English Christian Song | "The Work to Manage Man Is the Work to Defeat Satan"

June 4, 2024


All of God's work is in order to defeat Satan.

All of His work—whether it be chastisement or judgment—

is directed at Satan; it's carried out

for the sake of mankind's salvation,

for the sake of mankind's salvation.

It's all to defeat Satan;

it has one objective:

to do battle against Satan to the very end!

God will never rest till He's defeated Satan!

He will rest only once He's defeated Satan.


Because all of God's work is directed at Satan,

and because those who have been corrupted by Satan

are all under the control of Satan's power,

and they all live under the power of Satan,

without battling against Satan and breaking with it,

Satan wouldn't relax its hold on these people,

and they couldn't be gained.

If they weren't gained,

it would prove that Satan hasn't been defeated,

that it has not been vanquished.

In the 6,000-year management plan of God,

during the first stage He did the work of the law.

During the second stage He did the work of the Age of Grace,

that is, the work of crucifixion.

During the third stage He does the work of conquering mankind,

conquering mankind.

All this work is directed at the extent

to which Satan has corrupted mankind,

it is all in order to defeat Satan,

and every one of the stages is to defeat Satan.


The essence of the 6,000-year work of God's management

is the battle against the great red dragon,

and the work of managing mankind

is also the work of defeating Satan,

the work of doing battle with Satan.

God has battled for 6,000 years,

and thus He has worked for 6,000 years

to ultimately bring man into the new realm.

When Satan is defeated, man will be completely liberated.

Each stage of work is carried out

in accordance with the actual needs

and actual requirements of man;

it is for the sake of defeating Satan.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Restoring the Normal Life of Man and Taking Him to a Wonderful Destination

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