English Christian Song | "The Final Stage of Conquest Is Meant to Save People"

May 25, 2024


The final stage of conquest is meant to save people,

and also to reveal their outcomes.

It's to expose people's degeneration through judgment,

thereby causing them to repent, to rise up,

and to pursue life and the right path of human life.

It's to wake up the hearts of the numb and obtuse people

and to show their inner rebelliousness through judgment,

to show their inner rebelliousness through judgment.

However, if people are still unable to repent,

still unable to pursue the right path of human life

and unable to cast off these corruptions,

then they are beyond salvation, and will be devoured by Satan.

Such is the significance of God's conquest:

to save people, and also to show their outcomes.

Good outcomes, bad outcomes—

they are all revealed by the work of conquest.

Whether people will be saved or they will be cursed

is all revealed during the work of conquest.


The last days are when all things will be classified

according to kind through conquering.

Conquering is the work of the last days;

in other words, judging each person's sins is the work of the last days.

Otherwise, how could people be classified?

The work of classification that is done among you

is the start of such work in the entire universe.

After this, those of all lands and all peoples

will also be subjected to the work of conquest.

This means every person in creation will be classified according to kind,

surrendering before the seat of judgment to be judged.

No person and no thing can escape suffering this chastisement and judgment,

nor is any person or thing not classified by kind;

every person will be classed, will be classed,

for the outcome of all things draws near,

and all heaven and earth has reached its conclusion.

How could man escape the final days of human existence?

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Inside Truth of the Work of Conquest (1)

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