English Christian Song | "God Wants to Gain Those Who Have True Knowledge of Him"

May 13, 2024


Knowledge of God's disposition

and what He has and is

can have a positive impact on people.

It can help them have more confidence in God

and help them achieve true submission to and fear of Him.

Then, they will no longer blindly follow or worship Him.

God does not want fools

or those who follow a crowd blindly,

but rather a group of people who have in their hearts

a clear understanding and knowledge of God's disposition

and can act as God's witnesses,

people who, because of His loveliness,

because of what He has and is,

and because of His righteous disposition,

would never abandon God.


As a follower of God,

if in your heart there is still a lack of clarity,

or there is ambiguousness or confusion

about God's true existence, His disposition,

what He has and is, and His plan to save mankind,

then your faith cannot gain God's approval.

God does not want this type of person to follow Him,

and He does not like this type of person coming before Him.

Because this kind of person does not understand God,

they are unable to give their heart to God—

their heart is closed to Him,

so their faith in God is full of impurities.

Their following of God

can only be called blind, be called blind.


People can only gain true belief and be true followers

if they have true understanding and knowledge of God,

which engenders within them

true submission to and fear of God.

Only in this way can they give their heart to God

and open it up to Him.

This is what God wants,

because everything they do and think

can withstand God's test and can bear witness to God.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God's Work, God's Disposition, and God Himself III

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