English Christian Song | "God's Requirements and Warnings to Man"

July 2, 2024


God has a lot of hopes.

He hopes you can conduct yourselves in a proper and well-behaved manner,

loyally do your duty, possess truth and humanity,

be people who can give up all they have

and even their lives for God, and so on.

All of these hopes stem from your insufficiencies

and your corruption and rebelliousness.

This is what you need to do.

First, take a look at all your transgressions,

and examine any behavior and thoughts you have

that don't conform to the truth.

God hopes that you will not laugh in private at this requirement,

and especially that you won't look down on it or take it lightly.

You should treat it seriously, and not dismiss it.

You should treat it seriously, and not dismiss it.


Secondly, for each of your transgressions and rebellions,

you should look for a corresponding truth,

and then use these truths to resolve those issues.

After that, replace your transgressive acts

and rebellious thoughts and acts with the practice of the truth.

Thirdly, you should be an honest person, be an honest person,

not someone who is always being clever and constantly deceitful.

(Here God is asking you again to be an honest person.)

(Here God is asking you again to be an honest person.)

If you can accomplish all three of these things,

then you are one of the fortunate—

a person whose dreams come true and who receives good fortune.

Whichever, God's purpose is to fulfill your dreams,

to fulfill your dreams and put your ideals into practice,

not to make fun of you or to make a fool out of you.


God doesn't care how meritorious your hard work is,

how high your qualifications,

how closely you follow Him, how renowned you are,

how renowned you are, or how much you've improved your attitude;

as long as you have not met His demands,

you will never be able to win His approval.

Write off all those ideas and calculations of yours as soon as possible,

as soon as possible,

and start treating God's requirements seriously,

start treating God's requirements seriously;

otherwise, God will turn everyone to ash in order to bring an end,

bring an end to His work,

for He cannot bring His enemies

and those people who reek of evil and have Satan's appearance into His kingdom

or take them into the next age.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Transgressions Will Lead Man to Hell

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