people have not gained the truth, these are the things that they display naturally and which come out of them innately, and this is their attitude toward God. So, if a person believes in God but does not pursue the truth, can their corrupt disposition be fixed? (No, it cannot.) No matter how long they have believed, they will not be able to resolve the problem of their corrupt disposition if they do not pursue the truth. Two thousand years ago, the Pharisees furiously resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus, and nailed Him to the cross. Now, pastors, elders, fathers and bishops in the religious world still furiously resist and condemn God incarnate, just like the Pharisees did. If one were to go among them and testify that God is incarnate, then one may be seized and put to death, and if God incarnate were to go to the places of worship of each major religion to preach, they would certainly still nail Him to the cross or hand Him over to those in power. They would absolutely not go easy on Him, because the nature essences of corrupt humans are all the same. Do you have any reaction inside when you hear these words? Do you think that those who have believed in God for many years but have not pursued the truth to any degree are quite frightful? (Somewhat.) It is a very frightful thing! Holding the Bible and a cross, relying on the law, wearing the clothes of the Pharisees or the robes of priests, and resisting and condemning God publicly in temples—are these not all things that believers in God do in broad daylight? Where are the people who condemn and resist God? One does not need to look far. Anyone among His believers who does not accept the truth and is averse to the truth is a resister of God, an antichrist, and a Pharisee.

If people do not pursue the truth and cannot gain it, they will never know God. When people do not know God, they will always remain hostile to Him and it is not possible for them to be compatible with Him. No matter how much your heart subjectively desires to love God and does not wish to resist Him, it is useless. It is useless to only have the desire, or to want to restrain yourself, since this is an involuntary matter that is decided by people’s nature. So, you must pursue becoming a person who has the truth, pursue practicing the truth, cast off your corrupt disposition, enter the truth realities, and achieve compatibility with God; this is the right path. You must know in your heart that the most important part of believing in God is pursuing the truth, and you must grasp some practicalities regarding which aspects you should begin with when pursuing the truth, as well as what you need to do, how to approach your duties, how to approach every type of person around you, how to approach matters and things of every kind, what view you should adopt when approaching them, and what approach is in accordance with the truth principles. If you do not seek the truth or understand the truth principles, and are only capable of following regulations and defining things according to them, as well as according to logic, notions and imaginings, then your way of practicing is wrong, and only proves that in your years of believing in God, you have only followed the regulations to the letter, but have not understood the truth and do not have reality. Following the regulations and living according to notions and imaginings is exhausting and toilsome for you, but it is all a waste of effort and God will not give you a shred of approval. It serves you right to be exhausted! If you have spiritual understanding, and pure comprehension when you read God’s words or listen to sermons and fellowship, then the more you experience, the more you will understand and gain, and the things you understand will all be practical and in accordance with the truth. Then, you will have gained the truth and gained life. If the things you have gained and understood after believing in God for many years are still the stuff of doctrine and regulations, still the stuff of notions and imaginings, and rules and regulations which bind you, then you are completely done for. This proves that you have not gained the truth, and do not have life. No matter how many years you have believed in God, and no matter how many words and doctrines you can preach, you are still an absurd and muddleheaded person. Although it doesn’t sound nice to put it that way, it is a fact. There are many people who have believed in God for years, but do not see that the truth and Christ hold the power in God’s house, and that the Holy Spirit holds sovereignty over all. People like this do not have any understanding whatsoever, and are as good as blind. Some see God judge and chastise people, perfect a group of people, but eliminate many others, and so they doubt God’s love and even His righteousness. Do people like this have the comprehension ability? Do they have any understanding? It is fair to say that they are absurd people with no capacity to understand at all. Absurd people always look at things in a preposterous light; only those who understand the truth can view things accurately and in accordance with the facts.

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