English Christian Song | "God Saves Man to the Utmost Limit"

May 27, 2024


God has come to work this time not in order to strike people down,

but to save them, to the greatest possible extent.

No one is without error—

if everyone were struck down, would that be salvation?

Some transgressions are done on purpose, while others are involuntary.

If you are able to change

after you recognize the things you do involuntarily,

would God strike you down before you do so?

Would God save people that way?

Regardless of whether you have a rebellious disposition

or you've acted involuntarily, you need to remember this:

You should reflect and know yourself.

Turn yourself around, right away,

and strive for the truth with all your strength—

and, no matter what circumstances come about,

do not give yourself over to despair.


The work that God is doing is that of man's salvation,

and He will not casually strike down the people He wants to save.

This is certain, this is certain.

Even if there really were a believer

whom He struck down in the end,

what God does would still be guaranteed to be righteous.

In time, He would let you know the reason He struck that person down,

so that you would be utterly convinced.

Right now, just strive for the truth, focus on life entry,

and pursue the good performance of your duty.

There's no mistake in this!

No matter how God handles you in the end,

it is guaranteed to be righteous;

you should not doubt this, and you do not need to worry.

Even if you cannot understand God's righteousness at the moment,

there will come a day when you will be convinced.

God works justly and honorably; He openly reveals everything.

from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Part Three

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