Christian Testimony Video | "The Awakening of a Money Slave" | Based on a True Story

August 27, 2020

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In today's world, phrases like "Money is first," and "Money makes the world go round," are held as universal truths and rules to live by. In this video, narrator Chen Min certainly believes in them. In order to make money and become rich, she toils day and night at various jobs, exhausting her body and ruining her health. Even when she is diagnosed with cancer, she doesn't stop trying to earn money, but continues working while she receives treatment. Years later, she finally achieves her dream of becoming wealthy, owning a house and a car, and gaining the respect and admiration of those around her. But in the process, her body is ravaged by illness and exhaustion, leaving her in constant agony. After she starts to believe in God and read the words of Almighty God, she finally wakes up and realizes that money is nothing but bait, used by Satan to corrupt and poison humanity. She learns that the pursuit of money is not the correct path, and that the only way to give one's life meaning is to pursue the truth and perform the duty of a created being. Once her views on what to pursue in life are remedied, her health miraculously begins to get better, and her life begins to change …

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