English Christian Song | "No One Understands God's Intentions"

July 6, 2024


God has selflessly bestowed everything upon you

so that even though you suffer, even though you suffer

you still have gained from Him everything that He has brought from heaven.

In spite of this, you have no dedication, no dedication at all;

even if you've made a tiny contribution,

you try to "settle accounts" with Him afterward.

Will your contribution not amount to nothing, not amount to nothing?

What you have given to God is a mere grain of sand,

yet what you have asked of Him is a ton of gold.

Are you not simply being unreasonable?

God works amongst you.

There is absolutely no trace of the ten percent that He should be given,

the ten percent that He should be given,

let alone any additional sacrifices.

Furthermore, that ten percent contributed by those who are devout

is seized by the wicked.


Are you not all scattered from God?

Are you not all scattered from God?

Are you not all antagonistic toward Him?

Are you not all wrecking His altar?

How could such people be seen as treasures, as treasures in His eyes?

Are they not the swine and dogs that God loathes,

the swine and dogs that God loathes?

How could He refer to your evildoing as a treasure?

For whom is His work actually done, for whom is it actually done?

Could it be that its purpose

is just to strike you all down to reveal His authority?

Do your lives not all hinge upon a single word from Him?

Why is it that God is only using words to instruct you,

and has not turned words into facts to strike you down as soon as He could?

Is the purpose of His words and work merely to strike down mankind?

Is He a God who indiscriminately kills the innocent?


Right now, how many of you are coming before God with your entire being

to seek the right path of human life, the right path of human life?

It's just your bodies that are before Him;

your hearts are still at large, far away from Him.

Because you don't know what His work actually is, what His work actually is,

there are a number of you who wish to depart from Him

and distance yourselves from Him, distance yourselves from Him,

hoping instead to live in a paradise

where there is no chastisement or judgment.

Is this not what people wish for in their hearts,

what they wish for in their hearts?

God is not trying to compel you. Whatever path you take is your choice.

Today's path is one accompanied by judgment and curses,

but you should all know that all that God has bestowed upon you

are the best gifts He can grant you, whether it be judgments or chastisements,

and they are all things that you urgently need,

all things that you urgently need.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. You Are All So Base in Character!

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