Chinese Gospel Song | "Christ's Identity Is God Himself"

August 16, 2020

Since God becomes flesh, He works in the identity of His flesh;

since He comes in the flesh,

He then finishes in the flesh the work that He ought to do.

Be it the Spirit of God or be it Christ, both are God Himself,

and He does the work that He ought to do

and performs the ministry that He ought to perform.

Regardless of how He carries out His work,

He would not act in a manner that disobeys God.

No matter what He asks of man,

no demand exceeds that which is attainable by man.

All that He does is that which does the will of God

and is for the sake of His management.

The divinity of Christ is above all men;

therefore, He is the highest authority of all created beings.

This authority is His divinity,

that is, the disposition and being of God Himself,

which determines His identity.

Therefore, no matter how normal His humanity,

it is undeniable that He has the identity of God Himself;

no matter from which standpoint He speaks

and howsoever He obeys the will of God,

it cannot be said that He is not God Himself.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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