Christian Dance | "God Creates a More Beautiful Tomorrow for Mankind" | Praise Song

April 12, 2024

God confers His precious fruits upon those farmers of Canaan

who are zealous, and earnestly welcome His return.

God wishes only for the heavens to last for eternity,

and, more than that, for man to never grow old,

for the heavens and man to be forever at rest,

and those evergreen “pines and cypresses” to forever accompany Him,

to forever accompany Him,

and forever accompany the heavens in entering the ideal era together.

God bestows mankind's destination unto him,

He leaves all His riches to man,

sows His life among man,

plants the seed of His life in the field of man's heart,

leaves him everlasting memories,

leaves all His love to mankind,

and gives all that man cherishes in God to man.

God has already bestowed His entirety upon mankind.

He has already left the entirety of His life to man,

and without a word, He has toiled hard

to plow the beautiful land of love for mankind;

He has never made any equitable demands of man,

and has done nothing but simply obey the arrangements of man

and create a more beautiful tomorrow for mankind,

create a more beautiful tomorrow for mankind.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Work and Entry (10)

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