English Christian Song | "How God Sees Mankind"

June 24, 2024


After the Lord Jesus had experienced and witnessed people's lives in sin,

an intense desire manifested in His heart—

to allow humans to free themselves from their lives of struggling in sin.

This desire made Him feel more and more

that He must go to the cross

and take on humanity's sins, take on humanity's sins

as soon and as quickly as possible.

These were the thoughts of the Lord Jesus at that time,

after He had lived with people, lived with people

and seen, heard, and felt the misery of their lives in sin,

the misery of their lives in sin.


That the incarnate God could have this kind of intention for mankind,

that He could express and reveal this kind of disposition—

is this something an average person could have?

Although the outward appearance of God incarnate

is exactly the same as a human,

and although He learns human knowledge and speaks human language,

and sometimes even expresses His ideas

through mankind's own methods or ways of speaking,

nevertheless, the way He sees humans and the essence of things

is absolutely not the same as the way corrupt people see them.

His perspective and the elevation at which He stands

is something unattainable for a corrupt person.


This is because God is truth,

because the flesh that He wears also possesses the essence of God,

also possesses the essence of God,

and His thoughts and that which is expressed by His humanity

are also the truth, are also the truth.

No matter how ordinary, how normal, how lowly God's incarnate flesh is,

or even with what contempt people look down on Him,

His thoughts and His attitude toward mankind

are things that no man could possess,

that no man could imitate, no man could imitate.

He will always observe mankind from the perspective of divinity,

from the elevation of His position as the Creator.

He will always see mankind through the essence and the mindset of God.

He absolutely cannot see mankind from the elevation of an average person,

or from the perspective of a corrupt person.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God's Work, God's Disposition, and God Himself III

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