English Christian Song | "Emulate the Lord Jesus"

June 3, 2024


Jesus was able to complete God's commission—

the work of all mankind's redemption—

because He gave every care to God's intention,

without making any plans or arrangements for Himself.

He was able to place God's management plan at the very center,

and always prayed to the heavenly Father and sought His will.

He prayed and said: "God the Father!

Accomplish that which is Your will,

and act not according to My desires, not according to My desires,

but according to Your plan.

Man may be weak, but why should You care for him?

Man may be weak, but why should You care for him?

How could man be worthy of Your concern,

man who is like an ant in Your hand?

In My heart, I wish only to accomplish Your will,

and I would that You can do what You would do in Me

according to Your own desires."


On the road to Jerusalem, Jesus was in agony,

as if a knife were being twisted in His heart,

yet He had not the slightest intention of going back on His word;

always there was a powerful force compelling Him

onward to where He would be crucified.

Ultimately, He was nailed to the cross

and became the likeness of sinful flesh, the likeness of sinful flesh,

completing the work, the work of the redemption of mankind.

He broke free of the shackles of death and Hades.

Before Him, mortality, hell, and Hades lost their power,

and were vanquished by Him.


He lived for thirty-three years,

throughout which He always did His utmost to satisfy God's will

according to God's work at the time,

never considering His own personal gain or loss,

and always thinking of the intention of God the Father.

Because of His service before God

that was in line with God's intention,

God placed the heavy burden of redeeming all mankind upon His shoulders

and made Him accomplish it,

and He was qualified and entitled to complete this important task.

Throughout His life,

He endured immeasurable suffering for God,

and He was tempted by Satan countless times,

but He was never disheartened.

God gave Him such an enormous task

because He trusted Him,

because He trusted Him, and loved Him.

If, like Jesus, you are able to

give every care to God's burden, and rebel against your flesh,

God will entrust His important tasks to you,

so that you'll meet the conditions required to serve God.

Only under such circumstances

will you venture to say that you are following God's will

and completing His commission,

and only then will you venture to say you are truly serving God,

only then will you venture to say you are truly serving God,

only then will you venture to say you are truly serving God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. How to Serve in Harmony With God's Will

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