English Christian Song | "How Could People's Words and Deeds Escape God's Scrutiny?"

June 3, 2024


Your faith is very beautiful;

you say that you are willing to expend

your entire lifetimes on behalf of God's work,

and that you are willing to sacrifice your lives for it,

but your dispositions have not changed much, have not changed much.

You just speak arrogantly,

despite the fact that your actual behavior is very wretched.

It's as though people's tongues and lips are in heaven

but their legs are way down on earth, their legs are way down on earth,

and as a result, their words and deeds and their reputations

are still in tatters and ruins.

Your reputations have been destroyed, your manner is depraved,

your way of speaking is lowly, and your lives are despicable;

even the entirety of your humanity has sunk into base lowliness.


You are narrow-minded toward others, and you haggle over every little thing.

You quarrel over your own reputations and status,

even to the point that you are willing

to descend into hell and into the lake of fire.

Your current words and deeds are sufficient for God

to determine that you are sinful.

Your attitudes toward God's work are enough for Him

to determine that you're unrighteous ones,

determine that you're unrighteous ones,

and all of your dispositions are sufficient to point out

that you're filthy souls that are full of abominations.

Your manifestations and what you reveal

are adequate to say that you are people

who have drunk your fill of the blood of unclean spirits.


When entering the kingdom of heaven is mentioned,

you don't reveal your feelings.

Do you believe that the way you're now is sufficient for you

to walk through the gate to God's kingdom of heaven?

Without your own words and deeds first being tested by God,

first being tested by God,

do you believe that you can

obtain entry into the holy land of His work and words?

Who can pull the wool over God's eyes?

Who can pull the wool over God's eyes?

How could your despicable, lowly behaviors and conversations

escape God's sight?

God keeps watch over everyone's heart with both eyes,

because long before He created mankind,

God had grasped their hearts within His hands.

God had long ago seen through people's hearts,

so how could their thoughts escape His view?

How could it not be too late for them to escape being burned by God's Spirit?

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. You Are All So Base in Character!

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