English Christian Song | "The World Is Collapsing, the Kingdom Is Taking Shape"

June 2, 2024


The world is crumbling day by day, and day by day mankind is perishing.

With each passing day, God's kingdom is taking shape

and God's people are growing up.

Day by day, God's wrath is growing,

His chastisements are becoming more severe,

and His words are growing harsher, His words are growing harsher.

You are still waiting for Him to speak to you more softly,

and His tone to lighten up, but think again!

To those He loves, God's tone is gentle and always consoling,

but to you, God can only show harshness and judgment,

on top of which He adds chastisement and wrath.


Without anyone's being aware of it,

the situation in each country of the world is becoming increasingly tense,

crumbling and falling into chaos day by day.

The leaders of each country all hope to win power in the end.

The leaders of each country all hope to win power in the end.

It really has not occurred to them

that God's chastisement is already upon them.

They seek to seize God's power—but theirs is but a pipe dream!

Only God deserves to rule over all things. Everything depends on Him.

God shall immediately strike down any who scrutinize Him,

because this is how far His work has come.

Every day sees a new revelation; every day there is new light.

All is becoming increasingly complete.

Satan's last day is getting closer and closer,

getting closer and closer and more evident.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 82

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