English Christian Song | "The Saddest Thing About Mankind's Belief in God"

July 1, 2024


The saddest thing about mankind's belief in God

is that man conducts his own management amidst God's work

and yet pays no heed to God's management,

yet pays no heed to God's management.

Man's biggest failure lies in how,

at the same time as seeking to submit to God and worship Him,

man is constructing his own ideal destination, his own ideal destination

and plotting how to receive the greatest blessing and the best destination.

Even if one understands how pitiable, detestable, and pathetic they are,

how many can readily abandon their ideals and hopes,

how many can readily abandon their ideals and hopes?

And who are able to halt their own steps

and stop from thinking only of themselves?


God needs those who will cooperate closely with Him

to complete His management.

He needs those who will submit to Him

by devoting themselves to the work of His management.

He does not need people who hold out their hands to beg from Him every day,

much less those who give a little and then wait to be rewarded.

God despises those who make a paltry contribution

and then rest on their laurels.

He hates those cold-blooded people who resent the work of His management

and only want to talk about going to heaven and gaining blessings.

He has an even greater loathing

for those who take advantage of the opportunity,

the opportunity presented by the work He does in saving mankind.


That's because these people have never cared about

what God wishes to achieve and acquire through the work of His management,

through the work of His management.

They are only concerned with how they can use the chance

provided by God's work to gain blessings.

They care not about God's heart,

being wholly preoccupied with their own prospects and fate.

Those who resent the work of God's management

and lack even the slightest interest

in how God saves mankind and His intentions

are only doing what pleases themselves

in a way that is detached from God's management work,

in a way that is detached from God's management work.

Their behavior is neither remembered nor approved of by God—

much less is it favorably looked upon by God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Appendix 3: Man Can Only Be Saved Amidst God's Management

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