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May 12, 2024


If you want to praise God then sing as loud as you can.

If you want to dance then get up and dance.

If you want to eat and drink God's words then eat and drink them.

If you want to pray then pray.

Think of God, pray-read and fellowship,

contemplate, ponder, and seek God more.

The church life is colorful, and praise can take many forms.

Living in God's words every day, we can see God's loveliness.

Praising God sets our hearts free, there are no regulations or constraints.

With true praise come enjoyment, peace and joy.

Living in God's presence brings joy unmatched, and we are truly happy.


Gathered together to enjoy God's words, we gain the Holy Spirit's work.

By fellowshiping the truth and sharing experiences,

we enjoy God's blessings.

Worshiping God with heart and honesty is the life of the kingdom.

We are all the people of God's kingdom,

and we all possess true God-loving hearts.

We enjoy the church life so very much,

we eat and drink God's words and understand the truth.

Casting off corruption and becoming a new man,

we are thankful to God and praise Him in our hearts.

By judgment are we purified, and we experience God's true love.

Seeing the greatness of God's salvation, we give thanks and praise God.


Brothers and sisters, it is hard-won for us to gather together to praise God.

The great red dragon's crazy suppression is so hateful.

We have suffered persecution and adversity,

and experienced all life can throw at us.

Nothing has shaken our resolve, and this is totally out of God's love.

The painstaking price God has paid for our salvation cannot be measured.

God lives amongst us, He lives alongside us.

This beautiful time, this beautiful life, they are so unforgettable.

We love God, we love God forever,

and we will forever sing songs of praise for Him.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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