English Christian Song | "The Last Days' Work Is Mainly to Give Man Life"

June 18, 2024


In this final stage of work,

results are achieved through the agency of the word.

Through the word, man understands many mysteries

and the work God has done through generations past;

through the word, man is enlightened by the Holy Spirit,

and man understands the mysteries never before unraveled by past generations,

as well as the work of prophets and apostles of times past,

and their working principles;

through the word, man also comes to understand the disposition of God Himself,

as well as man's rebelliousness and resistance,

and he comes to know his own essence.

Through these steps of work and through all the words spoken,

man comes to know the Spirit's work, the work God's incarnate flesh does,

and even more, His entire disposition.


Your knowledge of God's work of management over six thousand years

was also gained through the word.

Was not the knowledge of your former notions

and your success in putting them aside also attained through the word?

In the previous stage, Jesus worked signs and wonders,

but there are no signs and wonders in this stage.

Was not your understanding of why God does not reveal signs and wonders

also achieved through the word?

Therefore, the words spoken in this stage

surpass the work done by the apostles and prophets of times past.

Even the prophecies told by the prophets could not have achieved this result.

Of the words spoken in this stage, there is prophecy and truth,

but mainly these words serve to bestow, serve to bestow life upon man.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Mystery of the Incarnation (4)

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