English Christian Song | "The Name of Almighty God Is Testified to in All Nations and All Places"

May 12, 2024


Since Almighty God

the King of the kingdom—has been testified to,

the scope of God's management

has unfolded entirely throughout the whole universe.

Not only has God's appearance

been testified to in China,

but the name of Almighty God

has been testified to in all nations and all places.

They are all calling out this holy name,

seeking to fellowship with God,

seeking to fellowship with God by any means possible.

They are grasping the will of Almighty God,

the will of Almighty God,

and serving Him cooperatively in the church.

This is the wondrous way that the Holy Spirit works.


The languages of nations

are different from each other,

but there is only one Spirit.

This Spirit conjoins churches throughout the universe

and is absolutely one with God,

without the slightest difference;

it is beyond doubt.

The Holy Spirit now calls to them,

and His voice awakens them.

It's the voice of God's mercy.

They are all calling out

the holy name of Almighty God!

They also give praise and they sing.

There can never be any deviation in the Holy Spirit's work.

There is no deviation in the Holy Spirit's work.

These people go to any length to advance along the right path,

they don't back out—wonders heap upon wonders.

This is something hard to imagine, impossible to speculate on.


Almighty God is the King of life in the universe!

He sits upon the glorious throne and judges the world,

holds sovereignty over all things,

and rules all nations;

all peoples bend their knees to Him, pray to Him,

get close to Him and communicate with Him.

No matter how long you've believed in God,

how high your status or how great your seniority,

if you go against God in your hearts

then you must be judged

and prostrate yourselves before Him,

issuing sounds of painful entreaty;

this is indeed reaping the fruits of your own actions.

This wailing sound is the sound of being tormented

in the lake of fire and brimstone,

and it's the cry of being chastened,

being chastened by God's iron rod;

this is judgment before the seat of Christ,

this is judgment before the seat of Christ.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 8

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