English Christian Song | "God's Two Incarnations Came From One Source"

April 28, 2024


What Jesus did was only one part of God's work in the flesh;

He only did the work, the work of redemption.

He did not do the work of completely gaining man.

So God has become flesh once again in the last days.

This stage of work is also done in an ordinary flesh.

In other words, God has become a complete human being;

He is a person with God's identity,

who is performing the work,

He is a person with God's identity,

who is performing the work.

Human eyes see merely a fleshly body,

a fleshly body that is not transcendent at all,

a very ordinary person who can speak the language of heaven.

He does not show any miraculous signs,

nor does He work any miracles,

much less does He expose the inside truth about religion

in great assembly halls.


During the three stages of His work,

God has been incarnated twice,

both times the work of God incarnate starts a new age,

ushers in a new work;

the incarnations complement each other,

the incarnations complement each other.

It's impossible for man's eyes to tell

the two fleshes come from the same source.

It goes without saying that this is beyond

the capacity of the human eye or mind.

But in Their essence, They are the same,

for Their work originates from the same Spirit.


Whether the two incarnations come from one source

can't be judged by the era or place where They were born,

or other such factors,

but by the divine work expressed by Them.

Though the two incarnate fleshes' work differs,

Their essence and the source of Their work are the same.

They do two different stages of the work,

and arise in two different ages.

No matter what,

God's incarnate fleshes share the same essence and the same origin—

this is a truth no one can deny,

this is a truth no one can deny.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Essence of the Flesh Inhabited by God

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