English Christian Song | "You Should Take Care to Quiet Your Heart Before God"

May 26, 2024


If your heart truly is at peace before God,

you won't be disturbed by anything going on in the outside world,

or occupied by any person, event, or thing.

If you have entry into this,

those negative states and all negative things—

human notions, philosophies for worldly dealings,

abnormal relationships between people,

and ideas and thoughts, and so forth—

will naturally disappear, disappear.

Because you are always pondering God's words,

and your heart is always drawing close to God

and your heart is always being occupied with the current words of God,

those negative things will fall away from you without you realizing it.

When new and positive things occupy you,

negative old things will have no place,

so don't pay attention to those negative things.

You need not make an effort to control them.


You should focus on being at peace before God,

eat, drink, and enjoy God's words often,

sing hymns in praise of God as much as you can,

and let God have a chance to work on you,

because God now wants to perfect man personally,

and He wants to gain your heart;

His Spirit moves your heart;

if you follow the Holy Spirit's guidance,

and come to live before God, you will satisfy Him.

If you follow the Holy Spirit's guidance,

and come to live before God, you will satisfy Him.


If you pay attention to living in God's words

and engage more in fellowship about the truth

to gain the Holy Spirit's enlightenment and illumination,

then those religious notions and your self-righteousness

and self-importance will all disappear, disappear,

and you will know how to expend yourself for God,

how to love God, and how to satisfy God.

And without your realizing it,

those things that are extraneous to God

will entirely dissipate from your consciousness.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. On Quieting Your Heart Before God

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